New Hey! Say! JUMP single!

After 18 long months Hey! Say! JUMP finally has a new single entitled Hitomi no Screen. Which will be the theme to Ryosuke’s drama Hidarime Tantei EYE.

I’m an incredibly excited to see a new JUMP single finally. Especially because I became a JUMP fan during their single dry spell. I’m even more excited that the song is actually really good. I was actually expecting the song to be very slow and boring, much like Hidarime Tantei EYE itself. But the song has an amazing beat and chorus. And it extremely catchy like most Johnny’s songs.
But the initial excitement of a new single wear off easily when you listen to the line distribution. While Ryosuke is an amazing singer and undeniably popular I hate that he’s the only one to get solos. The group has 10 members and only one person singing is just sad. Even C-ute isn’t that bad. I understand it’s for his drama and all, but that’s really an excuse for him to monopolize the entire song. JUMP fans waited 18 months just for Yamada Ryosuke w/ J.U.M.P.
Also, I might be hearing things but it also sounds like Daiki has a solo part too. But it’s hard to tell on such a low quality recording.

And just a disclaimer, there is no official preview for Hitomo no Screen. So if you don’t like concert rips I wouldn’t suggest listening to this.

While I’m on the subject of JUMP I might as well talk about their other new song Romeo & Juliet. Which is pretty much old news to most JUMP fans. But I haven’t been able to blog in a while so I feel like bringing it up anyway.

This song is pretty forgetful. I can see myself only remembering this song when they perform it at concerts. The lyrics are mediocre at best and the beat isn’t anything special. Also the line distribution is pretty uneven. Only Ryosuke, Chinen, and Hikaru get lines. Which is unacceptable. But that doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is Chinen leading it. I can understand Hikaru and Ryosuke because they are great singers, but Chinen is terrible. And lately it seems like he’s forcing his voice to be extra high and cute like it used to be. Which is annoying. But he should probably ask Koharu for lessons.
However, they could also be leading it because they’re the only members on School Kakumei. But we’d have to wait for a concert performance to find out.
I don’t know, I just really dislike Chinen. He looks too much like a girl and too much like a rabbit for my taste.