ManoEri to release 10th single

It was announced recently through Twitter that H!P solo artists Mano Erina will be releasing her 10th single. The single is titled My Days For You and will be released on June 29th.

Honestly, when I first heard the name of the song it completely reminded me of Gazette’s song Anata no Tame no Kono Inochi, because it translates to my life for you. However, I doubt the songs is going that creepy or even similiar at all. XD Anyway, I wish I could say I was really excited for this release. ManoEri’s singles are either hit or miss for me. And I find her album songs to be pretty boring, what I’ve heard of them anyway. I will admit I have been starting to like some of her songs a lot lately. But I still think they are on the bottom half of what H!P is releasing.

Of course with the release date so far away, we don’t really know anything else about the single. But I will keep this blog updated on the news as it comes.

ManoEri’s Seishun no Lullaby

I try to follow H!P as closely as possible. But there is one artist I always neglect, and the is Mano Erina. Most of the time it’s done unintentionally, because of my love hate relationship with ManoEri. But with her new single Seishun no Serenade, I kept putting off posting about it until here we are now. The PV has just been released and I have literally never heard the song before.

And even not even because her outfit looks like a more wholesome version of a race queen outfit, or I dislike the song. I actually do like the song. It’s not my favorite, but it is catchy. And it’s not even because I lack the interest in witting about her. I do a little, but I write about her anyway. But her video is so boring, uninteresting, and uneventful I have no idea what to write about it. I just reviews S/mileage’s boring Short Cut PV, but I did so for 2 reasons. 1. I love S/mileage and could always find things to say about them and 2. There was actually something to mention of why I disliked it. Like the random moon dance and hideous haircuts. But with Seishun no Serenade there’s basically 3 scenes repeated over and over.
Scene 1: dancing

And yet still the entire dance scene all I kept thinking was, “Oh, cool she got new backup dancers.”
Scene 2: Close up shot

Every PV has one.
Scene 3: Random walking

In which she just walks around. But check out the Love Machine poster behind her!
Scene 4: Close up shot part deux

Apparently everyone has 2. XD
Scene 5: The only exciting part

This is seriously the only cool part of her whole PV. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it looks awesome. Too bad it only lasts for 20 seconds.
And there you have it, that’s the whole PV. It seems like you watched the whole thing, right? I just saved you 4:40 minutes.
Now, I’m not making this post to diss ManoEri at all because it’s not her fault. And I’m not saying H!P releases such great PVs either. Because this is pretty much their wash, rinse, repeat PV formula. I just made this post out of frustration. I hate boring, simple, cheap, uneventful PVs. A PV is what you remember the song by, and if the PV sucks it takes the song down a notch. I also made this post to show why I don’t do a review of every single PV that gets released. A PV has to have a certain spark to make a review. Whether it’s a good or bad spark, doesn’t matter.

Okashiimono de Ikou

Mano Erina’s 8th single, Genkimono de Ikou, was released today. So naturally the PV has been out for a while. But you can chalk this review up to things I have missed while I was away. I’m still caching up here. ._. When I heard the song title it immediately reminded me of Buono’s Gachinko de Ikou. And honestly who didn’t think of that? While the song isn’t really up to the incredible standard we’ve come to love about Buono, the song is really good by ManoEri standard. I should really stop ragging on Erina so much especially since I actually really do like a majority of her music. I’m even starting to like her indie singles. Well Lucky Aura anyway. Wow, if some one told me when Mano Piano was released I’d grow to like ManoEri I would have laughed at them. XD

Since I always find similarities in idol PVs, no exception with this one. I thought I’d point out all the things I find similar first.

Her outfit is pretty similar to things Buono have worn before.

See, the styling of Momoko’s outfit is nearly the same.

The dance scenes remind me of AKB48.

The way that a lot of people are dancing on a stage reminds me of Oogoe Diamond.

And also 10nin Matsuri’s Dancing Natus Matsuri because of the festival lanterns and the red and white background.

The red suited guy reminds me of Masuda Takahisa.

Note the black suited kid in Massuperman.

Onto the PV itself.

ManoEri looks super cute.

I don’t understand what this whole business meeting scene is about. XD

For some reason this guy reminds me of Nakamaru Yuichi. WTF! o_O

Lolz unflattering ManoEri shot.

Try ManoEri’s new Genkimono brand iced tea.

And they love him why?

I do really love Erina’s ring master outfit.


*insert something witty about whips here*

Akari! I wish I could get a better cap of her. :/

Whoa, wait. Is that Kikkawa Yuu? I don’t remember her back up dacning for ManoEri before.

Why do they keep slapping people?

Ok, now everyone fall in love with your bipolar boss.

Ok, there is officially too much written Japanese in this PV. And way to pimp the ipad. XD

She just wore a Chinese themed outfit in the Onegai Dakara PV. They must be trying too keep any Chinese fans they’ll lose with LinJun going.


Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo preview

ManoEri’s new single, Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo, is being released August 30th. So today we have the full song preview.

Since I loved her last 2 singles that were upbeat and happy, I was expecting the same thing from this song. However, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The song was a lot softer and mellow, like most of Erina’s songs. But unlike Mano Piano this is a slow song I don’t absolutely hate. And another plus is her voice in this song doesn’t make my ears bleed. It’s actually a lot more polished sounding, showing just how far she’s come from Ongaku Gatas.

I’m not really a fan of ballad type song, but this one is undeniably sweet. Her voice actually compliments the music nicely. While this song isn’t my favorite song by ManoEri, it’s not my least favorite either. I like the song. Which I blame on becoming a ManoEri fan no matter how hard I try to fight it.
There is one weird element to the song. The random sleigh bells in the background. The seem really random and out of place.

I like Mano Erina’s new song for once

Now I’ve never really paid attention to Mano Erina’s solo career because I’m honestly not a big fan of her. I usually just skip over look her PVs and songs. Admittedly when I first heard her voice in Ongaku Gatas I went out of my way to listen to it, because it was cute and unique sounding. But when I heard her aitai yos in Manopiano, I pretty much stopped paying attention to her. I also think Erina looks like a rabbit. You can decide for yourself if I’m insulting or praising her.

But after listening to her new song, Hajimete no Keiken, I actually like it. Maybe it’s because her voice sounds really smooth and she’s singing with a lot of energy in this song. Or maybe it’s because this is her first song that’s not a ballad and actually has upbeat music. Or maybe it’s because I can spot Kanon and Yuuka in the background. Or maybe it’s because of the video in general. I mean the video is lively and colorful. And Erina is dancing around and doing typical idol things. And looks absolutely adorable while doing it. The video kind of makes it hard to hate the song. Erina is just so likeable in it. H!P even managed to make the song up tempo and have piano parts.

But one good song by her doesn’t make me want to join her fanclub just yet. I have to wait and see if this new direction for her song was a one time shot or a taste of her future releases. I honestly prefer my idol music happy and energetic rather than slow and bland. There are very few H!P ballads out there that I like. Right now I’m teetering towards being an Erina fan. I just need the next single to be good to give me that final push.