What KAT-TUN’s really running from

The PV for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Run For You has finally been released.

And I gotta say after watching it I find the PV incredibly weird. I was confused by it, and was scractching my head about it the whole time I was watching it. I was mostly confused because after watching it I was drawn to only one conclusion of the meaning of the PV. That conclusion is, KAT-TUN is being tested or experimented on. It also seems like they are being brainwashed or mind controlled. Which changes the PV from something fun into something serious and weird. If you watch the PV you can see that KAT-TUN are in hospital rooms. They even pan out so you can see each member is right next door to each other. They also show a very large bolted door which means they are in some mental ward in a prison or some sort of special test facility. And each member is in an extremely strange room. Kame is in a room with a projector. Which is the most obvious brainwashing element, and what made me start thinking that was the meaning of the PV. I’m sure everyone is familiar with this because it’s like brainwashing 101. You are forced to watch disturbing images over and over to brainwash you. It’s not as obvious as the A Clockwork Orange eye speculums scene, but it’s still pretty obvious. And then Taguchi is in a room that is freezing. I’m pretty sure being exposed to constant heat or cold eventually breaks you down and makes you more susceptible to mind control. Maru is in a room where time seems to stop. I’m not sure what to make of that, but it’s possibly to see how long is takes before he can’t stand that anymore. Koki is in a room with a maze of electrical cord. I’m not sure the meaning of this room either. Perhaps to simulate electroshock therapy. Ueda’s room seems to be the only one that doesn’t make sense. He surrounded by constant sound. There’s probably some signifigance in that too. But I have no idea.
And through all of this KAT-TUN is being filmed and carefully monitored on screens in some undisclosed location.

Now I’m not sure what KAT-TUN and mind controll have to do with once another. And I’m also not sure why KAT-TUN would make such a creepy PV. Maybe I’m just reading into this too much. But if anyone can explain this PV in any other way, be my guest. Because I can’t think of one other meaning than the obvious.

Creepy bolted door.

No, that’s too easy.

Yeah, this makes perfect sense. Except not at all.

I love Newton’s cradle. XD

This looks more like a prison hallway, than a hospital one.

Kame’s hot, but I can’t get over how weird his hair looks in this PV.

Ok, I’m officially over Koki’s hair. He looks amazing here.

The dance is pretty awful.

Why are they focusing so much that they are locked in?

Seriously, the same arm move from Michael Jackson’s Beat It dance.

This hair makes him look even more like Changmin.

I can’t be the only one who sees how similar they look!

Constantly monitored.

Koki’s dance move is just lolz.

Yeah, this is totally a normal image and has nothing to do with brainwashing.


The cold just keeps flooding in.

I just don’t get Ueda’s room.

Aww Kame looks so sad. Actually he looks more hurt than sad.

You don’t ask the cameras for help if your there by your own free will.

The magic floating box will fix everything!

So close, yet so far.

Quick, now’s your chance to escape.

The spell was broken.

Cartoon KAT-UN comes to an end

It seems the rumors are true and Cartoon KAT-TUN will be coming to an end. The show which ran for 3 years will have it’s final episode on March 24th. And will be replaced with a show called Jack 10 starting April 14th.

Now I’m not really a big Cartoon KAT-TUN fan. Mostly because I’m not that big of a KAT-TUN fan at all. But I know a lot of KAT-TUN fans out there are mourning. But they have no reason to do so. At least they had a show. NEWS has been around longer and they’ve never had a show. If you watched Cartoon KAT-TUN Ueda, Kame, and Jin were boring most of the time. Every so often they’d do or so something entertaining. Koki and Taguchi made that show enjoyable. They had the most fun personalities on the show. And If I didn’t watch the few episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN that I did, I probably wouldn’t like Koki as much as I do now.

But there have been some awesome moments on Cartoon KAT-TUN. Koki excessively fanboying over Ne-Yo, locking Kame in the freezer, Hyde having way too much fun on the show, when they wear mustaches for some reason, Koki playing the piano. And probably lots of other things. But I never got that far into Cartoon KAT-TUN. Most of the things I just described were from the first 20-30 episodes.

It is still sad to see Cartoon KAT-TUN go. No where near as sad as seeing Haromoni@ go, but still sad.