Party Time preview

The new Shugo Chara opening gives us a song and PV preview of Guardians 4’s 3rd single, Party Time. Which is being released on November 18th.

I actually really love the song. It’s the most anime sounding out of any of the Shugo Chara themes. It’s really happy sounding, but I could still see Buono doing this song. Maybe not as a sinlge, but an album song at least. I think this is probably my favorite Guardians 4 single yet. It’s really fun and light sounding. All the other songs seem bland compared to this one. Especially School Days. The only time I actually wanted to hear a Shugo Chara Eggs version, they give them their own song, Watashi no Tamago.

I was expecting more of a PV preview, they just sow a few stills from the video. I was hoping for something like Kirarin Revolution where the video is playing along the anime version of it. But I guess it’s better than nothing. The video does look really fun. It has a birthday themed, so that means there’s going to be a lot going on it in. Which I prefer in a PV. I’m really looking forward to the bubble and confetti scenes, they most likely be the cutest.
I also love the outfits. I think green plaid is easily the best one yet. And since they’ve done all the colors we can expect their next single’s outfit to be yellow. I’m not really looking forward to that though. I hate yellow.