The coveted title

That’s right 4 idol groups were releasing on the same day: AAA, Morning Musume, KAT-TUN, and SKE48. It was inevitable that one would triumph over the rest. But the coveted title went to, of course, KAT-TUN.

From the very first day SKE48 fans and Morning Musume fans only worried about beating each other. A lot of fans seemingly forgot that KAT-TUN was releasing on the 17th as well. And of course after it was announced that KAT-TUN was releasing on the same day, there was no way either idol group stood a chance.
The Oricon Daily Chart goes as follows:

1. KAT-TUN – Change UR World
2. SKE48 – 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!
3. Kobukuro – Ryuusei
4. AAA – PARADISE/Endless Fighters
5. Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Yes, SKE8 did beat Morning Musume by 3 spots. So I guess in a sense they did win. But none of that even remotely matters. They both lost to KAT-TUN, so basically it’s as if they both ranked at 24. Even if SKE48 did beat KAT-TUN, it wouldn’t really matter anyway. It would only matter to the anti H!P 48 groups fans, who would use this as a way of saying their idol agency is better. Which is petty and meaningless. I just think it’s funny that all this ruckus was made that SKE8 would beat Morning Musume, but they both lost.

Top 10 Morning Musume singles

A few months back I made a post of my top ten least favorite Morning Musume singles, to illustrate people shouldn’t be so hard on Morning Musume’s recent bland singles. So for the fun of it I’ve decided to post about my top ten favorite singles. And much like my last post these songs are in no particular order, they are simply in the order I remembered them in.

10. Koi no Dance Site

There was a time where I wouldn’t even listen to Morning Musume’s singles before Love Machine. I thought they were just too old sounding. And I really regret that now cause pre Love Machine singles are really amazing! I’m not even sure why I love this song so much. All the uh has and ai yais in the song would make me too embarrassed to tell anyone that I actually like the song. But I can’t not love it, it’s beyond catchy. Even though the lyrics don’t always make 100% sense I love the song. Especially the chorus. I’m incapable of listening to the chorus without singing along.

9. Love Machine

AKA the single that put Momusu on the map. Over one million people liked it enough to buy it, and so do I! The song has incredibly catchy and easy to dance to music. As well as Morning Musume’s pretty much standard lyrics of being in love. It’s also got a splash of patriotism in the lyrics, which is probably a big factor why Japan liked it so much. Of course I love the chorus of the song, but my actual favorite part of the song is the bridge. Especially the shuushoku kibou da wa wow wow wow line. That’s when the song really hits it’s peak for me.

8. Shabondama

Hands done this is probably my favorite Morning Musume single, and one of my all time favorite Morning Musume songs. I just love how powerful the song is. Powerful lyrics, powerful music, and it’s even sung powerfully. It’s just the ultimate I don’t need you anymore song. The message is if you don’t want me than fine, I’ll find someone better. Since I’m a girl I really relate to the lyrics. Especially the of all the girl’s in the world what could my ranking possibly be part and the how many girls receive certification that they’re wonderful women part. I also love the whole love is just a soap bubble analogy, where love is over in an instant.

7. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari

This is Morning Musume’s longest single to date clocking in at almost 6:30 minutes. I love how happy and fun loving the whole theme of the song is. I also love that it introduces all the girls and gives a brief peak at their personality. This is the kind of song I miss from Morning Musume overly cheerful and focuses on all the members. It’s probably the most fun single Momusu has ever released.

6. Renai Revolution 21

For the longest time I used to hate this song. Until one day I though, “I guess I’ll just give it another listen.” And of course I ended up absolutely loving it. I think it’s the disco music and awful PV outfits that turned me off for so long. XD The lyrics are far from being genius. Actually they are often pointless. “It’s all good with a paper cup.” “It’s all good on a bicycle.” XD But I think once it gets to the chorus the lyrics get a little meaningful. But what I love about the song is it’s silly, and it’s fun. It doesn’t try to be serious. It’s also one of my favorite songs to watch at concerts. Also Rika’s hoi is adorable!

5. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~

This is the very first Morning Musume song I ever heard. And that alone will always hold some significance and sentimental value. I also love the song because it is over the top happy, energetic, and upbeat. It’s the kind of song that is impossible to be sad while listening to. The song is pretty much idol standard. Falling in love and what not. But the lyrics aren’t a main factor of why I love the song. Just the shear energetic nature of the song makes it incredible and extremely fun to listen to.

4. Kanashimi Twillight

Kanashimi Twillight is another song I like because I can relate to the girlish feelings in the song. Just when you think you can finally trust a guy he gives you reasons not to. I mean what girl hasn’t been in that situation? Crying over a guy that leads them on. Other than the lyrics the music and dance is extremely powerful.

3. I Wish

Another song I love for the lyrics. But instead of being empowering or relatable, I find them to be very meaningful. Despite days that are sad or lonely, life is wonderful and you should be happy. And tough times will always get better. I also like that the song starts out very somber and then just jumps right into being very happy. I think the song is definitely uplifting.

2. Daite Hold On Me!

I love this song because I relate to it a lot. It’s not just about unrequited love, it’s about one sided love. And it’s basically about “You love me right? Why don’t you love me? I don’t want to end this. Please just hold me because I love you.” Having been in one sided love several times I really relate to it. You also have to love the beautiful harmony in the song.

1. Koko ni Iruzee!

I like this song because it is really silly. It’s also probably the most childish single Morning Musume has ever released. So of course I like it for that fun aspect. I also like it because it’s another song about enjoying life to it’s fullest. And I really love the “Song overcomes contry border. It advances to just about anywhere,” line.

Top 10 least favorite Morning Musume singles

Pretty much since Resonant Blue came out there’s been a lot of whiny Morning Musume fans out there. Saying that Morning Musume has become Emo Musume, or Sad Musume. Most of them have been saying Momusu is horrible now and they lost the spark they had in the past. But that statement is only half true. This era of Morning Musume has it’s share of misses as well as gems. Just like any other Morning Musume era. Saying that Morning Musume is horrible now, or they don’t like Morning Musume anymore, in my opinion is just ridiculous. Morning Musume has been togther for 12 years, and in that time they’ve released somewhere around 150 songs. Now that’s an incredible amount of songs. And in all honestly out of about 150 songs how many songs do you actually like? I doubt there is one Morning Musume fan who likes every single song. Because it seems pretty impossible. Morning Musume’s style is always changing. There’s bound to be one style you dislike and one style you favor over the others. Now let’s cut that number down to 42, for each of Morning Musume’s single’s A sides. Now ask yourself the same question. Out of 42 A sides how many songs do you actually like? I’m sure there’s very few fans out there that answered 42. And those of you who did are apparently bigger Morning Musume fans than me, because out of 42 singles I don’t love every single song. However, even though I don’t love every single song there’s not one Morning Musume single I absolutely hate. I might dislike songs or like some songs more than others but I don’t hate any. And eventually I’m in the mood to listen to the songs I don’t care for too much. Though it’s usually once in a blue moon.

So on to the main point of my post. I’m going to post my top ten least favorite Morning Musume singles. I guess to show that Morning Musume wasn’t always absolutely incredible. And they have made mistakes before Resonant Blue. Because saying they haven’t is just silly.
Also keep in mind these are in no particular order. They’re basically in the order I remembered them in. XD

10. Pepper Keibu

This song is ok, but I bet it was a lot better in the 70s. I’m not really into remakes. Especially if it sounds exactly like the original. The only H!P remake I actually really love is W’s Koi no Vacance. And that’s because they changed it up a lot. I’m not really a fan of disco music so having a single with heavy disco music is a bit of a miss for me. But I must admit I do love the chorus of the song, but not the verse so much. And I also hate that Reina is the only person to get a solo line. And since I really dislike Reina that pretty much ruins the song for me too.

9. Aruiteru

I must be the only person who dislikes this song considering it shot to number 1 on the Oricon charts. But I don’t really care what everyone thinks of the song I don’t really like it too much. And it’s not like the lyrics are bad or anything. As a matter of fact, they’re actually kind of cute. I’m just not a fan of slow paced songs. And I find the nanana parts annoying. They’re kind of a cop out for not being able to think of another line of chorus.

8. The Manpower!

The Manpower has been floating around the top of my least favorite Morning Musume singles for a couple of years now. This song just annoys me to no end! The lyrics as a whole are pretty dumb. I’m not sure why anyone would like a song that’s basically about being a human. The homo sapiens line makes me laugh every time for some reason. And I especially hate the manpower parts. They repeat it too many times. It’s just annoying and redundant.

7. Osaka Koi no Uta

I’m not even a hundred percent sure why I dislike this song. There’s just something about it that irks me. I’ve been avoiding this song like the plague. Since becoming an H!P fangirl I’ve probably listened to this song a grand total of 5 times. And it has nothing to do with it being in Osaka dialect, because it’s not like I can tell the difference anyway. Osaka Koi no Uta is just way too whiny. And because of the way they’re singing it. They’re just singing really whiny, like they’re gonna cry any minute. I know since the song is about lost love it’s supposed to be like that. But it just find it annoying.

6. Souda! We’re Alive

This is another song that’s been at the top of my least favorite songs for a while. Everything about the song annoys me! The music, they way they sing it, and the annoying background vocals. You know the ha he ho parts. XD And they also must say boom boom boom pump it up and yeah yeah pump it up like 70 times! There’s no need for that! And aside from that the whole song is pretty pointless. The lyrics are basically we’re alive and everyone else is alive too. Yay, let’s be happy we’re alive. I mean there’s not really much beyond that. It’s pretty dumb and meaningless if you ask me.

5. The Peace

I’m not sure why The Peace is pretty much a Momusu fan favorite. Practically every Momusu fan is in love with The Peace. And I can’t fathom why. I can’t stand how redundant the song is. The chant in the beginning is repeated through the song entirely too much. And the lyrics are kind of all over the place. They don’t really connect to one another. It’s about English school, going out to eat, and ordering pizza. It’s just so random. It also never wants to end. It has like 4 false endings before it actually ends.

4. Nanchatte Renai

Nanchatte Renai is somewhere in the middle for me. It’s not completely terrible, but I don’t like it enough for it to be above the bottom ten. The lyrics are just a little bit too sad. I mean at one point the lyrics kind of imply that Ai-chan is going to cry while eating a hamburger. I do absolutely love the rap parts though. However, Sayumi getting a solo verse kind of ruins everything.

3. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

Even though I like the overall message of the song some of the lyrics are a little stupid. Which brings down the whole song. I’m not sure what everyone looking at my transparent shirt has to do with anything. And of course unfair line distribution makes me like this song even less. I tend to prefer songs where I can hear all the girl’s singing. Not just the best singers over and over again.

2. Memory Seishun no Hikari

This song is here because I don’t really care for old school Morning Musume that much. I start really caring Love Machine and beyond. Though I do love Summer Night Town, Furusato, and Daite Hold On Me. But I started liking them recently. I don’t know I just find this song to be really boring. There’s just nothing about it that stands out. And the random guy rapping in the background is a little weird. And I also hate that it became Reina’s unofficial song. I also hate I could only find her version subtitled. XD I think everyone is well aware how I feel about Reina.

1. Manatsu no Kousen

I think I really dislike this song because of how old sounding the music is. I know the song is a decade old but the music makes it sound other than that. I don’t know I guess it’s hard to explain. I’m also not that big of a Nacchi fan and all of the old school Momusu songs revolve around her. They basically have to sing the harmony around her, and I hate that. So I guess that adds to why I dislike it. The chorus of the song is really cute, but the verse is a little flat.

Top 10 H!P PVs of all time

Kishikio suggested that I should make a top 10 for my favorite H!P vidoes of all time. Since I’ve never done any type of ranking before, I thought this would be fun.
There are so many PVs to chose from, I had an extremely difficult time picking just 10. I probably had enough videos to make a top 30 or more.
But here’s my top 10 in no particular order.

10. Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto – Shinging Itoshiki Anata

Most people might disagree with putting this video in the top 10 because the video itself is pretty simple. But I absolutely love the 50’s theme the song and video has. I think the dresses they are wearing are really pretty too, especially Miki’s and KonKon’s. The best parts of this video are the black and white movie scenes. My favorite one is Mai’s UFO movie. Overall I think this video has a really cute and nostalgic theme. And I think it might be the only time where shiny silver paper hanging in the background doesn’t look cheap.

9. W – Robo Kiss

I think Robo Kiss might be one of the most creative H!P PVs of all time. I think this PV really showed W’s fun and vibrant personality. It even fits the lyrics of the song in an odd way. And W manages to be super adorable in perfect unison.
There’s a lot of cute scenes in this video. Where they’re controlling their robot selves and even training their robot to fight each other. But I don’t think the Aibon robot’s power of love would be very effective against the Nono robot’s karate moves. You can even spot young Berryz Koubou dancing in the background.
But more importantly, who wouldn’t want an invasion of hundreds of Nonos and Aibons running around? W as a group was just utter win for me. I really miss them.

8. Fujimoto Miki – Boogie Train ’03

I really like this PV is hyper and overly happy, like most H!P videos should be. She even dances while brushing her teeth. I also love that the kids in the video seem to be frightened by everything thing she does. I also love toward the end of the video everything she does speeds up for some reason. But hands down my favorite part of the video is when she dances on top of the table. She also looks the cutest during those scenes. I also love at the end they have to clean up the Miki’s confetti hurricane.
I think I would have liked Miki a lot more if she stayed this sweet and happy when she joined Morning Musume.

7. Pucchi Moni – Pittari Shitai Xmas

This is definitely my favorite holiday themed H!P vidoes. This one is the most Christmasy. I think they look cute in their flannel pajamas hanging stockings. I also love how the Christmas room itself is decorated. The scenes with the cartoon background are my favorite. Even though lifting weights and reporting the weather have nothing to do with the song. I like that this video has a lot of things going on, and they look like they were having fun while filming it.

6. Mini Moni – Rock n’ Roll Kenchoushozaichi ~Oboechaina Series~

Even though it’s a song about memorizing capitals I think it had a cute PV. However, the guy on the loud speaker annoyed me so much. I’d like to see a school try and lock you in until you memorize your capitals. XD I like the video so much because of Mini Moni’s overall craziness.
I love that scnes where they dress up to represent what that part of Japan is famous for. I especially loved Tsuji’s mustache part. You’ve also gotta love the scenes where they fly over Japan on giant ink brushes.

5. Morning Musume – Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

Of course Mr. Moonlight had to be on this list. Is there anyone who doesn’t like this video? What’s better than Momusu reversing roles and being romantically linked to each other? Even though it mainly follows Mako and Yossie. But you get to see the rest of the girls pine for Yossie, Maki, and Nacchi’s attention. The PV is also really great because it had a decent budget, so there’s a lot going on in the video. They even have full band in the background. Again I love this video because of it’s nostalgic theme. And at one point they even wear Sgt. Pepper looking outfits. My favorite part of video is when Maki snaps her fingers and flowers appear. I think that looks pretty cool for some reason.

4. Berryz Koubou – Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai!

I think this PV is absolutely adorable. It’s really crazy to see Berryz so young in this PVed compared to how they look now. Some of them haven’t changed much though.
Anyway, what makes this PV really cute is the “are you celeb or not?” parts. You get to see Berryz in different outfits doing a lot of cute poses. I also think the dance is really cute, but I never really got why they were wearing gloves and knee pads. My favorite part of the PV is when everyone makes a fighting pose in the pool. XD

3. Abe Natsumi – The Stress

Even though most of Nacchi’s videos are boring I have to admit I really like this one. I love the scenes where they have her dealing with stressful things. Like stacks of paperwork and lots of phone calls. I also really like the nighttime theme of the videos. I love the part where she dances with the sax players next to colorful lights. The PV is pretty simple but still fun to watch.

2. Happy 7 – Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam

I think this PV is really entertaining to watch. I love that it mostly revolves around theme playing themselves in an arcade game. I think the PV has a lot of cute scenes. Like the dance itself, the dance involves a lot of jumping, heart signs, and overall cuteness. I also think Aibon dominates the PV. She has the best solo scenes out of all the girls. My favorite part of the PV is when they slide down the year Mario like flagpole.

1. Aya Matsuura – Yeah! Meccha Holiday

I think back in the day Ayaya used to make the best H!P PVs of all time, so it was hard to pick just one. This PV is so weird and crazy that I love it! I just love how energetic Aya is through the whole video. I also love that you can see her Momoiro Kataomoi peaches on the ground in the video. But I’m not really sure what the duplicate Aya wearing Chinese clothe sis all about. XD
The entire video is full of the weird expressions Aya always makes. It’s also filled with cute scenes of her trying to beat the summer heat. I especially love when she jumps into the pool.
Though the dance scenes are my favorite part of the PV. She looks the cutest and most hyper during the dance.

As you can tell from my top ten, I tend to like the cuter H!P PVs. I also like the videos that have a lot of things going on. Lately a lot of H!P PVs have been on the boring side. Berryz and Buono seem to be the only groups that are making interesting videos anymore. Which is another reason why my top 10 H!P videos of all time are older PVs. H!P really has to start making videos like this again. I don’t know if I can sit through another Nanchatte Renai or Bye Bye Bye.