Idol relations: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recently I was laying in bed and I was thinking about Kamei Eri and her sister. (Yes, I lay in bed and think of idols. It’s completely normal and not obsessive) I was thinking about how much different they look, even though they are related. And from there it just kind of snowballed. I then thought about Yamapi and his sister. And that made me think of how all idols compare to their siblings and other relatives. Now, I orginally wanted to make this post back when pictures of Kamei Eri’s sister first surfaced. Because, to put it nicely, I didn’t really see the family resemblance. And because I didn’t think anyone really cared about an entire post about Kamei Eri’s sister I never made that post. And that post was just going to just focus on Eri and Rina. This post will encompass all of the idol relations that I know of. I’m sure there are way more then what are included in this post. But I really only know of the relations within H!P and JE. So, I’m sorry for that.

I want to give fair warning now that this post is completely shallow. Well, I should say, it can be perceived as being shallow. I actually think this post is honest, blunt, and pretty much telling it like it is. Celebrities are fair game for my judgement. If they didn’t want the spotlight, and all the judgement that comes along with it, they wouldn’t have become celebrities in the first place. I just thought I’d put up that little disclamer, because I’m sure I’ll get greif from this post. Comments saying I’m a horrible and shallow person. And people like me are what’s wrong with the world. And I’m not much to look at myself. And many other variations of that. And maybe I am a little shallow. But come on, we’re idol fans. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we were shallow to some extent.

I’m mostly making this post to see if the idol genes run in the family. Or does lighting truely only strike once? While the final decision is debatable and based soley on personal preferences and opinion, I’m starting to think it really does only strike once.

Tanaka Koki and Tanaka Juri.

I think right off the bat Juri was kind of doomed because of my obvious Koki bias. I think I’ve made my love for Tanaka Koki quite obvious on this blog. It’s not even so much a physical thing. Even though I think Koki is pretty adorable. It’s more of a mixture of looks and Koki being completely awesome. I’ve know for a while that Koki’s younger brother was a Johnny’s Junior, but I never really knew what he looked like until recently. Mostly because I don’t follow Juniors at all. But after watching Yan Yan Jump, I have been seeing him a lot more lately.  And I have to say, he is actually kind of cute. He has a completely different look then Koki. Juri seems to follow the male idol, pretty boy look. While Koki has spent practically his whole career trying to look the opposite. Obviously I’d have to say Koki is better looking. But Juri’s not too far behind. Give him a couple years, and he may surpass his brother.

Kamei Eri and Kamei Rina.

Ah, the whole reason I made this post. First off, I want to say how absolutely gorgeous I think Eri is. She’s like a perfect mixture of beauty and cuteness. I seriously think she was one of the most beautiful Musumes ever. Some tough shoes to fill right off the bat. After seeing pictures of Rina I actually find it hard to believe that they are related. It’s not that Rina is ugly, because she’s not really. She’s more of average. It’s just mind boggling that the same parents who made Eri also made Rina. You know the term “the ugly sister?” I think it’s obvious who is who. Oh, is that too harsh?

Akanishi Jin and Akanishi Fuuta.

Ah, Akanishi Jin, quite arguably one of the most popular and most attractive idols in all of Johnny’s. I personally find him incredibly attractive. Him and his boyish good looks. And his face that at the same time is innocent, adorable, and sexy. It’s pretty cut and dry why he’s so popular. And his brother Reio Fuuta actually looks almost exactly like Jin. I mean, just at first glance you can tell that they are related. However, the Akanishi features that work so perfectly for Jin, don’t do Fuuta any favors. See, Jin has a huge chin farly large jaw. And the other features of his face somehow compensate for this. However, on Fuuta his jaw is pretty much all you notice. And the soft features that make Jin adorable/sexy make Fuuta look awkward and confused. He seriously looks like a deer sometimes.

Okai Chisato and Okai Asuna.

Am I seeing double here or is that really Chisa’s sister and not Chisa herself? First off, I never really thought Chisato was really all that pretty. Until Bye Bye Bye she never stood out to me. Now, lately I do think she is looking very pretty. Probably the prettiest she has ever looked. Sometimes she looks very elegant and gorgeous. But in the grand scheme of idols, and the world, I still think Chisato is average looking. Perhaps slightly above average. But the type of person, if was walking down my street, I wouldn’t give any more of a responce then, “Yeah, she’s kinda pretty.” That being said I feel pretty much the same way about Asuna. She’s cute, but obviously less cute then Chisa. But I think both girls look pretty similar. Maybe about 50-60 percent the same. The type of girls you see and know right off the bat are sisters. They have the same nose, eyes, and mouth. They look a lot more similar then Jin and Fuuta. But Asuna’s face is puffier and her teeth make her look more awkward.

Morimoto Ryutaro and Morimoto Shintaro.

Can I first point out how much their names make me laugh. Obviously their parents loved the whole taro name. It’s pretty much the Japanese equivalent of having your kid’s names rhyme. XD
Overall the Morimoto brothers don’t really do anything for me. Since I’ve been a Hey! Say! JUMP fan I never really paid attention to Ryutaro. And for the longest time I always thought it was because he was 3 years younger than me. But it’s actually not that. I mean, he’s made me laugh a few times. But looks wise I could care less. Shintaro does nothing for me either. Since he’s both Ryutaro’s brother and a popular Junior he gets a lot of pimping in concerts and TV shows. But he’s never come off to me as anything more than strange. Sometimes he looks oddly similar to Ryutaro and others he looks so far from him. But Shintaro just has this strange blank stare in photos and sometimes on TV. That’s pretty much a “I watch you while you sleep” sort of look.

Yajima Maimi and Takeuchi Akari.

Yes, I do realize that Maimi and Akari are only cousins. But relation, is relation. So, it still counts. And I wanted to include cousins anyway.
Yet another set of huge shoes to fill. Maimi is hands down the prettiest member of H!P kids. I mean, she is drop dead gorgeous. Her beauty is absolutely breath taking. And all that jazz. But seriously she really is. She has this sort of effortless, airy, aura to her. Poor little Akari doesn’t really match up to Maimi. Yes, I also realize she’s only 13 and hasn’t really grown into her face yet. But as of right now she’s kind of lack luster. I think it’s mostly because of her hair. That has to be one of the most unattractive hairstyles I have ever seen.

Nakajima Yuto and Nakajima Raiya.

Nakajima Yuto is my favorite member of Hey! Say! JUMP. I actually don’t even think he’s the most attractive member per se, but there’s something about Yuto that attracts me to him. Probably because he’s so absolutely innocent and adorable. Now, Yuto and Raiya are 6 years apart so they obviously can’t look 100% the same. But their features are noticeably similar. They have the same nose and eyes. And Raiya even short of looks like Yuto did when he was younger. Obviously I’m not going to judge Raiya beyond that because he’s, what, 12. I’m obviously not attracted to 12 year olds. Even judging 14 year old Shintaro was weird. XD

Abe Natsumi and Abe Asami.

I’ve never really understood the whole Nacchi hype. I always thought she was a little annyoing and her face always made her look older than she was. But I guess she is cute in a puppy dog sense. However, it is absolutely amazing and weird just how similar Nacchi and her sister look. I mean they are 80-90% similar. If you were in a dim lit room you might mistake Asami for Natsumi. Because of that I find Asami as pretty as I find Nacchi. Which isn’t all that much.

Natsuyaki Miyabi and Fujie Rena.

Obviously since they are only cousins they don’t look 100% similar. But I mean you can notice similarites. Personally, my mom tells me how I look more and more like my Aunt everyday.
I think both girls are actually quite stunning. If you look closely you can see that Miyabi and Rena have very similar looking mouths and eyes. And I think both girls have very strong features. Rena has a little bit larger eyes than most people and Miyabi has a little bit larger chin then most people. Either way, there’s a pretty good gene pool in that family.

Yamashita Tomohisa and Yamashita Rina.

Yamapi is a pretty standard pretty boy. One of the best looking in JE. Which I always appreciate. He’s not really my favorite NEWS member because of his lack of personality and his dead fish eyes in pictures. But he’s one of my favorite NEWS member to look at. XD Rina looks almost exactly like Yamapi. You would think that would be a good thing, but it’s just not. She pretty much looks like Yamapi with longer hair. You would think Yamapi’s soft features would transfer to his sister as well, but they don’t. Rina even has slightly heavier features than Yamapi. It’s actually kind of funny that the brother looks prettier and softer than the sister. Rina is a fromer gravure idol. She obviously did the smart thing and quit her day job.

Tanaka Koki and Tsukamoto Airi.
It’s a little hard to judge similarites between not onlycousins but between male and female cousins. I think I’ve already made it pretty obvious how I feel about Koki. Airi is actually a little pretty. But her makeup is so thick you can’t really tell. I’m not really into her gyaru looking makeup. There is a small similarity between them. Their noses look almost identical. But other than that you’d never be able to tell they were related.

Nakayama Yuma and Yamada Nana.

It’s incredible that Yuma and Nana look almost exactly the same. The only real difference is that one is a boy and one is a girl. Other than that they look the same. Same nose, same eyes, same eyebrows, and same face shape. However, Nana’s lips are bigger, but that’s to be expected since she’s a girl. I think Nana is the better of the two. Even though the particular picture I chose of Nana is a little awkward, she does come off as really cute and bubbly in pictures. Where as Yuma comes off creepy in pictures, videos, and on TV. I think it mosty has to do with the color of his hair. When he has black hair he looks significantly better, sometimes down right adorable. But when he has lighter shades the terrifying features of his face become more apparent.
So, was this a pointless post? You decide. And most of you reading this will probably say it is. But I mainly made this post for my own enjoyment. And I actually had a blast writing it, if you can believe that.

Another Egg graduates, but what does that mean?

Yet another Hello!Project Egg has completed her Egg training. This time it’s Egg member Mori Saki. This will be the 3rd Hello!Project Egg to complete her Egg training. But it’s really anybody’s bet what this means for Saki.

When Minami and Yuu You completed their training I was starting to think it was because they were starting to be too old. Minami is 19 and You is 18, which isn’t really that old. But with Morning Musume’s cut off age being 17 I started to think H!P was cutting all of their old Eggs, and doing something with the old Eggs that have potential. In You’s case, she’s obviously going solo. Yes, nothing is completely set in stone yet, but it’s like 95% set that she will. But the whole older Egg theory was completely shot for 2 reasons. There are two Eggs older than Minami and You. Hirano Tomomi, 26 and Aoki Erina, 20. And let’s not forget the Eggs that are the same age. 18 year old Furukawa Konatsu and 19 year old Tanaka Anri. And obviously none of them completed their training. The other thing that throws my theory off is Mori Saki is only 17 years old.

With her being 17 years old, that adds the question, “why was she graduated?” It seems like the really well know Eggs are being graduated. Kikkawa You, which by the way I hate calling her You and not Yuu! XD Anyway, You was obviously really well know because of Milky Way. Sengoku Minami is well know because of Ongaku Gatas. And Mori Saki is well known because she does a lot of musicals/stage plays.

But even with that the future doesn’t look as bright for Minami and Saki. When You completely her training she was doing something immediately. Minami and Saki are a mystery and nothing is really said about their future activities. And to add more grim facts both Kikkawa You’s and Fukumura Mizuki’s Egg training completion were announced on both UP-Front FC and But Minami’s and Saki’s were announced only on the UP-Front FC site. Which is a clear indication why they aren’t immediately doing anything in H!P. It kind of seems like they aren’t going to stay in H!P. It seems to be they will be following in the footsteps of Noto Arisa and Sawada Yuri. They graduated H!P Eggs and joined Up-Front Eggs. But it all seemed to work out great for Noto Arisa because 3 months after graduating from H!P Eggs she released a mini album and mini photobook. She’s released 4 mini album to date and is a member of Happy!Style. Which is a real possibility for Minami and Saki.

But honestly to me it seems like Minami and Saki will join Nice Girl Project. We’re all aware that Nice Girl Project group THE Possible was created by using six H!P Eggs, who left H!P to join NGP. Now, that’s not as big a long shot as you would think. Tsunku is produced his second idols and wresting event. The participants were NGP groups THE Possible, Canary Club, and NGP Kenshuusei selection. (NGP Kenshuusei selection is a group of NGP trainees.) But those weren’t the only participants. Along with the NGP acts 3 Hello!Project Eggs were also there. Those Eggs were Sengoku Minami, Mori Saki, and Kitahara Sayaka. It is way too much of a coincidence that 2/3 of the H!P Eggs there are now completing their Egg training.

So what does that mean exactly? To me it seem like Tsunku is pulling another THE Possible. It seems like he’s taking H!P Eggs and adding them to a NGP group. There are some obvious signs that, that might be happening. So, don’t be too surprised in Kitahara Sayaka completes her Egg training next.

Eggs that I could see in the 9th gen of Momusu

Like most Hello!Project fans currently, I have been thinking a lot about Morning Musume’s 9th generation auditions. Taking in all the wonder, anticipation, and utter excitement for my first Morning Musume audition since becoming a fan. What will the girls look like? What will they sound like? Will foreigners get in? Will Jang Dayun become a member? (She could have totally been studying Japanese this whole time! And that’s why she was hidden away.) And since the second phase of auditions is fast approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hello!Project Eggs that may have auditioned. Since we will never know which Eggs actually auditioned, all 20 could have auditioned or only 2. Just thinking of that has made me wonder which Eggs I could actually see becoming part of Morning Musume. My dream for the 9th gen auditions would be for Tsunku to accept 5 new girls. Every generation, except 3 and 7, has accepted at least 3 members. With the maxim being 4. And since Morning Musume will be at its smallest since it was formed I’d like to see Tsunku go all out and take 5 girls. And I’d honestly like half of them to be Eggs. Why? It’s simple, Eggs are trainees. And they simply do what they are, they train. Since they’ve been training for years already it’s an extremely easy transition to join Morning Musume.

So here are the Egg members I think actually stand a shot at becoming full fledge Momusu members. All but one of the members I have selected have made their CD debut as Egg members. And the one that didn’t was a backup dancer in one of ManoEri’s PV. Now some people reading this might have a problem with that. But the simple fact is their previous work will play a main factor in them being picked for Morning Musume. Not only does this exposure effect their popularity among wota, it shows that Tsunku/H!P has already seen something special about them. Which is a huge factor in all of this.
I’ve also included the ages of each girl so you can decide for yourself if you feel she’s too young or too old to join the group.

1. Fukumura Mizuki, age 13 turning 14 in October

AKA Maeda Yuuka’s replacement in Shugo Chara Egg. Now I have to honestly say after S/mileage was formed and they got new Shugo Chara Egg members I didn’t bother listening to any of the new Shugo Chara songs. I have never actually heard any of them until I started making this post. But after I heard Mizuki’s voice I was simply blown away. Her voice is actually strong, not Takahashi Ai strong, but it’s strong. Right now she’s at about an Aika level, but with more time to grow she could be at a Risa level. She has a nice tone in her voice. And she would blend exceptionally well with any member she could possibly be paired with, since her voice is very light and almost elegant sounding.

2. Saho Akari, age 15

AKA the girl who was shafted from S/milege. Or more commonly known as a Shugo Chara Egg member. I never paid much attention to Akari while she was in Shugo Chara Egg. I was too focused on the awesomeness of Yuuka and Kanon. Not only that but she was put in a group with voices that where extremely cutesy sounding, and Akari’s was much deeper in comparison. So she was easily overlooked in my opinion. But after Yume to Genjitsu I became an instant Akari fangirl. Her voice sounds absolutely incredible. And surprisingly really adorable sounding. It has that perfect mix of cuteness and power. The likes of Kamei Eri, Kago Ai, Suzuki Airi, and other possess. And I didn’t think it was possible but in the live performance of Yume to Genjitsu Akari actually sounds better than Airi. Besides her obvious vocal ability Akari is completely stunning.

3. Sekine Azusa, age 14

AKA the girl who was a backup dancer in the Onegai Dakara PV. I have never in my life heard of this girl before I started looking up the Egg members. And I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to find out about her. This girl has some serious pipes on her! No, really she does. During this duet with Kikkawa Yuu she was able to hold her own against her. Her voice is wonderfully unique, and something I’d love to see in Momusu. She can even hold out her notes beautifully. I am seriously upset that this is like the only performance of her I can find.

4. Miyamoto Karin, age 11 turning 12 in December

AKA the Shin Moni member. I don’t immediately think there’s anything great about Karin. Nor do I think her voice is all that great or special. But I do think she’s one of those idols who will get better with some years to grow. Karin also seems to be a pretty popular Egg. So at most I see her being added for her cute factor, and nothing really beyond that. And to anyone reading this who has any problem with her young age, may I remind you Koharu was only 12 years old when she joined. And look how amazing that turned out to be!

5. Kitahara Sayaka, age 16 turning 17 in November


AKA the girl from Milky Way. Sayaka, Sayaka, Sayaka. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about Sayaka. Well nothing other than SAYAKA CANNOT SING. Dear god, her voice makes my ears bleed! To all Koharu haters out there, have you by chance heard Sayaka sing? Her voice is screechy, squeaky, and she can’t sing in tune. She’s just overall very unpleasant to listen to. But the sad part is she has a good chance of actually joining Morning Musume. Because since she was put in Milky Way she has become very popular. Therefore wota would be mega happy to see her in Momusu, and would boots the sales. Horrendous voice aside I personally think she’s too old to be put in Morning Musume. I know it’s 10-17, and she’s 16, but that honestly seems to old to me. But she will also be 17 very soon. Mitsui Aika is 17 and she’s already been in Morning Musume for 4 years. I know Sayaka could be in Morning Musume for like 8 years still but I don’t know, I just feel the members should be no older than 15.

A graduation I don’t care about

I stopped blogging the past couple days to fidget with some HTML on my blog. I needed to add a contact section to my blog, and voilà I did. Since I’m terrible at HTML it ended up being very plain looking. I’ll try to find a code to make it look snazzier at a later time, because believe it or not that code took me like 2 hours to do. I fail at life. XD This pointless blog update was just to tell you this post, and my next few ones are late news. But better late that never!

Hello!Project Eggs/Ongaku Gatas members Noto Arisa and Sawada Yuri will be graduating from Hello!Project Eggs to join Up-Front Eggs. However Noto Arisa will continue to be a member of Ongaku Gatas.

I guess Yuri and Arisa realized they were never going to be put in a group that’s massively popular and gives them a chance to shine, so they decided to focus on being talents. Which doesn’t really effect me in anyway. This is probably the first H!P graduation I don’t care about what so ever. I don’t even know who these girls are. I remember Arisa from the Gatas PVs, but I can’t remember Yuri at all. Mostly because I don’t really follow Ongaku Gatas. I like the group because KonKon’s in it, and that’s it. Here’s seriously how Ongaku Gatas looks to me: KONKON!, Yossie, Risa, Hitomi, other girls who get the privilege to sing with KonKon. Which basically means, I could care less about the other members.

I wasn’t really sad that Erika left, and yet I still hope for the best in her career. But Arisa and Yuri, not so much.

Head to class with S/mileage

S/mileage’s debut sinlge, aMa no Jaku, was released July 19th and the PV has just come out. Which is only a few days late.

I think S/mileage might be my new favorite group ever. I love the song! They have the cutesy voices that I love in H!P. They only have one song, and to me their almost at Buono’s level. Which is pretty up their on my list of favorite H!P groups of all time. S/mileage can pick up where W left off.
The PV wasn’t anything really special, mostly because it’s an indie single PV. But look on the bright side, it had a much higher budget than Massara Blue Jeans. And ManoEri’s indie singles didn’t even get PVs. The set of the PV is in a school, H!P having a handful of school videos already, there really wasn’t that much you could do with it to make it unique. But it was the first H!P school PV that focused on the school setting as a whole, rather than just one or two rooms. I really enjoyed the polaroids of the girls throughout the PV. I think that made the video cuter than it already was.
The dance is pretty cute. It’s simple but it fits well with the song. I’m a little sad that I watched S/mileage’s performance during the Egg concert. It took away the surprise of watching for the first time in the PV.

I also think everyone looks absolutely amazing in the PV, especially Yuuka. It’s almost unbelievable how gorgeous Yuuka looks! Even though Kanon is my immediate favorite of the group, I have to say she doesn’t really stand out in this PV style wise. Everyone has 2 different adorable hairstyles each, but Kanon’s stays the same. She either has it just pin straight, or pin straight with a headband. It reminds me that they did the same thing to Momoko in the Rottara Rottara video. Apparently if you have short hair in H!P your only style option is straight, unless your Ai-chan of course.
Hair might not seem like a big deal to most people, but to me clothing and hair is just as important as line distribution. Besides that, I’m against anything that takes focus away from Kanon. The line distribution also takes focus away from Kanon. The song focuses mainly on Yuuka and Saki, which is fine because they only get one more line then Kanon and Ayaka. Not only does Kanon get just 2 lines, she gets the shortest solo lines in the whole song. As a biased Kanon fangirl, I think that’s unfair to her.

Apparently it takes 30 seconds to write the word S/mileage

Unimaginative dance move #1. Dancing, stop before you start

There’s nothing more exciting than playing cards

Unimaginative dance move #2. H!P sure has been addicted
to pointing lately

Someone try to tell me Yuuka doesn’t look INCREDIBLE

Unimaginative dance move #3. Clap clap clap

It looks like they were pictures after all

When did Ayaka get this pretty? She looked nothing like this
in Shugo Chara Egg

Unimaginative dance move #4.

Why hello there bland looking Kanon

Unimaginative dance move #5. Do the hustle, and walk back
3 steps

Unimaginative dance move #6. S/mileage is making this too

And yet Saki makes it look good

For some unexplainable reason the girls are now all sad

Saki looks the best in the school girl outfit

Unimaginative dance move #7. Wax on wax off

Kanon’s wall of cute

The real reason Yuuka got more lines

Unimaginative dance move #8. It wouldn’t be an H!P dance
without some kind of spinning

And just for fun you can see up Kanon’s and Ayaka’s skirts

Quick everyone run for no apparent reason

Unimaginative dance move #9. Eggs really are the best dancers

Unimaginative dance move #10. Kick up your heels

This picture is full of win

I think someone other than Ayaka may have drawn this

Unimaginative dance move #11. Dancing ability doesn’t matter
when you’re cute

This post needed more Kanon

Unimaginative dance move #12. To the left, to the left

Adorable picture is adorable

Bye bye!

Unimaginative dance #13. Cha-ching

So it makes you think, just how many indie singles is S/mileage going to have before a major debut? I personally think anything more than two would be unnecessary. To me S/mileage is H!P at its best. Much like Buono they have a clear style of music, that’s both unique and at the same time fits into H!P. It seems like H!P has put all their good ideas into the subgroups, which is making Morning Musume suffer. Even Berryz Koubou has had better songs than Momusu lately.

New H!P Egg unit

Tsunku announced on his blog yesterday that there will be a new Egg unit debuting this fall. It was also announced at H!P Eggs Shinjin Kouen concert. The member will include Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda, Kanon Fukuda and Saki Ogawa.

Now at first glance you could think this new H!P unit is Shugo Chara Egg. I know that’s what I immediately though. However Shugo Chara Egg member Akari Saho is missing. She was replaced my H!P Egg Saki Ogawa. Which isn’t really fair to Akari if you ask me. Since I don’t follow the Eggs at all I know nothing about Saki Ogawa. So I’m really looking forward to how she sounds.

Probably the best part of this unit is Kanon and Yuuka are in it. I have really grown to love Yuuka and Kanon because of Shugo Chara Egg and High King. I’m really glad that they aren’t going back to being just Eggs. And a major debut might mean they will graduate from being Eggs all together. Which is exciting news.

So with a new Egg unit forming I guess that probably means Shugo Chara is over. Which isn’t really the best news. This new group better be incredible to make up for that.