Is H!P superior or am I just biased?

Many of you people know that I’m an avid Hello!Project fan. I follow their music almost religiously, which might not be as great as it sounds. H!P monopolizes a lot of my time, and I love H!P to death. But it feel like there’s an entire world of idol music I’m missing out on. There’s definitely more idol fish in the sea.

Let’s take a look at my Japanese music taste pre and post H!P obsession.

Pre H!P.

And Post H!P.

Now that doesn’t seem like a lot.
But lets see where that is in Jpop alone.

My potential bias doesn’t stop there. H!P effects all the idol music I listen to.

Hinoi Team:

Hinoi Team formed around the same time I started getting in Japanese music all together. They were really cute and had an appealing sound. For a while I was obsessed with para para. And I even wanted to be ganguro. Thank god that passed.
I vowed to make them the first Jpop act I followed from beginning to end, and I did. I listened to everyone on of their songs. And know lots of things about the members. Especially Hikaru. I guess they kind of set the stage for me listening to idol music. Even though at the time I had no idea what an idol was. They were the only group I liked that wasn’t directly influenced by H!P.


I found out about Perfume around the time I just got in H!P. Back when I only listened to Koharu’s solo stuff. They had a similar sound to Hinochi. But instead of Euro beat they were techno. I though Perfume would ultimately fill the void from Hinoi Team’s sudden and unannounced break-up. (Which I didn’t even admit happened until they didn’t release anything for a year.) But my love of perfume didn’t really catch on. I like a few songs by them now and that’s really about it. Instead I focused on Koharu and slowly the rest of H!P.


I’ve never even heard of Scandal before they were the opening theme to Bleach. I haven’t really heard of most idols outside of Hello!Project. It took me almost 3 years of being an H!P fan to find out about JE. And if I wasn’t in cover groups I probably still wouldn’t know what JE is. Which would be pretty terrible. I can’t even remember what it was like not listening to JE.

But even now H!P is indirectly the reason I like Scandal. I was drawn to Scandal because they are so different then H!P. They are leaning more towards being the new Zone then anything else. However I didn’t really listen to Zone beyond True Blue. I really think Scandal has the staying power for me though. It combines my two favorite things. Jrock and cute girls singing happy music. Plus my love for anime. And yet, I don’t know how closely I plan to follow them.

The sad truth is if Scandal lost the guitars, and was another idol group I’d lose all interest. Because to me they would be just another idol group that’s inferiorly to H!P. Which is jacked up logic, and at the same time is sadly how I feel.


The main reason I was drawn to JE had less to do with H!P and more to do with hot guys. Even though H!P didn’t effect the reason I gave them a chance, H!P is still the reason I like the groups I like. My favorite groups in JE are NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP. And the reason for that is they are basically the male version of Morning Musume and Berryz Koubou.
NEWS and Momusu both focus around cute and happy songs, mostly about love. NEWS is the cutesy group within JE.
Berrzy Koubou and Hey! Say! JUMP both are the younger groups within their company, and have members around the same age. They both started out doing more childish songs and moved to more mature ones as they got older.

I’m not really sure what conclusion I was trying to draw or what point I was trying to make by witting this. Right now the only thing I proved is that I am definitely H!P biased. And maybe it also proves that I’ll probably never find an idol company or group that I like as much as H!P or H!P’s groups. Which in a way makes me less biased and more dedicated.
So is H!P superiorly? It depends on who you’re talking to and what the criteria of being “superior” is. H!P’s music is catchy, happy, and fun. Sure sometimes it’s not lyrical genius, but whoever said it was. It’s uplifting and entertaining, which is all I, or anyone else, should ask for from idol music
As for the idol world I missing out on, I guess I’m still on the fence about that. Maybe sometime in the future their be a group I like more than Momusu. But as for right now there’s not.
I do feel a little left out when people get jazzed over AKB48 or Perfume. But I’m just not into it. It’s like being the odd person out in game of Red Rover. You see it happening, you want to get involved, but you’re just not invited.