NEWS’s love flutters away in Sakura Girl

NEWS’s Sakura Girl PV was released a few days ago. (See I knew not to make a post about the PV preview. I could just tell that the PV was gonna be released shortly after. Which is weird because it took KAT-TUN’s and HSJ’s PVs a week to come out after the PV previews.) Anyway, after the initially fangirl glee of finally having another NEWS PV, I sat down and watched it.

The video is pretty much 95% what I was expecting it to be. Only 95% because I would have died if wanted the PV to have a school setting. But of course it wasn’t, which made me a little sad. Ok I guess NEWS members are a little too old to be dressing up in school uniforms. But if they’re too old they shouldn’t have mentioned being in a classroom in the lyrics. Yeah, besides that it’s pretty much exactly as I imagined. The song is soft so the video is on the boring side with virtually nothing interesting going on. Some sad and kind of angsty walking scenes. And since it’s called Sakura Girl a few cherry blossom shots here and there. But I do like all the NEWS members break up scenes. Mostly because that’s the only thing actually happening in the video.

And I gotta say I absolutely hate how the majority of the PV looks. I’m not into the faded and blurry look it has. I keep waiting for someone to rip of the blurriness and tell me to get Claritin clear. I guess it’s supposed to symbolize that after you break up with someone you’re so dazed it’s like you’re in a fog and nothing makes sense. I’m not even sure it’s that’s the reason behind it, that’s just my best guess to explain the awkward fog.

Tegoshi breaks up through a letter. Which is a little old fashion if you ask me.

A letter I can’t even read is useless to me.

But I’m pretty sure this is what it says ;]

At least his tear is believable.

Not like Yamapi’s “I’m not even trying” tear.

Unavoidable cherry blossom scene no one cares about.

Tough break on the over the phone break up. I guess he was dating Joe Jonas.

That’s it Yamapi look as expressionless as possible. I almost saw some emotion there.

Apparently only Massu got the memo that, this is a break up song and you should look sad.

Everyone else just looks blank

Can someone tell me why Tegoshi is wearing a rosary necklace? He’s filming a PV not meeting the pope.

Leave it to Ryo to smile at something sad.

Keii’s recycled breakup. Though technically it’s a note not a letter. Bah!

But he has the most normal reaction.

Ryo being slapped is hilarious.

Mostly because of this.

Massu gets the most pathetic breakup, a text. You can text message breakup, after 2 years.

Massu’s catatonic/shocked face makes me laugh though.

Shige’s breakup is a little boring.

But apparently they were getting married. XD

Now that I’ve done my overall reaction to the PV, it’s shallow reaction time! ;]

By the way I HATE Ryo’s hair. It’s a mix of his sexy Cherish hair and his ugly Happy Birthday hair. And the end result is hideous!

Yamapi’s hair is ugly. It’s too flat and boring. It almost makes me miss his wet dog hair. Almost.

Excuse me while I die of laughter.

Oh WTF? I just recently started to dig Shige’s Shalala Tambourine hair. :/

NEWS should really learn by Massu’s example. He finds a style that looks good on him and he sticks with it. Since he’s been with NEWS he changed his hair twice. And once was for a drama.

NEWS- Sakura Girl preview

The preview for NEWS’ new single, Sakura Girl, is finally out. Which I’m super excited about!

I am pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. As I said before, I was expecting this song to sound like Taiyou no Namida. The song is a little slower than their last single, but I really love the song so far. It’s got a really soft and pretty beat to accompany the sweet lyrics. And just like I expected the lyrics have a some what nostalgic feel to them. They also have a sad tone to them since they’re about unrequited love. Which is something different for news. They very rarely have soft and meaningful songs. Ai Nante and Dreams is the closest they got. But Sakura Girl is a little more upbeat then them. So in a sense it’s closer to Love Story.
The line distribution is pretty much how it always is. In this preview only Yamapi, Tegoshi, Ryo, and Massu got solo lines. But most likely in the second half Shige and Koyama will get their solos. It would be surprising if they didn’t, since the line distribution has been the same since they became a 6 member group.
The signing itself wasn’t really anything too special. Which is expected. Since it’s a soft song there’s not really room to hit high notes.

I’m really excited for the PV now. A school setting would be amazing. But if it was a school setting it would most likely follow 2 high schoolers. Which would be a nice change. NEWS doesn’t really have any PVs that follow a story.

New NEWS single, Sakura Girl

Johnny must be listening to my prayers, because NEWS is finally releasing a new single. It will be release March 24th, and will be entitled Sakura Girl.
March 24th makes it just 1 month and 5 shy of NEWS not releasing a single in an entire year. Which is a little bit ridiculous if you ask me. My two favorite Johnny’s groups have the longest wait in between releases. Hey! Say! JUMP’s release drought is a mystery to me, but NEWS’s can be blamed on Yamapi. If Yamapi didn’t release a solo single and have solo concerts we would have had a new NEWS single a lot sooner. The Diamond Live DVD could also be a reason, but that was more of a release to hold fans over. Though even that was a year late.
I guess all JE single releases have long waiting periods in between. KAT-TUN almost had a year in between releases too. I guess I’m just used to H!P’s new single every 4 months release schedule.

The title itself makes me think it has to do with graduation or will have some sort of nostalgic feel. And will most likely have more of a Taiyou Namida feel. Which would make me pretty sad. I prefer NEWS’s happy and cute songs, rather than slow and meaningful. But it’s not like they have that many slow and meaningful songs anyway. Though I can’t judge a song based on the title alone, that’s just silly. I’ll just have to remain optimistic until the preview comes out.