Meet the S/mileage 2nd gen!

After months of waiting, and a hands on audition experience, the new S/mileage 2nd generation members were finally announced at the Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa Wow Wow Live~ concert.

The 5 members who were selected are:

Katsuta Rina

Rina is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Rinapuu. I have to say I am completely excited that Rina passed the auditions. She was one of my favorites and I was rooting for her. She has a cute voice, and seriously is mini Nono to me. A lot of people seem to think she’s ugly. My poor Rinapuu is getting haters already.

Kosuga Fukuya

Fukuya is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Fuu-chan. Now, I’m not really the biggest fan of Fukuya. I didn’t like her voice in the auditions. And it wasn’t bad or anything, it just lacked energy. That’s something she really needs to work on.

Nakanishi Kana

Kana is 14 years old and her nickname in the group is Kanana. I am actually at lose for words about Kana joining the group. I absolutely did not like her one bit. She had the worst voice in the entire audition. I can’t fathom why she joined. Her personality didn’t pop to me, like Zukki’s did. Zukki was the worst singer in the 9th gen but her energetic personality sold her to me. Kana did seem to smile a lot suring the auditions but she didn’t seem to burst with energy to me. It seems she was only picked because she’s pretty. And she is, she’s absolutely adorable. Hopefully, her personality makes up for the things she lacks. Because right now a KonKon moment happened with her.

Tamura Meimi

Meimi is 12 years old her her nickname for the group is MeiMei. I am ecstatic that 13 made it! She was an obvious fan favorite, and was one of my personal favorites. Her voice was so cute and kind of strong. Her whole image just fit S/mileage perfectly. I couldn’t be happier that Meimi was picked. The only real draw back for Meimi is she isn’t that great at dancing. Hopefully, something like that won’t effect her chances of joining.

Takeuchi Akari

Akari is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Take-chan. And Maimi’s cousin passes the audition. I wonder if things like that helped her pass? Maybe I’m just being cynical. And if it did she probably would have debuted a while age. Akari wasn’t really my favorite auditioner. But her years of Egg training has put Akari at such a high level of singing and dancing that she deserved to join the group.

Even though these girls were announced as the winners of the auditions they are not out of the woods yet. Every single girl, yes every single one of them, are not official members of the group yet, instead they are all sub-members. They will appear in the S/mileage’s upcoming 7th single and will take part in S/mileage’s fall concert. And their performance in the concert will determine their permanence. Apparently the new members have the chances becoming a full member, entering the Eggs, making a new unit, or being dropped completely. Which is a complete 180 from what Tsunku had originally said. He said that if 6 members joined 2 would become members, and the other 4 would become trainee members. It seems Tsunku (or conceivably who ever is really in control of H!P) changed his mind and decided to have the new members tackle yet another hurdle. At first I thought this was a bit harsh, and even a slap in the face. But after I think about it more it almost seems fitting. S/mileage themselves had to get 10,000 smiles just to be able to make their major debut. So, why not make the new members go through a similar ritual? And besides that, it’s even more press for S/mileage. Regardless of the outcome, you can be sure it’s going to be mentioned somewhere in the media if the members are becoming permanent or not. Which just shows how Tsunku is handling the auditions perfectly to give S/mileage maximum exposure.
As for my reactions to the winners themselves, am I 100% happy? Of course I’m not. I wanted first and foremost, the lovely Miyamoto Karin to win. That girl seriously had everything. She was the best singer, the best dancer, and she is absolutely adorable. I am completely devastated that Karin didn’t win. But there’s nothing I can really do about it. As a fan, you can’t expect to have your favorites picked every single time. Anyone who watched the Morning Musume 8th gen auditions knows that. I am honestly lucky that Suzuki Kanon got picked at all. Having my favorite picked again would obviously be incredible, but obviously incredibly unlikely.
After Karin my favorites were: Miyazaki, Yamaga, Rina, and Meimi. So, I actually didn’t make out too bad. Since there were so many good singers in the auditions I secretly hoped that they would add 5 members, and I am actually thrilled they did. I can also hold out the hope that my other favorites auditioned for both the S/mileage 2nd gen and the Morning Musume 10th gen. Karin was talented enough to make it to the finals of both. Despite the general consesus of the fans, I actually don’t think she would work that well for Morning Musume. She just fits S/mileage better. But that ship has sailed, and I’d rather have her in Morning Musume than not in a group at all.

And here’s a completely unpopular opinion, but a part of me actually wants all the girls to get kicked out. Not for any malicious reason. I am actually really excited by the possibility of another group being formed. Ever since S/mileage first formed I’ve always wanted S/mileage to be in a Berryz Koubou and C-ute type of situation. Where the groups were formed a year apart and are pretty similar to each other. However, as time keeps passing that possibility gets further and further away.

S/mileage to release yet another single

It was announced a few days ago that S/mileage will be releasing their 7th single. The single wil be entitled Tachiagaaru and will be released on September 28th. One month and 25 days after the release of their 8th single, Uchouten Love. This will also be the first single to feature the new 2nd gen member or members.

I am actually really surprised that S/mileage is releasing another single so soon after their last. And a single featured new and untrained members to boot! The new members will be announced on August 14th, giving them only a few weeks to train and prepare for their debut. Morning Musume’s 9th gen was announced in January and their debut single came out in April. That’s a good 3 months more time the 9th gen will get to prepare compared to the 2nd gen. I sure hope Tsunku knows what he’s doing. This all seems a little premature. I understand they have to be thrown into the new S/mileage concert, but a new single as well. Talk about pressure. I wish I could say I have high hopes for this single, but I don’t. I don’t think the new member or members will be anywhere near ready for this. Could you imagine what Zukki would have done if she only had weeks to learn the Maji Desu ka Ska dance?

Reactions to the S/mileage 3rd round auditions

Having S/mileage stream their audition process is one of the most exciting and hands on experience that can happen in the idol world. Sure, you can watch any audition show you want, and it could be 6 hours long. However, nothing really compares to watching it live before your eyes, as if you’re the one judging the girls. To pick your favorite girls in real time, and then watch the next round to see if your favorites made it through. It’s just one of those things that happen that make me an idol fan, and make being an idol fan so much fun.
And because the audition stream is exciting I made sure that I didn’t miss it this time. Last time I feel asleep, and ended up watching the 2nd round maybe a week ago. And I have to say, it’s one of those idol experiences I’ll never forget and look back fondly on. It also makes me secretly hope that the Morning Musume 10th gen auditions will be streamed live. But that’s probably unlikely.

I thought the auditions this round were pretty good. Better than the last round. There were so many girls last time it was impossible to focus on and remember every single girl. Most of them got swallowed up by the sheer amount of girls present. This time, since there were only 12 finalists it was extremely easy to follow every girl and pick personal favorites.
The only realy drawbacks for this was the short awkward wait in the beginning, and sometimes throughout the auditions. And also, the amount of talking going on. It’s great to ask a lot of questions, and to get a small peak at their personalities, but as someone who can’t speak Japanese. I found the amount of talking to be boring, excessive, and unnecessary.

With that being said it’s on to my review. I want to point out that I have not watched the stream since it aired. So, I’m writing this post from memory. Also, my video was lagging a lot during the dance scenes. I was going to download the show because the stream completely cut out during Karin’s group. But since I found a video of her dancing on youtube, I have no need to download it now.
I also want to point out how heartbroken I am that Ribbon-chan did not make it to the final round. She had everything going for her. She was adorable and could sing and dance. She was also the only one to sing and dance during the 2nd round! I seriously hope she auditioned for both S/mileage and Morning Musume.


This girl was completely a stand out to me. During the second round I became interested in her becuase she was absolutely adorable. I, however, couldn’t for the life of me remember what she sounded like when she sang during the 2nd round. XD But I heard her sing here and she was just incedible. Her voice was so sweet and so adorable, that it would be absolutely perfect for S/mileage. While she was singing she looked very unsure of herself, almost frightened. But you know how Tsunku loves to pick girls who are unsure of themselves. The only real problem with her is that she is a bit too old in my opinion to join S/mileage. She’s 17, and while that isn’t really that old it is too old, in my opinion, to start out as an idol. If she joined she would be the oldest member of S/mileage. Be that as it may, I would still be excited if she got picked.


This girl did not stand out to me one bit. The only thing I can really remember saying about her was, that I didn’t like her voice. Her voice wasn’t bad, it was just extremely flat. There’s was no passion or energy behind what she was singing. She seemed to not even be trying. I don’t know if it was nerves, or trying to remember the lyrics. But she was just not one my favorites.


When the auditions first started all I kept thining was she has weird teeth. (Which by the way you can’t notice when she’s smiling, it’s more of a weird thing with her gums. XD) But once she started singing I changed my mind. Her voice is completely different than the voices of S/mileage. It’s deeper, and it’s not exactly cutesy. Her whole image is cool rather that S/mileage’s cute image. I’m not sure if that’s going to ultimately help her or hurt her. But regardless, I like this girl. There’s just something about her. I was also very impressed with her dancing. It’s not mind blowing, but for being an amature she’s at a pretty high level. All she really needs is a little fine tuning and to be a little bit more polished. The only drawbacks to her is her range. She seems to be to low for S/mileage. They had her sing Best Friend by Nishino Kana (I seriously hope it was this girl, and I’m not getting mixed up) and she couldn’t really hit the high notes. S/mileage usually does kinda have a high range in songs. So it might be a problem for her.

Takeuchi Akari:

And Maimi’s cousin makes it to the finals. But I think it was obvious she was going to make it. The pipes on this girl! Her voice is incredible. Her voice is not only cute, but at the same time it is strong and stable. And as an Egg of course her dancing is also strong. She would be a great addition to S/mileage. But amazing vocals aside, Akari is still not one of my favorites. I don’t know, she just doesn’t jump out at me.

Miyamoto Karin:

All I can say about her is, KARIN! I love love love, Karin! Everything about her just screams S/mileage. I honestly can’t fathom why people think she would work better in Morning Musume. Ironically, I never really liked Karin before. I didn’t particularly like her in Shin Mini Moni, and I didn’t understand why all the fans were making such a fuss about her. But then I heard her in the 2nd round, and I was blown away. I didn’t realize Karin was that good of a singer. And believe me she is. She killed it in the 3rd round. Her version of Uchouten Love was the best in the entire round.  Her dancing is also at an incredibly high level. She was also the best dancer in the entire 3rd round. There’s just no way Karin will be passed up! Besides her talents, Karin is almost too cute for words. She looks a bit like Yuuka. And has these adorable bug eyes that may seem a bit weird at first.

Katsuta Rina:

As soon as I saw this girl I was drawn to her. I didn’t even find out she was an Egg until midway through the 3rd round. (Like I’ve said a million times before, I don’t follow trainess in any idol agency.) The girl is adorable. She seriously looks like a young Tsuji Nozomi. I can’t stop seeing Nono everytime I look at her. If she gets added her and mini Aibon (Fukuda Kanon) should become best friends. XD Rina is also a pretty good singer. Her voice is cute and it’s kind of strong. Her voice does need a little bit of work though. Nothing major, just polishing really. Also, her Egg training really pays off when it comes to dancing.

Tamura Meimi:

Meimi, the girl with the theather background. The Sayashi Riho of the auditions. She seriously is. Riho was in Momusu’s stage play Fashionable before she was a member. And Meimi was in the Shugo Chara musical. I love this girl. Her voice is incredible. It is absolutely adorable and perfect for S/mileage. She has the best singing voice of the “normal girls.” However, having a musical background doesn’t really help her when it comes to dancing. She is surprisingly weak at dancing. I seriously hope if doesn’t hurt her chances of joining. She is too talented and cute to waste. And she looks a bit like Ogawa Saki.


I don’t really remember this girl too well. She was another one who didn’t jump out at me. All I can really remember about her is saying her voice was unexpectedly cute. Her dancing isn’t too bad either. She just doesn’t have that star quality to me.


There is not one nice thing I can say about this girl. She was the worst singer there. And she was just awful, terrible, horrible! I can’t imagine how she got so far in the competition. Her singing was off key and not in tune at all! I seriously don’t want her anywhere near S/mileage. Shove her in the Eggs like Mogi.

Jang Dayeon:

AKA the Korean H!P audition winner. Poor Dayeon to win the auditions just to be shoved to the Eggs and have to fight to debut in a Japanese group. (Because serioulsy, didn’t she win to debut in Korea, like the Taiwan auditions did?) It seems like her nerves got the better of her during these auditions. She looked very sheepish from the get go. And she hardly spoke during the questions portion. Dayeon’s singing has improved greatly since the Korean auditions. She was terrible in the Korean auditions. But now she’s actually not too bad, but obvioulsy there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Dayeon is also kind of pretty. She looks a bit like a young Kusumi Koharu. Her dancing on the other hand isn’t that great. But that’s to be expected since she hasn’t been training that long. I honestly don’t want Dayeon in S/mileage. I think she would work better in Morning Musume.


I love this girl! She seems very positive and happy. She’s also really adorable. Her voice is also pretty cute. It’s not the best, but I think it would fit in S/mileage. What I’m really impressed with is Fuji’s dancing. For an amature she’s amazing! She is seriously at the Egg’s level. Which is just amazing.


I wish I could say if I love or hate this girl, but I simply cannot remember her one bit.

Filled with ecstasy over S/mileage

The full PV for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Uchouten Love, was just uploaded tot heir official youtube channel.

When I first saw the previews for the Uchouten Love PV I wasn’t all that impressed with the PV. And after seeing the full PV I’m still not 100% impressed wit the PV. Mostly because the PV is one the cheap side. Which is pretty unlike S/mileage. S/mileage has always been pretty interesting PVs that appear to be a high budget. They’ve only released like 3 that weren’t. So, of course it’s a bit of surprise that this PV is below average, and under the bar that has been set for S/mileage PVs. The PV is basically exactly like the 30 second commercial showed. If you watched the commerical it’s the same feel as watching the PV. This PV is mostly just dance shots and close-ups. Which is little boring. Their Koi ni Booing Boo had that same formula, but they still managed to jazz it up and actually make it interesting to watch.
I am happy that there is another element to the PV that I wasn’t expecting. Besides, the standard dance scene and close-ups the PV also has the girls in a school setting wearing school uniforms. Which could be awesome, but is only half way their. Perhaps if the school setting consisted of more than just 4 desks I would be more excited about it. aMa no Jaku was an indie PV and that was actually filmed in a school. It reminds me a lot of the Otona Narutte Muzukashii where there are just 4 rand desks. A lot of the PV reminds me of the Otona Narutte Muzukashii PV. The group close-ups in both PVs are nearly identical. I guess it’s hard to come up with a theme for a PV. But if you’re going to steal an element from a PV, what’s the point of stealing that element from yourself?
The only redeeming aspect of this PV is the girls themselves. They look gorgeous. And they remain adorable and incredibly sweet throughout the PV.

Even though most of my comments for the PV were pretty harsh, I do like the PV though. I find it incredibly adorable. Do I think it’s the greatest music video I’ve ever seen? Of course not. Is it even the best idol PV I’ve ever seen? Of course not. Does that really matter? It honestly doesn’t. Idol PVs are 7 times out of 10 times cheap and disapointing. Maybe other people will think PVs are better than I do. But I have pretty high standards. Maybe even ridiculously high standards. Over the years of being an idol fan I’ve been learning to just accept this as a fact, and a part of idol culture. Usually during PVs I tend to just focus on the idols themselves. But even though I focus more of the idols then the PV, that’s not going to really stop me from judging the PVs as harshly as I see fit. Afterall, I do still have high standards. And I do still hold out for the few PVs that are both entertaining, and the idols look good. Which are actually pretty hard to find. Well, they are for me anyway.

Saki looks super adorable.

It’s cute that there are hearts in their eyes.

But it reminds me too much of the Renai Rider PV.

The set is cute, but it reminds me too much of the Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin set.

It’s not 100% the same. But it’s pretty similar.

Of course this is very similar to the Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii PV.

Granted the Uchouten Love PV’s effects are much better and have a wider variety.

I still can’t get over how good Saki looks. *O*

When Yuuka first cut her hair short I completely hated it. I didn’t think it suited her at all. But with this style I think it completely suits her.

Cheapest school setting ever!

Kanon is so cute.

Hey macarena Aha!


Ok, this is pretty cute too.

Why does Ayaka’s book have to be upside down? I don’t really find stupidity adorable.

I didn’t think it was cute with Momoko either.

Kanon being her cute self. Ayaka’s face next to her is priceless.

Saki just looks beyond adorable in this PV.



How is this not like Ai no Dangan?

It’s exactly the same.

All these balloons are starting to remind me of the Chu Shiyouze PV.

There were way were way more balloons in the Chu Shiyouze PV tough.



Saisho wa guu, Janken Pon!

Cool effect, but it’s been done before.

Of course if you copy off of my beloved Koharu I’m going to remember.


Saki! *O*

Um…what? Are they seriously doing the wave but just sideways?

S/mileage-Uchouten Love PV preview

A PV preview for S/mileage’s upcoming single Uchouten Love has been released. As well as a low qulaity preview of the full version via S/mileage’s USTREAM show.
I will only be commenting on the 30 second commercial, because I want to wait for a high quality version of the PV before I watch it.

I’m a little dissapointed by how cheap and low budget the PV looks. S/mileage’s PVs have always been low budget, but I think this is their cheapest PV yet. They are pretty much dancing on a small stage with the words Love behind them in giant letters, which is pretty boring. And the set itself reminds me a lot of V-U-DEN’s Aisu Kuriimu to my Purin set. They are both pretty small sets, with floor level lights in front of a curtain. And the group close-ups remind me way too much of the group close-ups in their Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii PV. I’m also not the biggest fan of the dance. Since the song sounds a lot like eurobeat I was expecting a para para influenced dance. However, that’s not the case. Instead we have a pretty below average idol dance.
The only aspect of the PV i don’t have complaints about are the girls themselves. They look completely adorabel. Especially Saki and Yuuka. I think Saki looks the best yet again in this PV. You know, I used to really dislike Saki. Now anymore she’s the member I notice first. She has just been looking super adorable and pretty lately. I also love in this PV that there are still some goofy moments that make S/mileage, S/mileage. The weird ways they approach the mic, and the randomly playing with balloons. It’s utterly adorable.

Here’s the CM PV preview.

And here’s the USTREAM preview.

2nd interview of S/mileage’s auditions to be streamed live!

It was announced that the second intreview for S/mileage’s 2nd generation will be streamed live on Nico Nico Douga. The stream will start at 1 PM JST. Click here for the Nico Nico Douga stream page.

The Nico Nico Douga page says the following about the stream:

2000 girls participated the selection
50 girls passed the first interview.
They will stream all the process of the second interview .
It will be from the interviewer angle  – the second interview will consist of: introduction, singing, forehead and dental check, dancing, etc.
Also some notice:
Respect their privacy.
No S/mileage girls will appear.
They may change the background music.

I think it is incredibly exciting that they are going to stream the audtion process live. I mean, it’s the 2nd best thing to being there. This is the closest us fans have ever gotten to the audition. Usually we have to wait  to see clips, or the entire show, weeks after it happened. But seeing it while it happens, and being able to pick your favorite girl while it’s happening, is is an incredible hands on experience for the fans. It’s things like this that make me excited to be a fan.

2nd peek at the S/mileage auditions

S/mileage’s official youtube channel has uploaded another video of the 2nd generation audition process. Which gives us fans a nice peak at the types of girls who auditioned. And this is more of a peak than we got of Morning Musume’s 9th generation. With them showing us so many girls during the S/mileage audition, we might have actually seen a girl who will become a finalist or new member. Which is an exciting thought. And only time will tell if that happens.

And another zooming shot, like last time, to show the majority of auditioners.

I think the girl on the left is cute, she looks energetic. The girl on the right looks super nervous.

I wasn’t really blown away by this girl at first glance. But I do think she has potential as an idol. I an odd way she reminds me of Ogawa Makoto.

Woah, the girl looking toward the camera looks like Nakajima Saki and Tokunaga Chinamis’ love child. XD

During the pan of the crowd in the beginning this was the girl I was focused on! She looks a bit like Miyazawa Sae.

This girl is hardly a looker, but she seems lively.

Did anyone else immediately flash to Fukuda Asuka? XD

Meh. XD

I love that this girl said how much she loves S/mileage. Makes me like her even more. XD She is pretty. And she looks a tiny, tiny bit like Maeda Atsuko.

Yuke yuke monkey face. That’s hilarious. But probably too harsh of a comment for some.

This girl looks kind of angry. I’m not sure how well a yankee would fit in S/mileage.

She’s kind of cute.

All I see is teeth. XD

I wish we could see her face. She looks like she might be cute. Her hair is cute, so maybe she is?  XD

S/mileage 2nd gen audition footage!

Footage showing us a sneak peak of the auditions for the 2nd generation of S/mileage has been uploaded onto their official youtube channel. I first noticed the video last night, and I feel so stupid that I completely overlooked it because I can’t read Japanese and had no idea that’s what the video was. XD

I am actually really surpised by the turn out. I wasn’t really expecting so many girls to be lined up. But it just shows how everyone in Japan is becoming increasingly interested in S/mileage.
Most of the video just shows S/mileage and Tsunku talking, but there is still a decent preview of the girls. However, I wouldn’t get to attatched to these girls. Every girl that was featured in the Morning Musume 9th generation audition process sneak peak, didn’t make it to the final round. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the same thing happened here.

Here are the preview pictures of the girls. And just like with the Momusu 9th gen pictures, please click on each picture to make them bigger. Usually I resize every picture to be a near perfect size for my blog. But for these pictures I tried to do minimal resizing, to keep the pictures as large as possible.

This is a pretty long line. I wish they showed the line for Morning Musume’s 9th gen auditioners. By the way, the girl up front in the blue dress is a cutie. 

I love how that one girl is auditioning in her school uniform. Personally, I think she’s trying too hard to stand out. XD

I think this girl has potential. She seems cute, but she’s slightly nervous.

She’s not exactly easy on the eyes is she?

I want that girl who’s practically crying to be added! You can tell she really loves S/mileage. Kind of like the girl who cried over Morning Musume during the Taiwan auditons. She didn’t get added though. :/

Too bad under all these smiles, S/mileage most likely hates the idea of adding more members.

These girls are kinda cute too. The girl on the right is a stand out though.

Umm…these girls aren’t really my cup of tea. And that’s putting it nicely. XD

The girl on the left is kind of ugly. The girl on the right might be pretty if she wasn’t making that pouty/trying not to laugh face.

Twins! They would be a real life W. How amazing would that be?

This girl isn’t really pretty. But I just get this extremely upbeat, energetic vibe from her. I approve of her joining. XD

She’s obviously a cutie.

She’s cute too. She’s probably my favorite so far. *O*

See, I knew this chick would be cute if she wasn’t pouting.

Hula dancing totally made this girl stand out and become unforgetable. I like her.

I like this girl, but I think 16 is too old. :/

S/mileage-Uchouten Love concert preview

The concert rip for S/mileage’s upcoming 6th single Uchouten Love, has been out for a few days now. And I really wanted to wait until the radio rip came out before I commented on the song. But since the single is coming out August 3rd we probably won’t hear the radio rip for another month.

Aother reason I wanted to wait is because concert rips are usually really bad quality, or they distort the actual music too much. However, the concert rip for this song is actually not that bad. It’s a lot clearer than other rips I have heard before. So, we get to hear the song at probably about 80% or 90% accuracy.
I really like what I hear of the song so far. The music has a very techno, eurobeat sound to it. It reminds me a bit of their major debut single Yume Miru 15sai. Which is always a good thing because that is one of my favorite songs by S/mileage. The song and music is also a little reminiscent to something that Hinoi Team would have released. And I’ve expressed my love for them more than once in my blog.
The song is also a big step away from their last single that was childish and super cutesey. The song is a little more mature sounding while still holding the upbeat, fun, and playful image that S/mileage has. The song is pretty different than anything S/mileage has done before. But that’s what I love about S/mileage. None of their singles sound exactly the same, and you never really know what kind of song you are going to get from them.
The song also has pretty fair line distribution, which is always a plus. But S/mileage is always fair line wise. But who knows if that will continue to happen after this single. Maybe the new member(s) will grab the other members lines.

As always, you can purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

S/mileage – Uchouten Love [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

S/mileage – Uchouten Love [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]

S/mileage – Uchouten Love [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C]

S/mileage – Uchouten Love [Limited Edition / Type D]

S/mileage – Uchouten Love [Regular Edition]

S/mileage – Uchouten Love [Single V]

S/mileage’s surprising 2nd generation auditions

In an absolutely shocking turn of events H!P’s youngest group, S/mileage announced they will be holding auditions for their 2nd generation. The audition is looking for girls between the ages of 13-18. The auditions will begin on June 4th and continue throughout the month. June 4th is just 9 days before the deadline of the Morning Musume 10th generation auditions. Since both auditions are in such close proximity to each other, girls are allowed to audition for both groups. However, if they pass both auditions they can only choose one group to join. You can click here for the website.

I absolutely could not believe that S/mileage was going to add new members. I was not expecting that at all, I thought they would continue with this line up throughout their career. Much like Berryz Koubou and C-ute. Apparently at one point Tsunku said he wasn‘t finished with S/mileage, but I never heard him say that before, so this announcement was quite a shock to me. This will also mark the 2nd stabel group in H!P history to have revolving members like Morning Musume. So far only sub-groups (like Tanopopo, Mini Moni, and Pucchi Moni) as well as short lived groups (like Coconuts Musume and Country Musume) have had more than one generation. When S/mileage was formed I thought about what their future would be like. I thought they were no doubt going to have the same inevitable fate as Berryz and C-ute. To me new H!P acts are always bitter sweet. Yes, it’s awesome that we get great new music and more variety, but you know that they will eventually have to leave. (Debuting ManoEri at 18 and Kikka at 19, it’s almost like why even bother. :/) But having S/mileage have new member auditions gives hope that they could last as long as Morning Musume. Now, there is no guarantee that S/mileage will even have a 3rd generation. But coming from a business and investment point of view, it’s the smart thing to do.

There’s of course a lot of fans who are against this, or feel that S/mileage is perfect the way they are. And in a sense I can’t blame them. I don’t think anyone really saw this announcmente coming. But it seems that I always have an unpopular opinion when it comes to change, because I absolutely encourage change and I am absolutely excited for this audition. Of course, I love S/mileage the way they are. They are one of my favorite groups and I think the members fit perfectly together. They each have similar sounding voices that compliments each other’s perfectly and harmonize perfectly. But since I’m such a big fan of S/mileage I realize that this is the perfect move for them. This means the group could have longevity. And what would you rather do? Enjoy the currently line up for an undisclosed amount of time, which is most likely anywhere from 6-8 years before Ayaka starts to get too old, or enjoy them for 14 years like Momusu but just with a different line up. I think it’s pretty obvious which one is better.

Japan seems to be really interested in S/mileage. They have quite the growing following, and they won best new artist at the 52nd Japan Record Awards. It seems Tsunku and H!P wants their interest and popularity to continue to rise. And holding auditions is a great way to do that. Look at all the extra promoting and interest that has been in Morning Musume lately because of the audition and new members. I also really wonder how many members they will add. It says new member audition, but I’m actually hoping for 2 new members. I also don’t get why they are asking for such old girls to join. Momusu is asking for 10 the youngest and 17 the oldest, while S/mileage is asking for 13 the youngest and 18 the oldest. It makes no sense to me. I guess they are just trying to keep all S/mileage members the same age. Do you know who would have made a great S/mileage member? Saho Akari. Oh wait, she was just added to that dance group that doesn’t have a future. :/

This audition also really makes me wonder about what their future holds. S/mileage’s theme is youth and short skirts. They are adding new members to enchance the youth aspect. So, it seems to me that S/mileage is always going to go after that youth theme. Their singles don’t seem to be maturing and adding another young member won’t help them mature either. It seems like they will forever be a youthful and playful group. Which I’m ok with, and it would actually be a welcomed change. But it seems like because of that S/mileage members might graduate before the age Morning Musume graduate, to keep up with the theme. That would also be bitter sweet.

Here’s the audition announcement video.

S/mileage announces new single

H!P group S/mileage announced that they will be releasing their 6th single. Though the title is currently unknow, the single will be released on July 6th.

Just like I said above absolutely nothing, besides the release date, has been announced about this single. So we’re justing going to have to wait and see if S/mileage is going to release another silly song like Koi no Booing Buu or have a repeat of their debut single Yume Miru 15sai, which was more on the mature side.

Even though it’s early you can purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

S/mileage – TBA [Type A, w/ DVD / Limited Edition]

S/mileage – TBA [Type B, w/ DVD / Limited Edition]

S/mileage – TBA [Type C, w/ DVD / Limited Edition]

S/mileage – TBA [Type D / Limited Edition]

S/mileage – TBA [Regular Edition]

S/mileage goes hog wild in new PV

The PV for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Koi ni Booing Buu, has finally been released. Which is weird because the date on their youtube channel is April 6th. Which means they uploaded the video days ago, but then kept it on private for a few days. Which, if you ask me, is completely stupid.

While I am a little disappointed by the song itself, With it being lack luster during the verses and then adorable during the chorus. I am actually really impressed with the PV. I stand by my previous statement that this is the best H!P PV released this year. I mean, this is just S/mileage at it’s peak. Their goofy, cutesy, childish, and all around fun theme just shines through in the PV. I mean obviously S/mileage isn’t supposed to be a mature idol group expected to be taken seriously. Can you even take a group who wears pig snouts and has the word oink in their song title seriously? And that’s what I love about S/mileage. It’s actually really refreshing. When practically every other idol group out there is trying to be overly sexy, it’s nice to see S/mileage just being cute.
I also really love the overall theme of this PV. It’s like a cute comic book theme. So, there’s lots of random letters popping out, and action bubbles. There’s just a lot of comic book font and vibrant backgrounds. And I think it’s absolutely adorable. It makes the PV extremely intresting and unique.

  I love how with this one scene you can already tell how vivid and fun this PV is going to be.

  WTF does cyuiiiiin mean?

  Saki looks absolutely gorgeous. Lately she’s been looking better and standing out more to me than Yuuka.

  The dance is pretty boring. :/

  Adorable! I might be alone on this, but I absolutely love the pig ears and snouts.

  Saki looking too cute for words.

Yuuka is such a cutie.

  S/mileage’s surprise English lessons.


  I’m trying to figure out what they are doing here, but I just have no clue. XD

  I love the comic book bubbles.

  Saki just keeps looking cuter and cuter.

  I love Kanon. She looks super cute here.

  How can anyone not love Yuuka in here?

  Seriously the robot?

  This is cute, but I hate how they always have to shows idols with cake.

  Aww they are wearing tails too. I had no idea.


  Wow, look how incredible Ayaka looks.

  I have no words for this. XD

S/mileage-Koi ni Booing Buu radio rip + PV preview

The full radio rip and PV preview for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Koi ni Booing Buu, have been released.

When I first heard this song from the commercial for this single I fell in love with the chorus. And I’m still in love with the chorus. But after hearing the full version of the song, I am a little dissapointed. The chorus is the only part of the song that’s actucally good. The song starts out with really strong music. It’s the same cutesy music that S/mileage always releases. But with this single the music is a little heavier and a little rock sounding. I hear some real Buono elements in the song, while still having the distinct S/mileage sound. I am really in love with the music and overall sound of the song. But when the girls start singing that’s when I start to get a little dissapointed. The verse and bridge aren’t nearly as strong as the chorus. It’s actually a little bland. And if you didn’t know the voices of S/mileage you could easily mistake the song for C-ute or some other random idol group. The way it’s sung makes it sound a tiny bit similar to Shortcut. I really wish the energy and tempo of the chorus was heard throughout the song. All of S/mileage’s pervious singles have been strong both in chorus and verse parts. I’m a little sad that the verse to this song is missing that umph that their previous singles had.

The PV preview is only about 30 seconds longer than the commercial that aired a few days ago. The preview mostly shows the close-up shots, since it’s starts off right when the singing begins. The only thing in this preview that’s new is, it shows that they are wearing the pig ears and snots more than I expecting. Which is awesome, because I think they look beyond adorable in them. The PV is really interesting to watch. Despite it being relativly cheap. All the sign that match the lyrics make this PV really fun and cute. This is probably my favorite PV that H!P has released this year.

S/mileage-Koi ni Booing Buu preview

A commercial for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Koi ni Booing Buu has just been released. This is pretty much the first time us fans are getting a chance to hear the song and see the PV. We did get a short preview of the song on Bijo Gaku but it was only the buu parts so it was hardly a preview at all.

Since the commercial is only 30 seconds long we hardly get to hear the song at all. It’s basically just a snipet of the chorus. But what I can hear of the song, it sounds pretty much on par with what S/mileage always releases. The song sounds really cute, and the call outs during the chorus reminds me a lot of Suki-chan.

Even though the 30 seconds is extremely short, it does show a nice chunk of the PV. The PV looks absolutely adorable! There seems to be a lot going on and the PV itself is very vivid and colorful. It reminds me a bit of the Kirarin Revolution PVs. I kinda hate that the creepy pig from the cover is featured in the PV. But I do love that they are wearing the pig ears and snouts. The PV is pretty childish, fun, and cutesy. I like the whole direction S/mileage is going in. It’s going to be a real shock when they eventually start releasing mature songs.

As always, you can buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

S/mileage – Koi no Booing Buu! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [Limited Edition / Type D]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [Regular Edition]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [Single V]

S/mileage gets the short end of the stick

Sorry to all my readers for being MIA from blogging recently. It’s only been 4 days but I know that’s ages in blog years. But I always think it’s ironic, when I really feel like blogging it’s a slow news day and nothing happens. But when I’m not in the mood to blog a million things happen. The universe just obviously loves to kick me when I’m down. So, basically I haven’t been in the mood to blog because lately my personal life has pretty much been in shambles. The whole situation can be explained as boy trouble. But have no fear, I’ve been listening to female idol music that has been capturing the very girly emotions I’m feeling. I swear they make a song about every emotion a girl could possibly feel.

But enough about my boring personal life, and more about S/mileage. Over a week ago S/mileage released the full PV for their 4th single, Short Cut, on their official youtube channel. Since I have proclaimed my love for this song as soon as the preview was out, I was super excited to finally see the PV.

The PV is a extremely boring. Since the song is so upbeat and catchy I was expecting something a lot cuter and more playful. But when the song is called Short Cut I guess you should just expect a salon themed PV. But the PV is basically just dance shots and close ups. There is actually hardly any hair cutting going on. I think they should have made a PV that showed girl’s with Short Cuts were cuter, more playful, and more appealing then girls with long hair. Maybe that wouldn’t have made sense with the song. But does dancing on the moon actually have anything to do with the lyrics? I’m just really dissapointed because S/mileage’s PVs are always the cutest and some of the best in H!P. Even when they have a low budget they’re great. They just really dropped the ball on this one.
What I also think is really funny is after Yuuka and Ayaka were sporting short haircuts all the fans said it was because their new single was called Short Cut. I remember thinking how stupid that was and they wouldn’t change their hair for one single. But look how has egg on their face now. XD

  I actually got sad when I saw this, because it became obvious what the PV was going to be like.

  One of the last times me see Yuuka’s gorgeous locks. I’m sorry but I don’t like her with short hair. Just like I don’t like it on my beloved Kanon.

  She looks like a little boy now. :/

  Super adorable outfits though.

  Aww, how cute.

  Reminds me of the times before they debuted.

  Oh, nostalgia.

  Wow, Saki looks super gorgeous.

  Ayaka does too. Too bad those dresses are hideous.

  I don’th think anyone really realized how serious these scenes are. They literally only have one chance to film these parts.

  Why exactly are they dancing on the moon?

  What is this, The Manpower? Yes, I realized they are dancing on the Earth here and not the moon. But it’s basically the same thing.

  I don’t even mind that the dance is simple. I think it’s refreshing and fits the song perfectly.

  I’m going to assume this says, “Never cut my hair again!”

  And this undoubtingly says, “My short hair looks the best!”

  This probably says, “I only came along because I was promised free food!”

  And this most likely says, “Hey, let’s all go dance on the moon!”

  I heard this is the real footage from the moon landing.

  I just can’t stop focusing on Saki.

  I’m pretty sure you can’t play volleyball with moon rocks.

S/mileage-Shortcut preview

S/mileage is releasing their 4th major single, Shortcut. Shortcut will be their first single of the new year, being released on February 9th.

The preview for this song has been floating around for days, but it was obviously posted during my hiatus.

I am actually really impressed with the music for this song. It is absolutely adorable, and is the extremely upbeat music you expect from H!P. This song sounds like it could have been one of Berryz Koubou’s first couple of singles, or it could have been an Athena & Robikerottsu single, or even a Buono album song. I am completely in love with the song so far. It’s miles better than Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama. And it’s probably my favorite major single from S/mileage. Let’s just hope the lyrics match.
And as usual S/mileage has perfect line distribution. I think Yuuka and Saki might have 1 or 2 more lines than Ayaka and Kanon. But that’s honestly not a big deal.

S/mileage-Odoru yo radio preview

S/mileage will be releasing their first album, Warugakii 1, it in almost 3 weeks. And of course that means we have a radio preview of one of the new songs, Odorou yo. Now it is basically a glorified singles collection, but we do get a few new songs. And should be happy about that. At least it means they have a clean slate for album 2.

The song reminds me of cuter version of Summer Reggae! Rainbow. And of course the song is along the sugary sweet, adorable music S/mileage has been releasing since the first formed.
And has the always even S/mileage line distribution to match. But it would be a little hard to make S/mileage unfair since they only have 4 members. XD
Some of the parts of the song are really great. I love the echo effects on the members solo lines. It kinda sounds like an owl hooting but it’s cute. I also really love the “Taisetsu na yoru no KYANDORU. Kinenbi wasurete bu bu bu bu. Soredemo onna no kotowaru. Kako ni shitsugi ni kanseru.” part. (By the way, I romanized this by ear, so I have no idea if it’s 100% right. It sounds pretty right to me though. XD)

Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama PV preview

On Up-Front Work’s official youtube channel they posted a commercial for S/mileage’s newest single Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama. The 30 second commercial gives us a nice preview of the PV.

What they show of the PV is really adorable. I’m excited for it to be released now. It’s the first time I’m seeing the pink outfits in the PV. They’re cute, but I definitely prefer the blue. And I think I’m officially used to Kanon’s short hair. I’ve gone from waiting for it to grow back to actually starting to like it. It looked bad for most of the Yume Miru 15sai PV. It did look cute with the black outfits though.

But in this PV she actually looks really pretty with the short hair.

Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama previews

S/mileage will be releasing their 3rd single, Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama, September 29th. While I was away from blogging they went on TV and did a short preview of the PV. And just yesterday the full radio rip of the song was released. So, I thought I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make a blog post about both.

Let’s start with the song first. It’s becoming pretty obvious that S/mileage is H!P’s current it group. Whenever H!P has an it group they usually get the better songs, PVs, and promotions. Morning Musume was the it group for the longest time. They it moved to Buono, and then Berryz Koubou. Or so it would seem it did because nothing else explains why Buono was always amazing, and Berryz turned from average to incredible. I say S/mileage must be the current it groups because they have yet to release a bland single. Even though ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende and aMa no Jaku are my least favorite S/mileage singles, they are still pretty awesome songs in their own rights. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama follows in suit, and is really great. It’s probably my favorite S/mileage song music wise. It’s just got an overly cute and energetic sound. And it sounds completely youthful without sounding childish, if that even makes sense. It’s just got that unique S/mileage sound. I think I’ll be completely thrown off guard if they ever do a ballad. XD And for course it’s got the completely fair line distribution S/mileage always does. But it sounds like this single is mainly lead by Saki. Which I’m completely fine with because Kanon mainly lead the last 2 singles, so I can’t really complain.

Now about the PV sneak peek. I won’t say preview because it’s not really a preview, it’s far too short to be a preview. Firs things first, the dancing outfits. The last single I complained about the outfits looking like tap outfits. And at first glance these outfits look exactly the same. But after 3 singles with nearly duplicate outfits, you begin to see that’s the points. It just dawned on me now, because I’m completely dense and never really realized, S/mileage’s PV outfits have always been school girl outfits. With the exception of Asu wa Date na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai. So it’s pretty obvious that’s their overall image. And their 3 major single outfits have been nearly identical. Their outfits have always been, and probably always will be, a fluffy skirt with a prep school jacket with a S/mileage crest. Which in all honesty reminds me of Abingdon Boys School.

But less about their clothes and more about the PV itself. Is anyone else way beyond excited that the Bijin Mama in the PV is Tsuji Nozomi? Of course you are! It seems like we haven’t seen Nono in 3 years. And really we haven’t. Since she withdrew from Gyaruru was the last thing musically she did. Yes I know she preformed on TV, and was in concerts. But I mean PV wise. I’m glad to see Nono doing something other than designing clothes and making babies. XD
I think this is the closest we’ll get to Nono staring in her own PV. I don’t know, it seems if she was going to sing again she would have by now. Or maybe she’s just waiting until her second child is born? I honestly can’t say anything for certain.

The PV looks like it will be cute. It’s set in a diner, so they could do a lot with that. But it will most likely just be filled with scenes of them feeling defeated by Tsuji. Since the song is about them thinking their crush’s mother is their rival. Which sounds pretty weird. I’m pretty interested in reading the lyric translation now.

When did Ayaka get so pretty?

You’re probably already aware that S/mileage’s second major single, Ganbaranakutemo ee nende, release is just around the corner. (A month, just around the corner. Same difference) We also have some pretty decent sized pictures of the covers. And I am completely in love with the covers. S/mileage always hits it out of the park when it comes to covers. With the exception of Yume Miru 15sai. So, it was a no-brainer that this cover was going to be great too.

As you know I never waste an entire post for just covers being released, so on to the main point. The main point being Ayaka. I am completely blown away by how good Ayaka looks on the covers. It’s like all of a sudden her beauty snuck up on me. Like while I was looking all of a sudden she became gorgeous. It’s not like Ayaka was ulgy before. It’s just I never really paid much attention to her. My eyes are always glued to Kanon and Yuuka. And it’s weird because she looks exactly the same in Yume Miru 15sai. You can tell how I’m obviously biased.
But since they took, what was probably garden clippers, to the gorgeous locks of my beloved Kanon my eyes weren’t immediately drawn to her. I swear Kanon’s hair is a travesty! XD Yuuka does look absolutely adorable on the cover, Ayaka just blows everyone out of the water. To me she just dominates the covers, and over shadows everyone else. I can just not get over how incredible she looks.
But my favorite cover by far is the one in the black outfits. It’s just too cute. Even though they look like they’re going to break out into tap dance any minute, I love it.

Here are the other 3 covers for anyone who is interested. I want the PV to be released right now!

S/mileage-Yume Miru 15sai preview

S/mileage’s debut single, Yume Miru 15sai, is being released on May 26th. And of course we have the preview for it. The concert rip of the song has been out for over a month actually. The preview for this song has been out for such a long time that the PV will be out any day now. But, since it’s not out yet I can still post my initial review of this. And I’ve actually never heard this song before. I usually wait for radio rips because concert rips are such terrible quality. Like C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ concert rip I could barely tell who was singing. So I’m happy S/mileage’s radio rip for this song is out.

But let me start of by saying this song makes me feel old. Were’s the Yume Miru 18sai songs in H!P. I miss W they had songs about being 17 and 18. XD
The song its self is really different from what S/mileage has been doing. It sounds like Dakishimete Dakishimete mixed with Bye Bye Bye. It’s the complete opposite of what I was expecting it to be. But if you listened every S/mileage song sounded completely different. Which could mean H!P isn’t completely sure what to do with S/mileage. I personally prefer S/mileage’s cuter sounding songs like Suki-Chan, which was my favorite indie single by them. I’m not completely into this more mature sounding song from them. It reminds me of how C-ute was always getting more mature songs then Berryz, despite Berryz being older. But H!P artists song styles change from single to single, so I’m really looking forward to future S/mileage releases. As well as concerts and CDs. I’m really excited. :]

And of course I have to complain about line distribution. When Suki-Chan was released I was really happy because I thought all of their releases would be distributed like this. But of course not, their back to the same S/mileage line distribution as aMa no Jaku. Saki and Yuuka lead, and Ayaka and Kanon minor. The line distribution isn’t really drastic like C-ute’s Shock was. I mean you can hear I guess a decent chunk of Kanon and Ayaka, but just not really enough. But most of the time they’re just singing in the background. Like S/mileage is The Supremes with two Diana Rosses. (That looks weird. But I have no idea how to make Ross not look weird in plural form.) S/mileage only has 4 members. If there was any H!P group to be super fair S/mileage is one of them. I mean look how fair Buono is.

S/mileage goes major!

It’s official S/mileage is finally going major. Tsunku, just as planned, announced at ManoEri’s concert that S/mileage will have their major debut. They will be signed to Pony Canyon, the same label as Buono. Theie debut song, Yume Miru 15sai, will be released May 26th.

I am completely thrilled that S/mileage accomplished their goal and are going major. I love S/mileage and I think they have real potential to be a top act in H!P. I loved all of their singles so far. I’m really excited to see a S/mileage concert, full album, B sides, and photobooks in the future. I’m just really excited about this! S/mileage is really adorable and have cute voices.

They also revealed the mosaic of all the smiles pictures.

So good luck finding yours. I’d like to think that mine is somewhere making up Kanon. ;]

And if you can speak Japanese, here’s the video where Tsunku makes the announcement. I totally expected the wota to flip out way more than they did. But they also break out in a S/mileage chant for about 3 seconds though. XD

Only 1,000 smiles away from S/mileage’s major debut

S/mileage has been collecting smile pictures for the past month, so they’ll be able to get a major debut if they reach 10,000 pictures. Which you’re probably already aware of. Unless you’ve been under an anti H!P cave for the last month. What you might not be aware of is S/mileage currently has 9,000 smiles. And only 3 days to collect the last 1,000. The final result will be announced during the Mano Erina and S/mileage concert on April 3rd. And most likely the mosaic board will be revealed.

Even if you don’t like S/mileage you should really help them now. I know there’s a lot of people who dislike S/mileage and haven’t sent in their pictures yet. But you should sent in your pictures to show your support for H!P as a whole, if not for S/mileage. If ManoEri needed piano pictures for her debut, or Melon Kinenbi needed melon pictures to stop from breaking up, I would send in my smiles for support. Would I be happy about either happening? Would I care either way? No and no. But I would still do it, to show support for H!P as a whole. H!P very rarely puts the fate of groups in the fan’s hands. They very rarely get the fans involved this much. I think the only other time was with Morning Musume. So I’m actually really excited to be apart of this. Halg because I love S/mileage and half because in some small way it feels like I’m making their debut happen. Well indirectly anyway, but you get my point.

If you haven’t sent in you’re picture yet, what are you waiting for! H!O has posted all the info you need here. You wouldn’t want S/mileage’s debut to be undecided now. ;]

S/mileage’s doki doki and waku waku new PV

S/mileage’s PV fro their 4th indie single, Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii, was released today. And it is hands down the best PV H!P has made in a long time. Even though the video was filmed in front of a green screen, and mostly likely cost very little to made. That doesn’t stop it from being really creative and extremely adorable. I think every element of this video works. The overly energetic and in your face cuteness about it are what I miss from old H!P videos. S/mileage is pretty much becoming the modern W, because if W was still around they’d be making video and songs like S/mileage is. I think that’s a big reason I love S/mileage so much.

At first glance because of the white around them you can tell this video was made by the same person that made 321′ Breakin’ Out.

Which explains why the video is so well made. I thought 321 Breakin Out was an amazing video. One of my favorites Momusu has done.

I love that the video is layered. It’s a great way to keep the close up, dance shot, story format. But changing it up to make it completely unique.

It’s also a great way to give the girls maximum screen time.

I also love how absolutely gorgeous Kanon looks. She should always keep her hair curly. She’s never looked prettier.

The dance is a little too simple for my taste. But it is really cute, so it works.

I think the purikura frame scenes are really cute too. They’re a lot more fun then the regular close up scenes.

My favorite Kanon scene from the whole video.

The board in the back reminds me too much of Buono.

Gachink de Ikou PV.

This reminds me too much of Puffy AmiYumi.

Hataraku Otoko PV.

I don’t think Kanon could get any cuter.

Is it just me or does Saki look weird in this? Her chin looks pretty big. XD

Yuuka looking as adorable as ever. She looks the cutest with her hair half up and half down like this.

I barely noticed Ayaka in this. She doesn’t stand out at all.

Yuuka steals her scene completely.

But Kanon steals the whole video.

Doki doki!


Head to class with S/mileage

S/mileage’s debut sinlge, aMa no Jaku, was released July 19th and the PV has just come out. Which is only a few days late.

I think S/mileage might be my new favorite group ever. I love the song! They have the cutesy voices that I love in H!P. They only have one song, and to me their almost at Buono’s level. Which is pretty up their on my list of favorite H!P groups of all time. S/mileage can pick up where W left off.
The PV wasn’t anything really special, mostly because it’s an indie single PV. But look on the bright side, it had a much higher budget than Massara Blue Jeans. And ManoEri’s indie singles didn’t even get PVs. The set of the PV is in a school, H!P having a handful of school videos already, there really wasn’t that much you could do with it to make it unique. But it was the first H!P school PV that focused on the school setting as a whole, rather than just one or two rooms. I really enjoyed the polaroids of the girls throughout the PV. I think that made the video cuter than it already was.
The dance is pretty cute. It’s simple but it fits well with the song. I’m a little sad that I watched S/mileage’s performance during the Egg concert. It took away the surprise of watching for the first time in the PV.

I also think everyone looks absolutely amazing in the PV, especially Yuuka. It’s almost unbelievable how gorgeous Yuuka looks! Even though Kanon is my immediate favorite of the group, I have to say she doesn’t really stand out in this PV style wise. Everyone has 2 different adorable hairstyles each, but Kanon’s stays the same. She either has it just pin straight, or pin straight with a headband. It reminds me that they did the same thing to Momoko in the Rottara Rottara video. Apparently if you have short hair in H!P your only style option is straight, unless your Ai-chan of course.
Hair might not seem like a big deal to most people, but to me clothing and hair is just as important as line distribution. Besides that, I’m against anything that takes focus away from Kanon. The line distribution also takes focus away from Kanon. The song focuses mainly on Yuuka and Saki, which is fine because they only get one more line then Kanon and Ayaka. Not only does Kanon get just 2 lines, she gets the shortest solo lines in the whole song. As a biased Kanon fangirl, I think that’s unfair to her.

Apparently it takes 30 seconds to write the word S/mileage

Unimaginative dance move #1. Dancing, stop before you start

There’s nothing more exciting than playing cards

Unimaginative dance move #2. H!P sure has been addicted
to pointing lately

Someone try to tell me Yuuka doesn’t look INCREDIBLE

Unimaginative dance move #3. Clap clap clap

It looks like they were pictures after all

When did Ayaka get this pretty? She looked nothing like this
in Shugo Chara Egg

Unimaginative dance move #4.

Why hello there bland looking Kanon

Unimaginative dance move #5. Do the hustle, and walk back
3 steps

Unimaginative dance move #6. S/mileage is making this too

And yet Saki makes it look good

For some unexplainable reason the girls are now all sad

Saki looks the best in the school girl outfit

Unimaginative dance move #7. Wax on wax off

Kanon’s wall of cute

The real reason Yuuka got more lines

Unimaginative dance move #8. It wouldn’t be an H!P dance
without some kind of spinning

And just for fun you can see up Kanon’s and Ayaka’s skirts

Quick everyone run for no apparent reason

Unimaginative dance move #9. Eggs really are the best dancers

Unimaginative dance move #10. Kick up your heels

This picture is full of win

I think someone other than Ayaka may have drawn this

Unimaginative dance move #11. Dancing ability doesn’t matter
when you’re cute

This post needed more Kanon

Unimaginative dance move #12. To the left, to the left

Adorable picture is adorable

Bye bye!

Unimaginative dance #13. Cha-ching

So it makes you think, just how many indie singles is S/mileage going to have before a major debut? I personally think anything more than two would be unnecessary. To me S/mileage is H!P at its best. Much like Buono they have a clear style of music, that’s both unique and at the same time fits into H!P. It seems like H!P has put all their good ideas into the subgroups, which is making Morning Musume suffer. Even Berryz Koubou has had better songs than Momusu lately.

S/mileage first indie single Ama no Jaku

H!P’s new Egg group debuting this fall S/mileage is releasing their first indie single entitled Ama no Jaku. Even thought the song doesn’t have a release date the song will be played at June 7th’s Hello! Pro Eggs concert Shinjin Kouen, and also on Takahashi Ai’s radio show June 4th. We also have a short preview of the clip via a S/mileage Fan Club announcement.

I’m actually really excited for the full version now. The PV looks like something ManoEri would make. And the outfits look a bit like something AKB48 would wear. But, I really love the high school setting of the PV. It gives it that Shouganai Yume Oibito and Honto no Jibun feel. Everyone looks amazing in the PV too. I found myself focusing a lot on Saki rather than just Yuuka and Kanon. I never realized how adorable she is!
I also really love the song so far. It sounds really adorable. I kind of wish they would have played more than just the chorus though. I’m really curious to see how the lines were distributed. But it’s still nice to hear how well their voices blend together.
I also loved after the preview how cute everyone pronounced S/mileage. I also wish I could see the picture of S/mileage that their holding up better. But I guess I’ll have to wait for that.