NEWS catches disco fever

NEWS’s 11th single, Koi no ABO, on April 29th. And the PV has been released already. It hasn’t even been a week since the PV preview.

I don’t think words can describe how happy I am about NEWS’s new song. I already said how much I love this song, but hearing it in high quality makes me love it even more. I think it’s really cute how they describe all the personality traits of each blood type. Which makes me really sad that I don’t know what my blood type is. I think this is one of the few NEWS songs were Shige’s voice actually sounds good. He’s not pushing his voice like he usually does. And I still have to say Keii-chan sounds the best.

When I fist saw the PV preview I thought they were in a host club, but they’re not. If you look closely you can see guys in the club, so it’s just a regular night club. Just a regular night club with the ratio of girls to guys being 3 to 1. So there’s a lot of scenes where the members are awkwardly dancing by a group of girls, hitting on girls, or just surrounded by girls in general. But besides all the girl scenes the video is supposed to funny and cute, which it is. But Shige goes way over the top with all his weird faces. Which there’s really no excuse for. Everyone one was shooting the same video and yet only Shige made really stupid faces. Everyone else managed to still look cute or sexy.
I think the best part of the video is at the end when everyone joins in the dance. And out of nowhere there’s a guy dancing in a leopard print suit. Which is almost as funny as Yamapi’s wannabe afro.
The worst part of the video is the morphing scenes. They give you a mini headache. But if you’re like me and watch the video like 5 or 6 times in a row they give you a migraine.


Keii looks awesome in sunglasses

Weird face #1. And it’s still early in the PV

Ryo overdoes it a little

WTF? Do I need to start a Ryo weird face counter?

Awesome Keii-chan

Weird face #2. Shige will eat you

Tegoshi looks extra womanly

Yamapi + bubble=hot

That’s so cute

Two girls wasn’t enough for Shige

Weird face #3. Can you guess what blood type he was
singing about?

Ryo looks gorgeous in this video

Tegoshi checking himself out

And very hot

Yamapi’s hip slap makes me laugh

Massu is dancing way too close

Weird face #4. WTF?

NEWS is staying alive

Have they been getting dance lessons from C-ute?

Clap and to the left. It’s electric

A pelvic thrust won’t help this dance. Ok maybe it will

God I hate Yamapi’s hair

Weird face #5. LOLZ

I have to admit Massu looks hot. Even without his long

Ryo looking great

Keii checking out random orange dress girl

The sunglasses kind of block his ugly hair

Weird face #6. The fish that got away was huge

For some reason this is hot

Oh come on Ryo. What’s with the face?


Tegoshi looks cute

Recive your random gift and looked shocked

Lolz at leopard suit guy

Nice sunglasses Keii

Weird face #7. You knew he had one more in him

Those glasses are creepy

The only time Tegoshi looks hot

OMG! The cups are back!

Ok, I got a little carried away with the pics this time. But hey I’m a NEWS fangirl, what did you expect? And you know you loved it.

NEWS Koi no ABO previews

NEWS’s new song Koi no ABO is being released within the month, so of course we have the full song preview.

I am really surprised by how much I love the song. When I first heard it in the RUSS-K commercial it didn’t really blow me away. I was also a little turned off by the dramatic change from their previous singles. But after hearing the full song I’m blown away! The music is just so danceable and catchy. I think it’s a pretty funny coincidence that JE is having a dance type song right after H!P just had Bye Bye Bye and Dakishimete Dakishimete.
I think the Koi no ABO chant in the beginning and end of the song is really out of place. But that’s the only complaint I have about the song. I think Keii completely rocked this song! He just fit so perfectly with this song. I mean he sounds better than Yamapi in it! And that’s a hard thing to accomplish. This song has such heavy background music that you really need a deeper voice to make it sound really great. Also Tegoshi sounds incredible. He took his high vocal range to his full advantage in this song. And his voice also sounds absolutely sweet. Maybe even heart melting. This song is just so catchy it was definitely worth the 6 month wait.

In even more exciting NEWS news. Not only do we have the song preview we also have the PV preview.

The first thing I notice about the PV is the unfortunate dance moves. It’s like disco moves mixed with terrible dancing. I understand that’s what they were going for but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea. Another thing I notice is most members are sporting different hair. Some good and some hideous. Yamapi, seriously what’s up with his hair? It looks exactly like his Happy Birthday hair! He should have changed it by now. Shige, I see he’s back to his black hair again. Which is how it should be, his blonde hair was ugly and did nothing for him. Tegoshi, I love how his hair is flipped like that. Sadly it makes him look very pretty and extra womanly. Ryo, finally his hair is back to normal! I couldn’t stand that weird flip from the Happy Birthday PV. Even in Musekinin Hero his hair didn’t look 100% great, but now it does. Massu, is hair is slowly but surely growing back. And Keii, there’s nothing really different about his. I’m really excited that in this video they are dancing in suits because nothing looks hotter on a guy than a suit. This makes me automatically think of the Weeeek PV. But this time they are all wearing matching suits. Another thing about this PV that jumps out to me is Shige, and not in a good way. He keeps making weird faces through out the whole preview. What’s up with that?

NEWS’s new single Koi no ABO

NEWS’s new single will be released towards the end of April. It will be their 11th single to date and will be entitled Koi no ABO. This song will also be featured in the Spring and Summer ads for the RUSS-K clothing line.

This is amazing news. I’m super excited for a new NEWS single. It’s really about time too. Their last single was in October. And it seemed every other Johnny’s group was releasing new singles. Not much is known about the new single as of now. But we do have a 15 second preview of it in the new RUSS-K ad. And the song sounds amazing! It’s completely different than Happy Birthday. I can’t wait for a full preview of this.