Hey! Say! Jump! Jonetsu Jump preview

Hey! Say! JUMP! preformed their new song, Jonetsu Jump, recently at what I’m guessing is some volleyball event. So now we have a nice preview of this song. But there is still no official word if this is the A-side for their upcoming new single.

The performance itself is really cool. There’s a lot of backup dancers, so it’s really extravagant. And Chinen’s jump in the beginning was pure win. The cameras really seem to be focusing more on Hey! Say! 7. Ryosuke and Chinen especially. Which isn’t really surprising since Ryosuke is the most popular member. I would like to see more Yabu and Yuto though.

The outfits are really a disappointment. They’re very matador like and hideous. I really hope these aren’t the PV outfits. For the most part Hey! Say! JUMP! has had ugly PV outfits. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy’s outfits were the best looking and the Your Seed ones weren’t bad either.

But anyway, I’m not really impressed by the song. The music is really fun, but everything else is a little bland. It’s just not catchy and the sound has been done before. We’ll see what I think of it after I listen to it a few more times.