Namie gets Wild

Namie Amuro’s new single, Wild/Dr, is being released March, 18th. This is Namie’s first single of 2009. Her last release being the widely popular single 60s, 70s, 80s. Dr. is featured in a Vidal Sassoon CM while Wild is featured in a Coca Cola zero commercial. After a little over a year without Namie single, all I can say is it’s about time!

Namie seems to really be back with this single. Wild is absolutely fantastic. The music is very danceable and has a lot of techno elements to it. And is so different then anything Namie has done before. Namie sings this song with a lot of intensity and yet still manages it to be very soft and sweet at some parts. Just like most Namie songs there’s some English lyrics, but even more than usual. Close to half the song is sung in English.

The video looks like it has a futuristic theme. I guess to fit with the dance/techno like music. Which is a little cliche if you ask me. But Namie really has a demanding presence in this video. I never loose focus from her. Mostly because she looks gorgeous in it. At one pint she’s wearing this very sleek silver dress, and she just look incredible in it. The video is very powerful. And even though the dance is simple she dances with intensity. And the rocks falling behind her at one point is pretty epic.


Namie’s back!

 Cute pose

Not really a fan of the moon set but that dress is fabulous

Gorgeous with her blown out hair

Reminds me of the BoA- Eat You Up video

I love the semi fishnet glove

Intense part of the dance

Namie falls gracefully