Happy 3rd birthday Janakya Mottainai!

Yes, my dear readers Janakya Mottainai turns 3 this year. So, happy birthday to JM! Or happy anniversary! It’s the same thing anyway. Janakya Mottainai’s real birthday was July 25th. Techically it’s May 29th. But my first post was on July 25th, hence July is the real birthday. I really wanted to make this post on the July 25th but I’ve been busy so this post had to be pushed back a bit. But hey, at least I’m making a post! Last year I completely forgot to make one all together.

Wow, time really does fly. I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for 3 years already. It seriously feels like yesterday that I wrote my first post. Which was a bit of a mess. It was poorly written and was a review of 3 songs and PVs in one post. Here’s my first post for people who haven’t read it or haven’t been following JM since day one.

I never really know what to write in posts like this. So I read my first anniversary post. Which you can read here if you care. In that post I wrote that my blog had over 11,000 views and got 100 reads a day. Two years later and my blog has over 141,000 views and 300-400 views a day. Which might not seems like much to most people, but I honestly don’t care about things like that. I’d be happy with 10 views a day, as long as someone was reading it. I also wrote in my 1st anniversary post that I was happy to be featured on International Wota, and that it was my goal to be featured there. Flash forward to present day, and I became IW’s blogger of the month and am constantly being featured. And I am completely thrilled about that, especially since I’m featured on IW a lot more often than I think I deserve.

Overall, this blog is extremely important to me. This blog is like one of the only places where I can really voice my opinions on things. I have very strong opinions about a lot of different subjects, but I hardly ever really voice them outside of my own home. I’ve been extremely shy my whole life, and I’ve always avoided confrontation, so I’m always hesitant to voice my opinions in real life. Partly because I don’t want my opinions to start arguments, and partly because I’m overly sensitive and think people will judge my opinions, and indirectly me, harshly. So, this blog is one of the only times I can really stand up and say, “You know what, I don’t like what’s going on here,” or, “Actually I think this song is terrible.” (Oh yeah, I’m so overly sensitive that I google AimxAim every so often to make sure people online aren’t saying how much they hate me or my blog. Does that make me crazy? XD)

This blog is also really important to me because its kept me really involved in idol music. Before blogging I was a casual fan, and I didn’t realy keep up to date with news or individual idols themselves as much as I do now. Joining H!O is also a reason why I started to know more about H!P, and eventually made this blog. And before that I was such a casual fan that I used to search the idol groups I liked on youtube every couple of months to know if they had a new single. It doesn’t get more casual than that.
And as I kept blogging I found out about new idol groups, which I knew hardly anything about. And I wanted to get into them more. So, I started to blog about them. Which forced me to go and learn nearly everything about them, and forced me to keep up to date with them. I mean this blog tracks me getting into Hey! Say! JUMP practically from day one. When I first started blogging about them I was so new to the group that I accidently said Yabu was the only one to get a solo in Jonetsu Jump, when it was actually Ryosuke. I’ve thought about going back and changing that because it makes me look like a fool, but I can’t imagine doing that. If I did I wouldn’t be able to look back and laugh at how much of a noob I was.

With each passing year I keep trying to make Janakya Mottainai better. I’ve been trying to post news as soon as it happens, and I’m trying to keep adding idol groups to cover. I want JM to become a go to blog for all things idol related. News, information, and reviews. Which is a huge daunting task. Which is so large that maybe I’m setting myself up for failure, but I’m actually confident I can do it.
I’m also really trying to improve my writting. Which is probably the biggest task for me and JM. Mostly because I never really thought of myself as a writter. With this blog, even though I am writting I just think of it as blogging. Writting was never really my strong suit. I mean I was good enough at it, but I always seem to have trouble making my paragraphs flow and fluidly transition to another point without making it seem awkward or noticeable.

Well, I’m getting a litte off subject here. I guess I’ll just end this post by giving a big virtual toast to all my readers. Readers and comments are what keeps me going. I still get excited for each and every comment I get, and I still get sad when I don’t recieve any comments. So, here’s to you readers for making this birthday/anniversary possible. And hopefully you’ll send me a virtual toast right back.

Here are some idol songs to set the mood!

Happy Birthday Janakya Mottainai!!~

That’s right Janakya Mottainai turns one years old today. Well today’s not the exact date I created my blog, it’s just the anniversary of the first actual blogging post I made. My first post was an introduction post, and I didn’t make a second post until about 2 months later. ._.

My blog has changed a lot in the year I’ve been doing it, as I mentioned in my 5,000 views post. So, let’s look at all the snazzy things that have happened to my blog over the past year.

Jelly_Man @ H!P related JM’s blog was the first person to put my blog link on their blog.

I was actually really excited about that. My first reaction was, “OMG, someone out there likes my blog enough to link it on their page!” Yeah it doesn’t really take that much to make me happy. XD
Since then a lot of other awesome blogs have linked me. Most of which you can find on my blog roll.

My blog was also featured on International Wota.

This was the first and only time my blog was featured on International Wota, but I’m still pretty ecstatic to have been featured at all. When I first made my blog it was my goal to be featured on that site. Though I kind of wish I was featured for something other than Yamapi, since I don’t cover JE news often.

I also have my first affiliate Jiriri Kiteru.

Which is pretty awesome! I never really planned on having affiliates, but when her site was asking for them I decided to be one. I didn’t even have an affiliate graphic, so I had to make one. Which took a grand total of 2 minutes. ;]

Since most people haven’t seen my affiliate picture here it is.

Simple graphics are pretty much all I can do. :/ And of course it had to feature Koha. I also wanted to change this up and put Janakya Mottainai in Japanese.

My blog also has over 11,000 views, and it averages about 100 views a day. That’s not really that many views compared to a lot of other H!P/Jmusic blogs out there. But I think pretty much amazing. Especially since the quality of my posts are sometimes iffy.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads my blog. If I didn’t have people reading or supporting my blog, I probably would have stopped a long time ago.
And comments are of course welcomed and loved. I respond to just about every comment I get. I’ve actually been getting a lot more comments lately, which I’m pretty happy about. But I can’t really tell if it’s because they want to or because in every random blog post I mention wanting feedback from people. Either way I appreciate it. ^^

One more piece of random blog news. If anyone out there in blog land wants to affiliate with my blog, just ask me. I guess you can comment about it on this post, since I don’t have any other formal way of going about it. Eventually I might make a contact section on my blog, but as of right now I have no idea how to do that. XD

Oh and just because. ;]