EVERYDAY Zekkouchou preview

C-ute’s 10th single, EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!, is being released September 13th. The entire song preview was released a few days ago.

I was actually a little hesitant to listen to this song, because it’s the first single with Kanna officially gone. Without Kanna, C-ute might as well not exist to me. But I decided to listen to it anyway since it’s Erika’s last song.

For those of you, myself included, who were expecting an overdose of Erika in this song prepare to be disappointed. Does Erika even get a solo line in this song? If she does it was so brief I missed it. Leave to H!P to worry about money so much that a graduation member can’t even get a decent solo. The one single that will forever be synonymous with remembering Erika in C-ute, and you can’t even hear her! Poor girl, she could never get a break.

Everday Kekkouchou as a whole is bland. It really does have that random album song feel. There is nothing special about it. The music has a mellow b-side feel, and the singing isn’t even energetic. And of course it has the standard C-ute line distribution. Airi and Maimi featuring C-ute. I can’t find anything I like about it.

C-ute seems to be lacking things lately. And it actually has nothing to do with Kanna. C-ute’s recent songs seem to be pretty much misses all around lately. Forever Love was their last single I liked. It’s almost like H!P doesn’t put any effort into them anymore. Which is really sad. It looks like Erika picked the perfect time to leave C-ute.

C-ute loses another member

It was announced at H!P summer concert that C-ute member Umeda Erika will be graduating from C-ute on October 25th. Erika is leaving to become a fashion model. Hello!Project’s official site also has some official announcement. But your Japanese is probably as good as mine.

Becoming a fashion model? Am I the only one who expected Yurina to leave for that reason? I mean, the girls got the height. I know Erika is tall too, but Yurina is a few inches taller than her. It also seems like she’s not the only one who wants to bang JE boys. Since those JE boys love their models.

I really wish I could say that I was sorry that she was leaving. Heck, I’m not even upset that she’s leaving. Much like Kanna Erika was shoved into the back, never really getting her chance to shine. Except for that one random solo song she got on C-ute’s 3rd album. Even though Kanna was in the background, she was still engaging and entertaining. But Erika pretty much bored me to tears. I never saw anything special or amazing about her. I didn’t really even like her voice. I guess I know how all the people who didn’t care Kanna left feel.

I’m also concerned where this will leave C-ute. I know they didn’t lose anyone that puts the group in danger of failing, like Airi or Maimi. Since C-ute’s debut they have lost 3 members, making C-ute now a quintet. Does this mean C-ute will be adding new Egg members? Personally it seems like they should. Losing 2 members in 2 weeks makes C-ute a little bare, and lacking something. This would really be the perfect time to do so. They have the room, and besides Maimi, the members of C-ute haven’t even hit 16 yet. If they added new members now they would be able to pick up a fan base over the years. Most likely C-ute will be a group longer than Berryz Koubou since the member a years younger then them, with the exception of Risako.

Anyway, like I did for Kanna I thought I’d post some of my favorite Erika singing moments. Except I don’t really have any. So all my favorite moments are only because of other members, and she’s kinda there as an after thought.

I like this for Kanna, but Erika doesn’t sound that bad.

I like this performance for Yurina, but I think Erika actually sounds great during it.

I do think Erika is really pretty. I hope she does good in the modeling world. Maybe she can be a model turned actress, like so many models do. Good luck Erika!