Blog hiatus

So, I woke up today and it said all of my bandwidth exceeded on photobucket. Now, I am completely horrible at computers, and had no idea what that even meant. And,  after some googling, apparently there is no way to change this or to fix this unless I upgrade my photobucket to pro. And since I don’t have a job, or even a bank account, I have absolutely no way to upgrade my account. So, that means I now have to resave and rehost ALL of my pictures on my blog to a site that has unlimited bandwidth. Which is approximately 3,020 images. 3,020! Obviously this is going to take me weeks, if not a month, to do. And I honestly am not looking forward to it at all.

I am so completely upset right. Like on the verge of tears upset. (Whatever, I cry at the drop of a hat) So, yeah don’t expect any kind of updates for a while.

My love-hate relationship with AAA

The title of this post pretty much says it all. And from that it should be obvious what this post is going to in entail of. Most of this post is my personal back story. So, if you could care less about that I suggest you skip this post. I think I might have already posted about some of this back story before, but I can’t really remember. But even if I have it hasn’t been written in such detail before. XD
By the way, this post is long overdue. Like, a lot longer than you’d think. But you know how I loved to procrastinate on this blog. Well, I procrastinate with these types of posts. With news posts I tend to try and post them the second I find out about it. XD

When I first got into Japanese music in September 2004 I was instantly in love with it. And because of that instant attraction I knew I was going to be listening to it for a long time. And I wanted to do something special to commemorate what was going to become a rather fond memory. Since I was only 12 at the time I decided to do so in the only way I could think of, through music. I decided the perfect way to commemorate the occasion was to find a group that had just formed and follow them from day 1. And as the years passed, and the group remained intact, I could fondly looked back and see how much the group had evolved. And inturn look at how much I had evolved as a fan of Japanese music. And also to see how far the group had come. So, that every time I listend to them it would make me think of how I had been following them since the beginning and to also think of the exact moment I became a fan of Japanese music. And I did just that, the group I picked was Hinoi Team. And I absolutely loved them. I emerged myself completely in them. I listened to all their songs, I learned about the members, I followed absolutely every move they made, and I also learned a few of their dances. I followed Hinoi Team just as closesly as I follow Hello!Project and Johnny’s Entertainment now. So, that should give you a clear picture of just how much I loved them. As we looked back at the fate of Hinochi, I obviously shouldn’t have put all my eggs in one basket. The whole Hinoi Team disbanding situation as a whole still makes me angry. Mostly because to this day Avex has never officially announced they broke up. You were supposed to just know because one of the members stopped modeling for the magazines that the Hinoi Team members were modeling for. I can’t 100% remember which girl it was. But I’m like 70% sure it was Keika. And the song Please Forgive Me was supposed to tell you they were sorry for breaking up. But Avex never officially said that. And as a devoted fan I wasn’t going to believe it until it was official. But after a year with no word about them, I finally accepted they broke up.

But what does any of this have to do with AAA? I’m glad you asked! Or, rather, most likely were thinking this as you just read a seemingly pointless paragraph. If you couldn’t figure it out by now, I had every intention of doing the exact same thing with AAA that I did with Hinoi Team. I can still remember when the group AAA was first announced. I was extremely excited. I was beyond happy to add yet another group to commerate becoming a Japanese music fan. I can still remember the rush of excitment vividly. I was in such a euphoric state just because a new Japanese group had been announced.You can tell right from the beginning I was very passionate, and extremely into, Japaneses music. And that type of passion and excitment hasn’t changed. It’s actually intensified over the years.

However, when I first heard BLOOD on FIRE I was completely turned off. I only ever listened to the song once, and then I completely washed my hands of them. I didn’t give the song a second chance. And I didn’t bother seeing if their next couple of singles were good. I was done, just completely done. And that snap judgement set the course for how I treated AAA over the years. I’m sure I had a good reason for not liking the song of course. It was probably because the style of music was so different from what I was listening to at the time. It was techo/anime sounding music with a hip hop vibe. It was also probably because there was rapping in it. Back in the day I thought rapping in Japanese was hilarious. And I could never take it seriously. Obviously I grew out of that. And I actually love Tanaka Koki’s rapping. But I think it was ultimately because of how much I liked Jrock. Even though I did listen to Jpop back then, and most of it was pretty ubeat, a majority of the music I listened to and focused on was Jrock. I thought a lot of music that wasn’t Jrock was inferior. Which in retrospect makes no sense. I must have been bipolar or selectively judgmental back then. Because on one hand I learned the dances to Hinoi Team’s Super Euro Flash and Tamaki Nami’s My Way, but on the other hand I was trying to completely be Visual Kei/Jrock and practically worshiped Dir en grey. I think it was probably mostly male singers that I judged side by side with Jrock. Because I can clearly remember, after such a fuss was made about them online, looking up Arashi and Super Junior. And then making fun of them a lot. Ironically, now I love both groups. But back then I viewed any male Japanese singer that wasn’t Jrock to be too happy and girly for my taste. However, for some reason I really loved Miyavi. Even though his music, and style, has always been pop  with guitar rifts and sometime heavy music, he was always given a pass. Probably because he was still under the Jrock umbrella. And ironically my love of idol music now determines what kind of Jrock I listen to. Since the majority of Japanese music I listen to is idol music, I hardly ever listen to Jrock anymore. And the little Jrock I do listen to has moved from heavier music and  Visual Kei music to the lighter side of Jrock. Pretty much all I listen to is Oshare Kei because the music is happy and upbeat. It’s the most idol like Jrock out there. Pretty funny, huh? But I’m getting way off subject now. Anyway, any of these reasons could be why I wasn’t into AAA. I honestly can’t remember anymore. It was 7 years ago, and I was 12, give me a break. XD

It was 3 years later when I was ready to give AAA another chance. Mirage had just come out and it was a pretty popular song. Well popular enough in Japan, it didn’t really sell all that well. But for some reason it was pretty popular on the internet. Or it seemed to be anyway. So, I thought “Ok, people seem to really love this song. I should give it a try.” And a try I gave it. But again I wasn’t into the song. My reason behind not liking it is pretty hazy. All I remember is thinking “Why do people like this song so much? It has weird Indian music.” Even though that was only 3 years ago I can’t really remeber too well what I thought of that song and AAA. Mostly because the song didn’t leave a big impression on me, so I saw no reason to remember every little detail about the song.

And yet again I washed my hands of them. It wasn’t until about 6 months later I gave them another chance. I heard a group dub of Kuchibiru Kara Romantica. I thought the dub was so well done that it made me want to hear the original song. Which by the way, I had no idea was AAA. I was completely blown away by the song. By then I was completely engulfed with idol music. Both male and female. So, I was apparently ready to give them another chance. I then listened to Get Chu and got addicted to it immediately. But the next song I heard was Q. Which I thought was completely awful, and I became derailed again. The overly intense and weird music threw me off. I also lost interest because I didn’t find any of the members attractive. However, today I think Nishijima Takahiro is adorable. In that “he’s so odd/unique looking that he’s cute.” way. Nishi kind of looks like a duck to me, but he’s still a cutie.  A couple of months later, by accident, I found the Kimono Jet Girl video. Which I also thought was awful. But after the 4th or 5th listen I was hooked. The repetitive nature of the song made it insanely easy for it to get stuck in my head. A complete ear worm!

Since then I’ve listened to a few more AAA songs. Some I’ve liked: Music, Dream After Dream ~Yume Kara Sameta Yume~, and Summer Revolution. And some I didn’t: Jamboree, Hallelujah, and Aitai Riyuu. But at least thats’s an improvement. At least I’m sort of making an effort now.

Well, that brings us up to date. That pretty much shows how I have a legit love-hate relationship with AAA. But AAA has always been an idol group that I’ve wanted to cover on my blog. Since they were a group I was midly interested in, and was sort of familiar with, I thought it would perfect to cover them. Since blogging would keep up to date on  the group, and because I would be blogging about them, I’d have to go back and learn more about them and their music to make decent posts about them. (The same thing with Kanjani, but I’ve been really lazy with them. XD) Back in 2009 when I officially turned JM into an idol blog, I put focus on how I was going to be covering AAA. However, since then I have yet to make one post about them. It was a perfect plan, but it just never actually happened. And the main reason for that is whenever I hear an AAA song for the first time I never like it. I am usually extremely underwhelmed with the song, and then lose all interest in it. And because of that I feel completely uninspired and skip writing about the single all together. It usually takes a while for AAA’s songs to stick. But after they do I’m usually in love with them. Pretty much every AAA song I’ve ever heard I ended up liking later on. I had every intention to make posts about Paradise, Daiji na Koto, and No Cry No More. They were like the first singles I set out to write about as soon as they were announced. But I didn’t like them enough the first 5-6 times I heard them to write about them.  But now I am completely in love with them. Well, I love the songs minus No Cry No More. But that’s probably because that song is still too new. XD

After writting this post I’m not exactly sure what the point of this post is. It actually doesn’t really have one. I guess I wrote it, more or less, to vent my frustation at myself for how I’ve been putting AAA on the back burner. This post turned into a rant more than anything. I don’t know, I just feel really sad about my whole AAA situation. I’m actually starting to really like AAA. I mean, Get Chu and Music are some of my favorite idol songs of all time. It just feels like there’s been a lot lot of wasted time. There was a good 6 years I could have spent being an avid AAA fan. Or at least 3. Instead I settled for indifference because of my own high expectations and intense scrutiny of everything.

Idol relations: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recently I was laying in bed and I was thinking about Kamei Eri and her sister. (Yes, I lay in bed and think of idols. It’s completely normal and not obsessive) I was thinking about how much different they look, even though they are related. And from there it just kind of snowballed. I then thought about Yamapi and his sister. And that made me think of how all idols compare to their siblings and other relatives. Now, I orginally wanted to make this post back when pictures of Kamei Eri’s sister first surfaced. Because, to put it nicely, I didn’t really see the family resemblance. And because I didn’t think anyone really cared about an entire post about Kamei Eri’s sister I never made that post. And that post was just going to just focus on Eri and Rina. This post will encompass all of the idol relations that I know of. I’m sure there are way more then what are included in this post. But I really only know of the relations within H!P and JE. So, I’m sorry for that.

I want to give fair warning now that this post is completely shallow. Well, I should say, it can be perceived as being shallow. I actually think this post is honest, blunt, and pretty much telling it like it is. Celebrities are fair game for my judgement. If they didn’t want the spotlight, and all the judgement that comes along with it, they wouldn’t have become celebrities in the first place. I just thought I’d put up that little disclamer, because I’m sure I’ll get greif from this post. Comments saying I’m a horrible and shallow person. And people like me are what’s wrong with the world. And I’m not much to look at myself. And many other variations of that. And maybe I am a little shallow. But come on, we’re idol fans. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we were shallow to some extent.

I’m mostly making this post to see if the idol genes run in the family. Or does lighting truely only strike once? While the final decision is debatable and based soley on personal preferences and opinion, I’m starting to think it really does only strike once.

Tanaka Koki and Tanaka Juri.

I think right off the bat Juri was kind of doomed because of my obvious Koki bias. I think I’ve made my love for Tanaka Koki quite obvious on this blog. It’s not even so much a physical thing. Even though I think Koki is pretty adorable. It’s more of a mixture of looks and Koki being completely awesome. I’ve know for a while that Koki’s younger brother was a Johnny’s Junior, but I never really knew what he looked like until recently. Mostly because I don’t follow Juniors at all. But after watching Yan Yan Jump, I have been seeing him a lot more lately.  And I have to say, he is actually kind of cute. He has a completely different look then Koki. Juri seems to follow the male idol, pretty boy look. While Koki has spent practically his whole career trying to look the opposite. Obviously I’d have to say Koki is better looking. But Juri’s not too far behind. Give him a couple years, and he may surpass his brother.

Kamei Eri and Kamei Rina.

Ah, the whole reason I made this post. First off, I want to say how absolutely gorgeous I think Eri is. She’s like a perfect mixture of beauty and cuteness. I seriously think she was one of the most beautiful Musumes ever. Some tough shoes to fill right off the bat. After seeing pictures of Rina I actually find it hard to believe that they are related. It’s not that Rina is ugly, because she’s not really. She’s more of average. It’s just mind boggling that the same parents who made Eri also made Rina. You know the term “the ugly sister?” I think it’s obvious who is who. Oh, is that too harsh?

Akanishi Jin and Akanishi Fuuta.

Ah, Akanishi Jin, quite arguably one of the most popular and most attractive idols in all of Johnny’s. I personally find him incredibly attractive. Him and his boyish good looks. And his face that at the same time is innocent, adorable, and sexy. It’s pretty cut and dry why he’s so popular. And his brother Reio Fuuta actually looks almost exactly like Jin. I mean, just at first glance you can tell that they are related. However, the Akanishi features that work so perfectly for Jin, don’t do Fuuta any favors. See, Jin has a huge chin farly large jaw. And the other features of his face somehow compensate for this. However, on Fuuta his jaw is pretty much all you notice. And the soft features that make Jin adorable/sexy make Fuuta look awkward and confused. He seriously looks like a deer sometimes.

Okai Chisato and Okai Asuna.

Am I seeing double here or is that really Chisa’s sister and not Chisa herself? First off, I never really thought Chisato was really all that pretty. Until Bye Bye Bye she never stood out to me. Now, lately I do think she is looking very pretty. Probably the prettiest she has ever looked. Sometimes she looks very elegant and gorgeous. But in the grand scheme of idols, and the world, I still think Chisato is average looking. Perhaps slightly above average. But the type of person, if was walking down my street, I wouldn’t give any more of a responce then, “Yeah, she’s kinda pretty.” That being said I feel pretty much the same way about Asuna. She’s cute, but obviously less cute then Chisa. But I think both girls look pretty similar. Maybe about 50-60 percent the same. The type of girls you see and know right off the bat are sisters. They have the same nose, eyes, and mouth. They look a lot more similar then Jin and Fuuta. But Asuna’s face is puffier and her teeth make her look more awkward.

Morimoto Ryutaro and Morimoto Shintaro.

Can I first point out how much their names make me laugh. Obviously their parents loved the whole taro name. It’s pretty much the Japanese equivalent of having your kid’s names rhyme. XD
Overall the Morimoto brothers don’t really do anything for me. Since I’ve been a Hey! Say! JUMP fan I never really paid attention to Ryutaro. And for the longest time I always thought it was because he was 3 years younger than me. But it’s actually not that. I mean, he’s made me laugh a few times. But looks wise I could care less. Shintaro does nothing for me either. Since he’s both Ryutaro’s brother and a popular Junior he gets a lot of pimping in concerts and TV shows. But he’s never come off to me as anything more than strange. Sometimes he looks oddly similar to Ryutaro and others he looks so far from him. But Shintaro just has this strange blank stare in photos and sometimes on TV. That’s pretty much a “I watch you while you sleep” sort of look.

Yajima Maimi and Takeuchi Akari.

Yes, I do realize that Maimi and Akari are only cousins. But relation, is relation. So, it still counts. And I wanted to include cousins anyway.
Yet another set of huge shoes to fill. Maimi is hands down the prettiest member of H!P kids. I mean, she is drop dead gorgeous. Her beauty is absolutely breath taking. And all that jazz. But seriously she really is. She has this sort of effortless, airy, aura to her. Poor little Akari doesn’t really match up to Maimi. Yes, I also realize she’s only 13 and hasn’t really grown into her face yet. But as of right now she’s kind of lack luster. I think it’s mostly because of her hair. That has to be one of the most unattractive hairstyles I have ever seen.

Nakajima Yuto and Nakajima Raiya.

Nakajima Yuto is my favorite member of Hey! Say! JUMP. I actually don’t even think he’s the most attractive member per se, but there’s something about Yuto that attracts me to him. Probably because he’s so absolutely innocent and adorable. Now, Yuto and Raiya are 6 years apart so they obviously can’t look 100% the same. But their features are noticeably similar. They have the same nose and eyes. And Raiya even short of looks like Yuto did when he was younger. Obviously I’m not going to judge Raiya beyond that because he’s, what, 12. I’m obviously not attracted to 12 year olds. Even judging 14 year old Shintaro was weird. XD

Abe Natsumi and Abe Asami.

I’ve never really understood the whole Nacchi hype. I always thought she was a little annyoing and her face always made her look older than she was. But I guess she is cute in a puppy dog sense. However, it is absolutely amazing and weird just how similar Nacchi and her sister look. I mean they are 80-90% similar. If you were in a dim lit room you might mistake Asami for Natsumi. Because of that I find Asami as pretty as I find Nacchi. Which isn’t all that much.

Natsuyaki Miyabi and Fujie Rena.

Obviously since they are only cousins they don’t look 100% similar. But I mean you can notice similarites. Personally, my mom tells me how I look more and more like my Aunt everyday.
I think both girls are actually quite stunning. If you look closely you can see that Miyabi and Rena have very similar looking mouths and eyes. And I think both girls have very strong features. Rena has a little bit larger eyes than most people and Miyabi has a little bit larger chin then most people. Either way, there’s a pretty good gene pool in that family.

Yamashita Tomohisa and Yamashita Rina.

Yamapi is a pretty standard pretty boy. One of the best looking in JE. Which I always appreciate. He’s not really my favorite NEWS member because of his lack of personality and his dead fish eyes in pictures. But he’s one of my favorite NEWS member to look at. XD Rina looks almost exactly like Yamapi. You would think that would be a good thing, but it’s just not. She pretty much looks like Yamapi with longer hair. You would think Yamapi’s soft features would transfer to his sister as well, but they don’t. Rina even has slightly heavier features than Yamapi. It’s actually kind of funny that the brother looks prettier and softer than the sister. Rina is a fromer gravure idol. She obviously did the smart thing and quit her day job.

Tanaka Koki and Tsukamoto Airi.
It’s a little hard to judge similarites between not onlycousins but between male and female cousins. I think I’ve already made it pretty obvious how I feel about Koki. Airi is actually a little pretty. But her makeup is so thick you can’t really tell. I’m not really into her gyaru looking makeup. There is a small similarity between them. Their noses look almost identical. But other than that you’d never be able to tell they were related.

Nakayama Yuma and Yamada Nana.

It’s incredible that Yuma and Nana look almost exactly the same. The only real difference is that one is a boy and one is a girl. Other than that they look the same. Same nose, same eyes, same eyebrows, and same face shape. However, Nana’s lips are bigger, but that’s to be expected since she’s a girl. I think Nana is the better of the two. Even though the particular picture I chose of Nana is a little awkward, she does come off as really cute and bubbly in pictures. Where as Yuma comes off creepy in pictures, videos, and on TV. I think it mosty has to do with the color of his hair. When he has black hair he looks significantly better, sometimes down right adorable. But when he has lighter shades the terrifying features of his face become more apparent.
So, was this a pointless post? You decide. And most of you reading this will probably say it is. But I mainly made this post for my own enjoyment. And I actually had a blast writing it, if you can believe that.

AKB48 breaks a record, but do they deserve it?

AKB48’s new single, Everyday Kachuusha,  has just broken the record for a single’s best first week sales. They broke the record in just 5 days beating the previous number one single, Mr. Children’s Namonaki Uta. And I am actually really angry by all of this. I think AKB48 is completely undeserving to break the record and to hold such a high honor.

And don’t go thinking I’m bitter because AKB48 broke the record and not my favorite idol group, because that is absolutely not the case. I don’t think ANY idol group should break a record like this. Not Morning Musume, not NEWS, and certainly not AKB48. I think this coveted position should be held by a legit artsit who deserves it. Not an arist who was only picked because they danced around in bikinis and are the newsest flavor of the week. Yes, I realized their popularity is HUGE and has been for years. I simply mean that eventually people will move on to some other idol group. And that new idol group will be the “it” group and the new flash in the pan. And years from now when no one cares about AKB48 anymore people will be saying, “I can’t believe such and such established artist can’t beat that has been idol group. And sadly that’s most likely going to happen.

And to anyone out there who thinks AKB48, or any idol group, actually deserves to win you are lying to yourself. AKB48 didn’t win because the song is that amazing, beautiful, or meaningful. They won because they are insanely popular and they made a suggestive PV. (I can hear the people crying, “The PV is innocent. Bikinis aren’t suggestive. I can’t think of anything more innocent then dancing and parading around in bikinis.” Right, because only obvious sexual behavior is suggestive.)
It just makes me angry. I heard and read the translation for Mr. Children’s song today. It’s beautiful. The singing is actually kinda bad, but the lyrics are really pretty and sweet. And I can completely see why they held the top spot. It’s a song about being there for the person you love. No matter what happens, no matter how difficult things get, you’ll always be there for them. AKB48’s song on the other hand is a mediocore pop song about it being summer. And basically mundane things you do when it’s summer such as running in the seas breeze, having the sun beat on you, etc. And of course it’s the typical idol lyrics about loving someone from a far, and blah blah. The lyrics are just ok. They aren’t heartfelt, they aren’t even the best lyrics or best song by AKB48. If Beginner or Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou won, I still wouldn’t like it but I’d get it more. There was just absolutely no reason why this song won.

I would love to hear a fan try and defend this situation, because they can’t. And any fan that can’t realize that they are undeserving takes idol music and idols far too seriously.
If I’m being honest here I don’t think either songs were amazing enough to win. If I had it my way Uemura Kana’s Toilet no Kamisama would win. That song is so heartbreaking, it makes me cry every time I hear it.

I don’t know, I love idols and all but I don’t really like it  when they start beating legit artists for things. It kinda makes me angry.

The stigma of being a fan

So, I wrote this blog post mid April, right after I got my JE calendars and expected to make this post shortly after. However, everything always gets pushed back. But regardless of when I made this post, I really wanted to make it to get all this frustration off my chest. It’s just basically what I go through and feel on a day to day basis, just from being an idol fan. I also hope that in some small way people will relate to this post.
But anyway, disclaimer over and on to the real post.

I’m sure everyone out there who is a fan of idol music has faced some sort of judgment or mocking for liking idols. Especially the fans that live outside of Asia. Since wota are usually around 30 years old, I’m sure lots of people would question why someone that age listens to teenage girls singing about love. Or question if liking idol music is as innocent as it seems. But since I’m not a 30 year old man, and never will be, I of course can’t say for sure every fan has experienced or will experience this. But one can assume this is how people would react if they have no idea what idols are.
However, if a male fan were to like an idol group like AKB48 or SDN48 I’m sure people would react differently. Since both groups take a lot of revealing and sexy photos, people would understand the appeal more and accept it more. Even if they didn’t accept it they would at least understand it better.

And because of that male idol fans have it much easier than us female fans. I never really realized just how hard it is for a female fan until recently. I found out because as I started to get idol merchandise, and my family became more aware of idols as a whole, they have voiced their opinions on it several times. And I found myself not only being slightly ashamed and embarrassed, but also pretty angry. There seems to be a real stigma for being a fan of idol music. And that stigma is even greater for female fans.

As a female fan I think there’s a stigma right off the bat for being a female idol fan because apparently by default if I’m listening to a female singer I have to have the hots for them, or I wouldn’t listen to them. Which is absolutely ridiculous because no one would assume that if I was listening to an American female group. I think that logic stems from 2 reasons. The first being, I’m choosing to listen to that type of music. I would have a lot less grief if I choose to listen to regular legit Jpop. And the second reason being the type of music they make and the way they present themselves. Since female idols are mostly marketed to male fans everything they do reflects that. The PVs, the photo shoots, the photobooks, and to some extent the lyrics. And when you choose to like something like that, there’s some automatic judgment in that. Even when I say I like the music because I’m a girl and they are girls. They are singing about things girls relate to, therefore I like it. It doesn’t really make much of a difference or change anything.
And because of that I usually downplay my love for female idols around my family. I usually only mention liking male idols because that’s easier to accept. So, then I also don’t ask for, or buy, much female idol merchandise. I can’t imagine the backlash if I asked for a photobook. Obviously I’m ok enough in my own sexuality to say such and such looks adorable. Or such and such looks sexy in that outfit, without physically being attracted to that person. However, most people do not feel that way. I feel a little ostracized because of it.

And since I’m a girl you’d think liking male idols would be easier, but it’s just as bad. It might actually be worse. And that stems, of course, mostly from the way male idols look. In America, and most countries outside of Asia, the aesthetics are completely different. What the West sees as flamboyant, girly, or in a sense “gay”, Asia finds normal and the most appealing. And when you show someone photos of male idols, and they don’t understand the aesthetics of Asia, they are obviously going to judge it, and you, based on what they’ve been taught to be “normal.” So, I obviously hear a lot of, “OMG, how is that not a woman?” But whatever, I think Asian guys are attractive, even if people find them to be quote unquote girly. But that’s mostly because I like a lot of pretty boy American celebrities. And some American celebrities who are actually gay. (What can I say, I’m weird I guess.) But I like a wide range of different appearances. From Chace Crawford to Jay Baruchel to Lil Wayne. However, none of that seems to matter. And I am still judged for liking Asian guys who are too girly for American standards. I’m sure most of it comes from the logic that, “If she likes guys that look like girls, she must be into girls.” Which is obviously not the case. And therefore is the dilemma.

Another stigma is the fact that they are idols. And since the West doesn’t have idols, they are compared to the closest thing we have to idols, boy bands and girl groups. Even though that’s what idols basically are, they are also completely different. And the whole idol thing in Japan is way beyond boy bands and girl groups. Idols often become widely popular and accepted groups. Because the whole culture of Japan is different. Back in the 90’s boy bands and girl groups were for tweens and teenage girls. And any self respecting person who didn’t fit into those 2 categories would never dare listen to them without facing massive amounts of mocking. So, of course with that mind set, and it being the general consensus, a person unaware of what idols are all about is going to completely make fun of and look down on it. Which is why I don’t tell anyone I like idols. My friends don’t really know I listen to idols, they don’t even know I have this blog. And it’s all because of ignorance and close mindedness.

I also get the stigma because of ages. Both their ages and my own. My age because by American logic is, I’m starting to be too old to listen to idols. My family thinks me liking idols is something 12 year olds do and I should basically stop. Do they care about the average age of wotas? Or that the biggest JE supporters are women in their teens and 40’s? Of course not! If they knew that, would they even care? Of course not! Because they’ve been feed their whole life what is normal and what is not. And to go beyond that is both outrageous and ridiculous. I’m probably going to listen to idols for as long as I like the music. Which is probably years or even decades. And who’s to say I can’t? No one, really. Yet, that stigma will always be there.
And of course when I say their ages I mean the idols who are young, or young to American standards. Right now I’m 19 and most idols are my age or very close to my age, so it’s hardly a big deal. But for some reason my family still thinks it is. Since half of Hey! Say! JUMP are younger then me, my sister thinks it’s stupid and immature to listen to them. She doesn’t care that 5 JUMP members are older than me or that 4 members are just one year younger than me.
Yet, she listens to the Jonas Brother and thinks it’s fine. They are absolutely the closest America can get to idols, music and looks wise. Yes, my sister is 23 and likes the Jonas Brothers. Do you see the hypocrisy and irony in that? Whenever she gets grief for liking them her logic is: “since I’m the same age as the oldest member it’s not weird.” But me, who is nearly the same age as all of HSJ, am immature. That’s just horrible logic. And it’s based on nothing more than ignorance. I’m really not looking forward to seeing what will happen when I start to become a little older than my favorite idols.

Obviously, I shouldn’t let general ignorance bother me or effect my love for idol music. And I pretty much don’t let it. But hearing things like this constantly will take its toll on anyone. Especially someone like me. I like to think of myself as extremely sensitive and I hate being made fun of. Besides that, I am also very defensive and slightly opinionated. So it’s pretty obvious why things like this upset me so easily. I just really wish people weren’t so close minded all the time because it’s absolutely frustrating. And it makes me feel like this stigma of being an idol fan will never go away.

My latest gets

This post is extremely overdue. I’ve been wanting to make this post since the end of April. But I was lazy and put the post off, and then my computer crashed. And now this post is a month late. XD I’m pretty excited to make this post because it’s the first time I making a post about all the idol themed things I got. I’ve made posts in the past about my Morning Musume CD and Hey! Say! JUMP CD, but that was only one item. This time I have 6 things. Which isn’t really a lot. But hey, I’m a poor idol fan and only buy what I can afford. Which is hardly anything. XD

First things first, my NEWS CDs.

I got Pacific and Color for my birthday. Color is limited Edition which is amazing, by the way. I would preferred LE Pacific since it’s my favorite NEWS album, but I can’t really complain. And since I got those 2 CDs I had to buy Live since I was supposed to get it when it was released in September. I opted for the regular edition because it has the bigger booklet and I have no need for a DVD that I can’t watch. Oh, and can I add that all my CDs are either Taiwan or Hong Kong versions. Start calling me a bad fan now, but there’s no way I’m shelling out $50 for Japanese versions when I can get the overseas for about $20. Especially since the CDs are exact duplicates.

Oh, and speaking of my birthday check out my awesome cake.

It’s a mint chocolate chip cheesecake. XD

Next I got my Hey! Say! JUMP calendar.

I was pretty bummed when I couldn’t get their calendar last year, so I made sure I got it this year. But it was pretty expense at either $40 or $45. Which is kind of ridiculous for a calendar, but whatever. I really wanted this because calendars are the closet JE gets to photobooks. HSJ’s calendar was actually the most bang for your buck. It came with like a 30-50 page booklet, and then had a little mini calendar which is basically picture cards with the dates on it.

But the pictures are awesome. Especially Yuto’s.

And they are doublesided! There’s also a way to make this mini calendar stand, but the instructions are in Japanese, so I can’t use it. XD

The photos in the booklet are mostly bathingsuit and beached themed.

But there are also a few sexy suit looking pictures.

Surprisingly I think Yabu looks the cutest in this booklet.

The booklet also has giant pictures of the members faces, which is kinda weird. But I guess also cool.

The next thing I got was a NEWS calendar.
This was even more expensive than the HSJ one. I think NEWS’s was $50.  But for a more expensive price you get less stuff. It’s pretty much just a photobook. It’s something like 60 pages though. But since NEWS is my favorite JE group I had to get this.
I mostly got it because Yamapi looks super hot in it.
The calendar is more of an agenda calendar, where you’re supposed to write in what you’re doing that day.
I think it’s funny because they already have each member’s birthday’s written in. XD
The calendar came with this tape looking stuff that says NEWS. I have no idea what it’s for. My mom says that it looks like it’s temporary tattoos, but I’m never going to use it so I’ll never know. XD
The booklet is filled with a lot of cute pictures.
It also has like 32 shop photos with it. But they are attatched to the calendar, so of course I’m never gonna rip them out. But it’s awesome that they were included.
On the back of the shop photos each member wrote messages, too bad I can’t read them. :/
I do love my NEWS calendar but I think it’s a bit of a rip off.
It’s nearly the same size as the Hey! Say! JUMP one.
And nearly the same exact width. But it’s $10 more and you get less stuff. :/
The last thing I got was my prizes.
I recently came in second place in International Wota’s I Wonder What Idol Flesh Taste Like contest for my Kusumi Koharu soufflé. I won a signed copy of I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like and a $30 YesAsia gift card. So, I decided to buy Morning Musume’s All Coupling Complete CD. It was the most bang for my buck, I picked it up for $25. It was the Korean version though, but who cares. I really wanted to buy the Maji Desu ka Ska single, since I absolutely love that song. But I wasn’t spending $15 for 2 songs. I guess I’m cheap and a bad fan. But I will never spend $15 for 2 songs. When I can get an American CD for $10, and I got 42 songs for $25. I guess I’m just a terrible fan. But I probably won’t care as much when I actually have a job. XD
I was also super excited to get Justin’s autograph.
I never had a book with the author’s autograph before, so I am beyond happy I have one now.
He also included some purikura pictures, which are really cute.

Why don’t I listen to SKE48 more?

Lately I’ve been getting into AKB48 a lot. I’m pretty much a full fledged fan. Besides the fact that I don’t know the girl’s personalities yet. Which is a work in progress. And since I’ve been focusing a lot on AKB48, I’ve pretty much been lazily following the sister groups. But now I see that I’ve been completely wrong in doing so. And because of this, I feel extremely stupid for neglecting them. Well, when I say them I mean SKE48. I’ve been following SDN48 closer than SKE48 because they are newer and easier to keep track of. And I’m sure you’re also wondering what I mean by, “because of this.”

Well, I’ll tell you exactly what this is. But first I want to start by talking about how I’ve been following SKE48. It’s not really following at all. I first became aware of SKE48 when they opened their official youtube channel. Mostly because everyone was making a big deal about it. I was intrigued so I wanted to find out exactly what they were about. So, I watched the Gomen ne, Summer PV and pretty much called it a day. I ended up liking the song, but have only listened to it a handful of times. Then a couple of months later I randomly found Tsuyokimono yo on youtube. I liked that song a little more and listened to it a couple of times every few weeks. Then when 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku! came out I actually wasn’t impressed with it. But a few months ago it got stuck in my head, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. But that’s pretty much the extent of what I listen to SKE48. I mean, when I heard about Banzai Venus I didn’t even bother listening to it.

I guess I should get back to why any of this is important. Recently AKB48 performed a medley on Music Japan, which I of course watched. While I was watching their performance I noticed how SKE48’s performance on Music Japan was a related video. I decided to watch it on a whim because I like 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku! and felt like listening to it. That was probably the best decision ever because after I watched the performance I basically instantly became of fan of theirs. The performance was absolutely incredible. It was so high energy and engaging that I was pretty much mesmerized. The performance was so awesome, half because both songs are my favorite type of idol song: heavy music, super upbeat, energetic, and cutesy. And half because both songs have insanely amazing dances. They both look pretty intricate and some what difficult. Which makes them fun to watch. I just found the whole performance completely engaging from start to finish.

All this really did was show me I need to start paying closer attention to SKE48. Because honestly, if they keep releasing songs like their last 2 singles I’ll probably end up liking them more than AKB48.

Here’s their Music Japan performance for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

9th gen official member colors revealed!

After being part of Morning Musume for 3 months now, the 9th generation’s official member colors are finally revealed. Obviously because the 9th gen’s debut concert tour is starting up we finally get to see their shirts and see their colors. I had my suspicions and hopes of what each member’s colors might be, but I was completely off.

The colors are as follows:

Mizuki is hot pink, Erina is dark purple, Riho is red, and Kanon is dark green. I’m a little dissapointed by the color choices. As it is now every member besides Ai, Reina, and Riho share a color. They should have seriously gave someone orange. I don’t know why Eri’s color was basically off limits, but they jumped to give Koharu’s and LinLin’s away. Also, because of this I guess Sayumi shifts to being just pale pink, Aika shifts to lavender, and Risa stays at her regular green. I know there are a limited amount of colors and obviously some member’s colors are going to overlap. But they didn’t have to overlap so much. If they made Kanon orange and changed Mizuki from hot pink to peach, only the two purples would overlap.
But I actually don’t expect these official colors to last for long. This fall when Ai-chan graduates her yellow will be up for grabs. And because of that I think the whole color scheme will change.

Follow me on twitter!

I’ve finally given in. After years of saying how I would never get a twitter, I finally have. Mostly because all the cool kids are doing it. Except not really. XD I actually decided to get a twitter because after seeing some blogger’s twitters it actually looks like fun.

But you know, I was surprised by who’s on twitter. Twitter is supposed to be the coolest social network site for celebrities. But I looked up like 30 American celebrities that don’t have twitters. Makes me kinda angry actually. Now I have hardly anyone to follow.

I’ve officially joined the twitter revolution. You can following me by clicking here. Of course my twitter name is AimxAim. XD Eventually I’m going to add my twitter stream to my blog, but I’m too lazy to mess with coding now.
So, there you have it my twitter. Follow me, tweet me, tell me how much you hate my blog, or whatever. I’m going to use my twitter to post blog updates like posts. But since this is the only twitter I have, I’m also going to post random things as well.

Site updates

With the recent events unfolding in Japan I took some time off from blogging in respect for Japan. But in my blog’s down time I decided to do some behind the scenes work on my blog and give it a few updates.

The first update being the navigation menu. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but the old layout of my blog had links on the top of the blog to click to home, about, and contact. But after I switched to my new layout for some reason the code didn’t take with the new layout and automatically created a links section on my side bar. Since the links section worked just as well, I didn’t really feel like messing with it at the time. Instead I always kept in mind that I needed to fix it. Of course I always put it off because I am terrible at HTML, and I have to find a premade HTML code. But it’s extremely difficult to find I premade code that is actually nice looking, and that I can easily manipulate. But I finally found one that matched my layout and was fairly easy to adjust the colors. Also, for some reason my blog’s name is written across the nabigation menu, and I ave no idea how to fix that. If anyone knows a way to get rid of that, that would be a huge help.

And of course the second update I did was add more banners. I’m like addicted to making banners. Because they are cute and set my blog apart from other blogs. With the ones I just made it now brings me up to 35 banners. You think that a lot, but I’m not where near done. I still have to make a new Momusu one featuring the 9th gen, and after I know more about a few other idol groups I want make banners for them. And I eventually wanted to make Morning Musume generation banners as well as Team banners for the 48 groups. The banners I made now were subgroups, and groups I’ve been putting off making because I don’t follow them that closely.
So here are the new banners:

Watarirouka Hashiritai


Not Yet

Mano Erina





These aren’t even all the updated I have in mind. Eventually I’m also going to add twitter because a lot of other blogs have twitter. I actually already made an account but I haven’t done much else to it, so I’m not posting it yet. XD

And I also wanted to say that I have officially returned to blogging. Since a majority of bloggers have returned as well. And even Japan seems to be getting back to the swing of things with Music Station making its return. So, my next post will be my return post. 😀

High standards or fan biases: Are Morning Musume PVs really that bad?

As I’m sure most idol fans or just Hello!Project fans already know, a short PV preview was released for Morning Musume’s upcoming new single Maji Desu ka Ska. This is the second PV preview we’ve gotten and the second time the fan’s reactions have been split. Of course the reactions are split for all PVs. Opinions differ, personal preferences are taken into consideration, and quite honestly you can’t please everyone. Despite, how hard you try some fans will always be disappointed by a PV due to their own high expectations. But, when I saw the PV previews for Maji Desu ka Ska I was impressed. I was honestly impressed. The song is upbeat, the dance is simple but high energy and cute, the outfits are vibrant, vivid, and cute. But I still found that a lot of Morning Musume fans still thought the PV was terrible. Because it follows the same formula that Morning Musume PVs have followed lately.

But then I started to think, why do fans hate this formula so much? Do they not realize this is how Morning Musume has always made their PVs? If they haven’t, were they following the same group as I was? Morning Musume is my absolute favorite idol group. I follow them the closest, and I critic them the closest. When I dislike something they are doing I strongly voice my opinion about it. But it seems fans are negatively voicing their opinions just to voice their opinion. If you go back and watch all of Morning Musume’s PVs they all follow the same formula. Close-up shot, dance shot, and then random scenes of the girls when no one is singing, which is usually a mixture of close-ups or full body shots.

Morning Musume has hardly ever made a PV with an actual story line, or something else going on besides this formula. I can literally only name a handful of Morning Musume PVs that aren’t like this. And those PV are: Aruiteru, The Peace, Namida Tomaranai Houkago, Roman My Dear Boy, I Wish, Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima, Do It! Now, Mr. Moonligh ~Ai no Big Band~, and Koko ni Iruzee.

You could also argue that Egao Yes Nude, Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, Naichau Kamo, Souda! We’re Alive, and Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan count as well. But I don’t count rolling in a bed, saying suki up-close, crying up close, jumping in heigh, or breaking fake glass as a story line.

I’m sure a lot of people reading this find that hard to believe. Since a lot of fans are waiting for them to make interesting PVs again. But all of their PVs have been the same. Even if you’re consciously unaware of that fact. But make no mistake, Morning Musume follows that formula and so do most idol groups. And when I say you might not be consciously aware of this, I mean because directors have tricks to make a seemingly boring/low budget PV look more exciting or entertaining.

Now, that might be them having their close-ups in a more exciting setting then the rest of the PV.

Showing more shots of the setting/having them look like they are doing something. That eludes to a storyline without actually establishing one.

Have more than one shot of the dance. Seeing the same dance in different outfits adds the illusion that you’re seeing something new, even though you’re not.

Have them do something more interesting during their close-ups. Just because they are spinning and not standing doesn’t make it less of just another close-up.

Have them wear more than one outfit, having another outfit makes the PV more dynamic. It also makes it look like it has a high budget and fans will often over look the lack of a storyline if there is more than one outfit.

Now, all of this might have been visually appealing and exciting but that doesn’t make it a storyline. A storyline has dialogue that lets you know what’s going on in it. Or it silently follows a storyline. Like falling in love, going to the beach, committing suicide, or just about anything really. Something that actually tells you a story while you watch it. Apparently Morning Musume fans want of all of Momusu’s PVs to be Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. But aside from AKB48, most idols aren’t making PVs like this. Name the last idol PV you actually saw that had a storyline. I mean like the ones you see in American music videos. I honestly can’t think of any. Within or outside of H!P.

Then if the storyline isn’t a problem, what is? If you take the storyline out of a PV you’re left only with the other pieces. Which are the dance shots and close-ups. Which are the PVs that JE and some 48 groups and subgroups are making, as well as lesser know idol groups. But I hardly ever see any of those fans complain. And I have to wonder if it’s because the fans like that formula, or is it that these groups are so popular and on top of their genres (male and female idols separately of course) that they have nothing to complain about? I’m going to go with the second one.

Here are some idol PVs that are the same caliber as Morning Musume’s PVs.

KAT-TUN-Ultimate Wheels

Hey! Say! JUMP-Arigatou Sekai no Doko ni itemo



Canary Club-Daisukki

Not Yet-Shuumatsu Not Yet

AKB48-Chance no Junban

And of course there are plenty more. But these are just the ones I could think of on the top of my head because they are recent.

But despite all this, it always seems like Morning Musume are judged more harshly. That Morning Musume is the only group making bad PVs. I don’t understand the bias between fans. And I don’t understand how harshly PVs are judged. I understand that sometimes a PV is so awful you have to complain. But every single Momusu PV gets judged harshly. No matter how much better it is than a previous PV or how similar other idol PVs are. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I might like H!P and JE the most but when their PVs suck I’m the first one to say it. And when their PVs don’t suck I’m there praising it. These are idol PVs, and to expect them to be a masterpiece is ridiculous.

It seems like fans are also judging Momusu too harshy is because they have been around for a long time and are dwindling a bit. And hating on them is the cool thing to do in the idol fandom. But what about Arashi? They hardly ever release interesting PVs or ones that break the standard formula. But they have been around nearly as long as Momusu and sell significantly higher than them. And yet rabid Arashi fangirls hardly complain about anything they do.

I don’t know, this is basically just a rant. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of comments telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Or that they are an unbiased fan, so that in some way means all fans are unbiased. I think I might actually be one of the few truly unbiased fans out there. And I know that sounds extremely arrogant, but sometimes it does feel that way. I just really wanted to get all of this off of my chest. So, what does everyone think? Thoughts, opinions, disagreements. I’d love to hear other fan’s inputs.

YY becomes Yan Yan

Johnnys Net has officially announced that this April  that Hey! Say! JUMP members Yaotome Hikaru’s and Yabu Kota’s show YY JUMPing will be replaced with a new show called Yan Yan JUMP. Yan Yan JUMP is said to be a show featuring Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny’s Junior.

Now, even thought the commercial says it’s going to feature Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny’s Junior doesn’t mean it’s going to feature all of them. Obviously they can’t feature all of Johnny’s Junior, there are just too many of them. I suppose they could shuffle the Juniors every week, but I doubt they would do that because that would be a lot of extra work and effort. And besides, School Kakumei and YY JUMPing pretty much use the same Juniors ever week. But what’s really important is if they are going to have all 10 HSJ members or not. A couple of weeks back Yabu mentioned that he wanted to have a show with all 10 Hey! Say! JUMP members. So, was his comment actually giving fans a hint of what to expect? I actually kind of doubt it, but I really want it to be true. I’m tired of only about 7 members of HSJ being on TV shows, while the other 3 do nothing. And I’m even more tired of those TV shows not being just one TV show. Even if the members get shuffled every week, I would love for their to be a show that is for all 10 of Hey! Say! JUMP.

However, watching the commercial makes me doubt that’s actually going to happen.

The commerical shows Hikaru, Daiki, and two ABC-Z members. One of which is Hashimoto Ryosuke, who is completely the reason my beloved Arihara Kanna had to leave C-ute to “finish her studies.”
Which makes me think that Yan Yan JUMP is going to be exactly like YY JUMPing. But instead of Hikaru and Yabu, it’s Hikaru and Daiki. Which is completely unfair, if that turns out to be what Yan Yan JUMP is like. If we were going for fair Yan Yan JUMP should consist of Yabu, Ryutaro, Keito, and Inoo. Hikaru, Chinen, and Ryosuke have School Kakumei and come April Takaki, Yuto, and Daiki will have Shounen Club. Technically Shounen Club is supposed to be Hey! Say! JUMP as hosts, but it’s totally only going to be those 3.  And some could argue that Shounen Club doesn’t count as they are only MCing and it’s not a variety show. But, whatever.

Come April JUMP fans are either going to be really happy or really dissapointed.

Embedding is disabled, so click here to watch the commercial.

Would global 48 groups even work?

I orignally wanted this to be part of my Taiwan48 post, but this post was way too long to be included. So, here we are a whole new post dedicated to the possibility of other global 48 groups. XD

It seems a majority of fans have been responding negatively to the idea of foreign 48 groups since day one. But I have been absolutely excited. Despite not being a fan of AKB48 2 years ago, I was all for the idea of World48 when I heard about it. Since I am a Japanese music fan, I was thrilled about anything that would spread Japanese music and/or style around the world. Especially if it might happen here in the US.

Most fans have been shooting down the possibility of a global franchise for 3 reasons. (You know I have to overanalyze this and write more in more depth about this because I’m such a nerd.) Also, This is an EXTREMELY long post. So, stop reading if you don’t feel like reading for a good 10 minutes give or take.

The first reason being they won’t like it because they prefer things that are Japanese. Now, before I start my explanation of this let me say that I DO NOT personally know fans like this. But after years of reading forums, blogs, youtube comments, and having actual conversations, I assure you these types of fans DO exist. Please don’t take offense in this. I am not suggesting that the people who read this blog or are reading this blog now are like this. There, was that warning PC enough? XD

They would much prefer if Japanese music was a sub culture. Having the music spread would completely defeat the purpose. That way if they are the only person who  knows about the ultra cool Japabese things can they feel superior. Which deals with the whole elitism in the Japanese music community. And don’t tell me it doesn’t exist. Try joining a Jrock LJ community or Jrock forum (which is how I found out) and see how elitist the Jrock fandom is. I had a friend who literally looked down on me because I didn’t know absolutely everything about anime and anime music, and she did so that made her so much better than me. Which, I might add I wasn’t even that into. I liked Japanese music not JUST anime music. Which she only liked anime music. I will never forget the first thing I said to her. “You like Japanese music?! Do you like Morning Musume,” she responded she didn’t know who they were so I almost angrily said, “How can you like Japanese music and not know who Morning Musume are?!” Ah, good times. XD
Also, I have heard fans who literally do not want their Japanese or Asian singers known worldwide. I have no idea why. I guess they treat it as something precious and amazing, that only they like. And if the whole world suddenly learned about it would lose all it’s appeal. Which would makes those fans elites, who only like it too feel superior and trendy.

The other reason is only liking Japanese things because they are Japanese. The absolutely first second I started liking Japanese music I was labeled a weebo and a Japanophile. That I liked absolutely ANYTHING just because it was Japanese. Regardless of how terrible it actually was. One of my sister’s friends even called me an Egg. Which made me completely angry! Which was never true for me. I still listen to American music. I do not wish I was Japanese nor do I wish I lived in Japan. I am 100% happy being American. I am completely consumed in everything American and can’t imagine living anywhere else. But a vast majority of Japanese fans are like that. How do I know? Practically every friend I ever made friends with because they liked Japanese music also, where straight up Japanophiles. Case and point, I was at Japanese restaurant. Where my friends go to ALL the time. My and my friends literally go there like 2 or 3 times a week, I might add. It was my first time there and first time eating Japanese food. But, I knew I wouldn’t like it. I don’t like rice, fish, beans, or most vegetables, so it was pretty obvious. I tried some of my friends miso soup because there was no way I was going to buy something I most likely wasn’t going to like. So, I had a spoonful. And no offence to anyone, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. And I will never forget her response. “I knew you weren’t going to like it. Miso soup is an acquired taste.” And of course my response was. “There’s no such thing as an acquired taste. That just means you’re forcing yourself to like it because it’s Japanese” Which she completely was. (This was also anime girl btw. XD) And this has to be why a lot of fans WILL NOT accept international 48 groups. And as hard as it is for people to accept that, this is a much bigger reason that people do or want to realize. There are people out there who only like Japanese things. Only eat Japanese food. Only listen to Japanese music. Only wear Japanese like clothes. And think Japan is the best country in the world. Believe me they exist, I know a few. Thankfully not to such and obsessive annoying degree, but they are like that. So, with that mind set, the global 48 groups would, no matter what, automatically be worse than the Japanese one. It would be a horrible rip off that should never exist, because it’s very existence is brining down the original Japanese one. Which is absolutely ludicrous!

The second reason of course being, that 48 groups would never last in the west. Of course that out come is possible. But honestly, with the right producing and promotion anything could happen. Yes, Japanese idol culture does not exist in any shape or form in the US. It’s closest equivalent, Dinsey artists, aren’t anything near what an idol is. But obvious if the music was altered from idol music, and transformed into what is popular in that country they’d have a real shot. Such as the US would have a hip hop, autotuned, sexy, vibe. Where as a country in Europe would have a more techno infused dance song.
But not even that, there are some US artists that are making essentially cutesy “idol” music. Katy Perry released the relatively cute sounding song, California Gurls, with an even cuter youthful almost idol looking music video. And a song like Teenage Dream with lyrics about teenage love, that lyrically sounds like something AKB48 would release. Yet, she’s a legit artist. How about Taylor Swift? Despite being 20 her music is mostly poorly written songs geared toward teenage girls. I mean, try and tell me You Belong With Me, Fifteen, and Love Story aren’t written like and for a fourteen year old girl. And how about the Jonas Brothers? Yes, they are disney stars, but they were still able to break away from that a bit. But listen to songs like Hello Beautiful, Got Me Going Crazy, Infatuation, Lovebug, Pushing Me Away don’t sound like they could be JE songs? I mean lyrically they are the same caliber that Johnny’s songs are. And if you can’t see that, you’re obviously really biased. The Jonas Brother’s idol-esque lyrics are the main reason I got into them in the first place.

Another reason people think they might fail is because of the whole school girl uniform type outfits. Which is completely true in a sense. I don’t know about any other country, but here in the US school uniforms aren’t really that common. In the US only catholic schools and prep schools wear uniforms. So that’s only about half the country, if not less. In Japan they are a big deal socially since every student in every school wears uniforms. But any outfit could become accepted. Remember Gwen Stefani’s whole Harajuku Girls phase? That was weird and Japanese but accepted. And if people accept Lady Gaga wearing dresses made out of meat and condoms, I think school uniforms could become accepted. It could also become a fashion trend. If military, navy, and freaking beige can be popular trends in fashion now, why can’t school girl outfits? However, since it is the US the only way school girl outfits would fly is if they were sexy or at least a little bit flirty. Remember a few months back when that Mexican group used the music for AKB48’s Beginner? Remember how sexy and revealing their outfits were? Yeah, that’s almost what USA48 would look like.

The 3rd reason obviously being they are teenage girls. 48 groups, minus SDN48, are teenage girls, and regardless of the country they would stay teenage girls. It might fly in Japan for teenage girls too dances around in bikinis, run around in lingerie, take photo shoots wearing bra and panties, and sometimes singing about having sex with adult, it definitely won’t fly in the US. People would be up in arms in no time. Looking sexually at anyone under the age of 18 is extremely frowned upon. And AKB48’s whole appeal is sexualizing their school girl image, which would not be allowed to be done. Do you remember how much heat Miley Cyrus got for pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards when she did? For USA48 to even be allowed to happen it would have to be completely reformatted, or it would have to be based off of SDN48 instead of AKB48.

Even though global 48 groups would have to be intricately designed to appeal to their specific country, I actually think they could in fact be popular. But much like any artist or group, it’s all about selling it correctly. And I can see things like janken tournaments and senbatsu elections being really popular. As well as the idols you can meet concept being a huge fan favorite. And who knows, if all goes well we could see sister groups. Such as NYC48, LSA48, ATL48, CGO48, etc.

I spot Kusano!

As some of you may know I am completely a Kusano creeper. Mostly because I miss him in NEWS, both his face and voice. And he should have never been kicked out in the first place. I’ve seen the pictures, it’s obviously soda! And of course my utter resentment for Uchi who actually did drink underage, but is nonchalantly in JE activities while Kusano does nothing. :/

And for that reason I like to keep updated on what Kusano is up to. Such as that modeling he did for that random store nearly a year ago! But since Kusano does virtually nothing, keeping updated on him involves creepily searching for tabloid pictures he’s in. Where he usually has a black bar or pixilation over his eyes or face, which is completely frustrating.

So, when I saw DBSK’s/TVXQ’s JYJ’s Jaejoong took a picture of his friends I honestly didn’t care much. That is until I took a closer look. Beyond the always sexy Yamapi and Shirota Yuu, there’s Kusano!

I’m sure a lot of people overlooked him because he’s looking at the ground. But it’s completely him. You can so tell it’s him by the side of his face, and how that’s the hairstyle he has a few years ago.

I am extremely sad that Johnny still owns his soul, and god forbid he ever show his shamefull face. I mean seriously, it’s a picture with his friends and he has to bend forward. Will the insanity never end? XD Though, I am happy that he’s back to a hairstyle where he actually looks attractive. I hated him with long hair.

But whatever, since Kusano is doing nothing I’ll settle for some side face. You have no idea how excited I am over his side face. That’s so sad. XD

Tanaka Koki has a new hairstyle

KAT-TUN made an appearance on yesterday’s Heyx3 episode. But what made the episode really interesting was that my beloved Tanaka Koki was sporting a new hairstyle. (Yes, this is a rather shallow and pointless post. But I love Koki so I don’t really need an excuse to make a post about him.)

When I first saw Koki’s hair I thought it was a little dorky looking. But after I looked about it for about 30 seconds or so, I actually do like it. The hair itself is a tiny bit weird, but there’s something so appealing to me about Tanaka Koki, that I don’t really care what his hair looks like. I bet if he had his hideous shaved head from Real Face, I’d probably be into it anyway. I am always afraid that my favorite idol is going to change their hair and get something completely hideous. Especially Koki because to me Koki only looks super incredible with black hair. Every other hair style is only mediocre to me. But since he has a new hairstyle and I do like it. (It’s just going to take a while for it to grow on me. I didn’t even like his Change UR World hair when I first saw it. And I now think that was the best hairstyle he ever had. XD) This calls for a “Koki has a new hairstyle picspam!”

Even though I don’t speak Japanese I though this episode of Heyx3 was really enjoyable. Of course mostly because it focused almost the whole time on Koki. And Koki is always really entertaining. I can’t wait until someone subs this episode. It looks like he’s visiting some sort of weird ghost shrine or something odd like that. Koki seems to really be into that type of stuff. I remember on a show a couple of months ago he went and got a license for hunting some mythical creature. I can’t remember what it was exactly. I think it was a Kappa license. But I’m 100% on that. I’m pretty sure it was a goblin of some sort. And water goblin seems really familiar. As I said I watched that show a couple of months back. I guess that makes me a bad Koki fangirl. I should probably remember every single detail of his life from memory. But that’s way too difficult. I have way too much idol stuff to remember to know absolutely everything about everyone.

The Ultimate Wheels performance was pretty good too. But I’ve seen that song performed so many times live that all the performances just sort of blend and blur together. Since all the Ultimate Wheels performances sound the same to me, except that one where Kame flubbed the high note, the only thing that really stands out about this one is Kame looks gorgeous and Koki winked yet again. Which made the performance significantly better.

Here’s the video for anyone out there that wants to bask in the hottness that is Tanaka Koki. Or if you just want to watch the episode. XD But you should watch it quick, because no doubt it will be gone in a few days if not hours. :/

I spent my Valentine’s Day with Akimoto Yasushi

The title of this blog post is of course misleading. But I did indeed spend a fraction of my Valentine’s Day with Aki-P. If you remotely care you can read on, and find out how. It’s a lot more mundane then you’re probably expecting. XD

It was pretty much the end of Valentine’s Day and I was sitting on my couch watching TV with my mom. Since everything else was already half over, she decided to put on an old episode of Iron Chef. Mostly because a couple of years ago we used to watch Iron Chef all the time, and it was also the Valentine’s Day episode. Well, that and my mom, despite refusing to admit it, totally has the hots for Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Which is both disgusting and hilarious.

I was only half paying attention to the episode because I was getting pretty tried and I didn’t really feel like watching Iron Chef. So, it got to the best part judging. But since I wasn’t paying attention I missed who the first judge was. Of course it had to be the first judge. Because when it got to the second judge I commented how she was only half Japanese. XD

So, I was watching the judging pretty oblivious the first half. And then it hit me. I started to think that looks a lot like Aki-P. So I asked my mom what the male judges name was. Of course she didn’t know because she could probably barely pronounce it let alone remember the name. So I said to her if his last name is Akimoto I totally know who it is. I then had to wait until the end of the episode to see the judge’s scores to see their names, and if it was him. But the Cooking Channel hates me and right after the winner was announced they cut the ending. So I had to jump up and rewind it all the way back to when the judges were introduced.

And of course it was him. And because it was him I got WAY more excited then I should have. I literally jumped up and down and said to my mom, “OMG it’s him! I knew it! It’s him!” And then I said for about 5-10 minutes about how, “I didn’t think it was really him. I can’t believe it’s him. And he’s only on the Valentine’s episode because of the song he wrote about Valentine’s Day.” Yeah I take my idol fandom pretty seriously. XD
And it’s also really funny because when my mom first put Iron Chef on my exact words were, “I really wish they made Iron Chef today, because if they did I would know who the judges were. I bet they’d have some former Morning Musume as judges.” Which is pretty funny because I actually knew someone on the episode.

I also wasn’t 100% sure it was Aki-P because I have only seen a picture of him maybe 3 times. But after googling him he looks exactly the same. XD Also, I think because I made such a big deal about recognizing him that my mom thinks I’m like in love with him or something. Which is whatever, I don’t really care too much if she thinks that. But she obviously doesn’t think I have eyes. XD I’m sure there are people reading this going, “Of course Akimoto was a judge on Iron Chef. I totally already knew that.” But I had absolutely no idea he ever did. And why would I? That show is 16 years old, and he’s just the songwriter and producer he doesn’t really matter that much. I mean, I don’t know anything about Tsunku or Johnny Kitagawa either.

Yeah, believe it or not that was the highlight of my Valentine’s Day. Yes, Aki-P made my Valentine’s Day because I’m alone this year. But I still think seeing him on Iron Chef was pretty awesome regardless. XD

Help me make JM better!

Since the new year has finally set in, I’ve been thinking about making some changes to Janakya Mottainai. Of course changes for the better. Since this July is Janakya Mottainai’s 3rd anniversary, (Can you believe it?) I really want to make this blog 100 times better for the people reading it.

So, right now I would just love to see what some of my reader’s think about this blog. Basically I want you to tell me what you would like me to write about, something you wish I would write about, or something I need to fix/change. And I don’t want anyone to hold back! Be brutally honest if you have to! If you think I’m too opinionated, tell me. If my overall writing sucks, let me know. If there’s some stories you’d wish I write about, don’t be bashful. Make the critique about absolutely anything at all! My blog’s too bland, I don’t post enough, you want more overanalyzed predictions, or whatever.
Writing this blog means absolutely nothing if the people reading it don’t enjoy it.

Here are some things I’m thinking about blogging about. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading posts about them.

-Commercials: I am writing about idols after all, and idols get lots of endorsements. But I have only ever made 2 or 3 posts about commercials in this blog. Commercials fall under a news category and I know people like to know the absolute latest news about their favorite idol/idol group. And since my blog focuses a lot on news, I think I should be posting about ALL the news.

-Release announcements: The absolute first time I mention a single is when a preview comes out. And I never even mention new albums! I have seen a lot of blogs making entire posts when new singles are announced. I feel like a lot of people reading this would want to know the second their idols are releasing something new.

-Live performances: I know I cannot wait until my favorite idols perform their songs on TV shows. But I only every post about live performances if it’s the first preview of a song, the performance is special (such as a medley or MM OGs), I’m extremely into the song, or my favorite idol looks hot in the performance. I know, completely shallow. :/ I think a lot of fans would want a link to watch the most recent performance of a song.

In the past I’ve felt that all of these are too trivial to mention or readers wouldn’t actually care about them. But the more I think about them, the more important they seem.

Also there is one thing I probably won’t be blogging about, and that’s album reviews. Not because I don’t want to or I’m too lazy. It’s mainly because I don’t speak Japanese. And to form a decent opinion on a song you need to know what is being said. I think the album review’s quality would suffer by just basing it on overall sound alone. Thank god people seem to translate singles really quickly, a lot of them are translated shortly after the previews come out. But it takes people a lot longer to translate albums. So if my readers didn’t mind waiting 6 months for album reviews, I’d love to do them. But I’m always worried people won’t be interested if the post isn’t made the second the album comes out.

As you can see my reader’s thoughts, comments, opinions, advice, and critique matter a lot to me. I write this blog a lot for myself, but I also write it for my readers. Or anyone else who checks out my blog randomly for a minute. I just want to make my posts the absolute best I am capable of making them.

Merry Christmas!~

Hello all! I wanted to take this time to let everyone know that I will be going on my yearly Christmas hiatus. As it comes down the wire with only 2 days until Christmas Eve, there are a million things I have to do. And this year is especially tough. As, some daily readers will remember, my mom had a stroke a couple of months ago. So, now that it’s the holidays I have to do what I normally do times a hundred. Which mostly involves cooking everything for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. (Along with my sister of course.)

And I know there are A LOT of things I am going to miss/are missing now. Oricon’s 2010 top singles and albums, Berryz Koubou performing at Sakura Con, the preview of their new single Magical Future, the preview for S/mileage’s single Shortcut, Kohaku’s song list, and the vague announcement about Sengoku Minami. Plus whatever else I am missing. So, I hope everyone who reads my blog doesn’t mind waiting for my opinions on what’s happening in the idol world. My hiatus will most likely be until anywhere December 28-January 1st.

So I really hope everyone reading my blog has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Muharram! As well as a belated Happy Hanukkah and Happy Winter Solstice!

Just know without my blog I will be a very alone. And it will be an Aitai Lonely Christmas.

But I hope yours is a White Xmas.

Perhaps one where you’ll meet your Prince.

Or maybe it will just be a pink Xmas.

Or you’ll take a ride on the Snow Express.

Or you’ll find your Christmas Rose.

Or whatever, just as long as it’s an eventful Christmas.

And you’re not too booked.

Worst Singles of 2010

I’m bringing you my third, and possibly last, 2010 ranking: the worst singles of 2010. Let’s be honest not every single is an instant classic. And it’s practically impossible to like every single song idols make.

Believe it or not this was the absolute hardest countdown to make. Even though I am incredibly critical of songs, and may like songs less than other songs, I can’t think of one song I truly hate. Even though this is labeled as the worst, I don’t find this songs to be so horrible I can’t listen to them. These are just my least favorite singles. Which, technically makes them the worst.

Here’s my list.

10. Going! – KAT-TUN

When this song came out I thought it was utter garbage. Since then I have started to like it a little bit more, but I definitely think it’s one of KAT-TUN’s weakest A-sides ever. This was KAT-TUN’s first single without Jin. (When he still was going to come back.) And honestly it seems like they didn’t know what to do without him. So they made a song with auto tune and mediocre music and passed it off as acceptable. What I really dislike about this song is the pitch never changes. The verse, bridge, and chorus are all song almost identically. Except for some extended notes no other aspect denotes that it’s a different part of the song. The lyrics are pretty lame too. They try to come off as inspiring, telling you to chase your dream. But it just seems cheesy to me.

9. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama – S/mileage

When I first heard this song I really did like it. The music is catchy, the beat is danceable, and overall it sounds really cute. It seems to have everything going for it. That is until you read the actual lyrics of the song. Not only are the lyrics not the best written in the world, it doesn’t really make sense. I still don’t see how anyone’s rival in love could be a mother. I doubt the mother would even look twice at a teenager. There you go, problem solved. And the song doesn’t even say the mother wants him. They just accept her as their rival because she is pretty.

8. Aitai Riyu – AAA

It really seems like everyone in the world loves this song, except me. I’m pretty sure from some award show this song is up for best song. But I just don’t get it. The song has every element that I usually like. It’s kinda touching and is about longing for someone. But to me the song is just lackluster. And some parts even come off as whiny. For that reason it reminds me of Osaka Koi no Uta.

7. Sakura Girl – NEWS

When this song first came out I actually did like it. But that’s mostly because I was so NEWS deprived I would have settled for any song. At the time if they made a song about octopi I would have sung it’s praises. And it’s not even that this song is bad, because it’s not. I mean, the harmonies are absolutely incredible. However, the song itself is pretty mediocre. And so it makes it on the list. Maybe it’s the way that it’s sung in soft tone, but this song is actually really forgettable. I literally haven’t listened to this song since about 2 months after it was released. And it’s a shame because I do think the lyrics have some really cute aspects to it. But I just can’t get into it.

6. Wonderful World – Kanjani8

I guess I should probably love this song because of the utter weirdness and lack of seriousness of it. But I find the song itself to be so lame that I’m actually embarrassed to be listening to it. And believe me I do enjoy the crazyness that is Kanjani8. But the only thing this song has going for it is that it’s random. What I like about their other songs is that the lyrics are actually good. I mean literally half the song is them saying wonderful. But this is absolutely catchy and I want to like the song. Really I do. But I absolutely refuse to like or listen to music that has absolutely no meaning. Hence why I’m so critical of music. And hence why I listen to so much Japanese music in the first place. I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of people jumping down my throat saying I don’t know what I’m talking about, that this song has such a deep meaning.

5. Dear Snow – Arashi

Dear Snow has the exact same problem that Sakura Girl has. The song is just ok. The lyrics are really sweet. But Arashi has released like a hundred songs with basically the same exact lyrics. And even though I do like the lyrics, there’s nothing special about the music to draw me in and make me like it. Or think it’s better than just being mediocre. Which is why I like Sakura Girl more, at least the music is interesting. The lovely amount of Nino solos doesn’t even make me like this song more.

4. AkKanbe Bashi – Watarirouka Hashiritai

Watarirouka Hashiritai usually makes some of the best and cutest idol songs out there. So, I was completely surprised when I heard this song. First off, I absolutely hate the music and the way it’s sung, it makes it sound like a children’s song. I swear some parts of it sound almost exactly like do your ears hang low. It just makes the song overly immature. If that aspect alone wasn’t enough, the lyrics are terrible. I’m not even sure what a taunt bridge even is. Apparently the whole song is about taunting the person you want to confess to on the taunt bridge to become a couple. Which is completely random and stupid. Unless a taunt bridge is part of some obscure Japanese fairytale I’ve just never heard of.

3. Sakura no Shiori – AKB48

I absolutely hate how this song is sung. I’m not really a fan of choir music to begin with, but to mix it with AKB48 is just, in my opinion, a horrible combination. But it really has nothing to do with AKB48 per say. No matter who released a choir single, I would hate it. The lyrics themselves also aren’t the best. It’s basically about the cherry blossoms being a symbol of parting with someone. And it’s basically almost the exact same as AKB48’s song 10nen Zakura. Which is a way better song.

2. Seishun Collection – Morning Musume

Seishun Collection seems to be the one song that everyone seems to hate. It seems diehard Momusu fans and non-fans alike, can agree on just how awful it is. I think a main reason I dislike the song is because of just how bland and washed out it sounds. The music is soft but at the same time it’s trying to be upbeat, but failing terribly. And the song is sung in such a calm matter that it is absolutely forgettable. The lyrics aren’t anything to write home about either. The lyrics are trying to be fun and inspirational. Telling you that life is to short and to live without regrets, while boldly facing the future. But the song lacks a punch, and because of that the lyrics feel empty.

1. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ – C-ute

Surprised I found a song to top Seishun Collection? Didn’t think it was possible? But of course it was, and it’s called Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. This songs has got to contain the stupidest lyrics that have come out of H!P in a long time. The lyrics from the verse and bridge are pretty much on par with what H!P usually releases, but it’s the chorus that ruins everything. Oh yeah, making an entire song about being thankful for being born, isn’t complete garbage or anything. A chorus is pretty much what defines a song. And if it’s not good it brings the entire song down, like it did with this song. Because, honestly, if this song had a better chorus I’d probably like it more. The music isn’t half bad and the other lyrics aren’t so terrible.

Best Album Songs of 2010

Continuing in my 2010 countdown extravaganza, (every time I use the word extravaganza I can’t help but think of RuPaul) this post is dedicated to the best album songs of 2010. 2010 was an extremely great year for idol albums. Nearly every main group in idol agencies released albums. Not to mention the subgroups that released albums. There was tons of songs to pick through. Which made picking my main ten songs super difficult. And since there are so many songs, you know I had to add some honorable mentions as well. ;] Also, I tried to make every song a group song, solos just wouldn’t have seemed right.

10. Shigatsu Sengen – C-ute

I remember when I first saw the PV for this song. I was so under whelmed by it I decided to skip the whole Shocking 5 album all together. And for a while I did. But after another listen, and actually giving the song a chance, I actually do like this song. I love that the music is soft and light, but still pleasant to listen to. I love that the lyrics are very nostalgic. About not forgetting precious memories, and living the present to the fullest. I also love that every member gets a chance to shine in this song.

9. Neko Damashi – Watarirouka Hashiritai

I absolutely love this song because it’s so adorable. Especially all of the talking in the background. I also really love how the music sounds like drama music.

However, everyone seems to hate Watarirouka Hashiritai and there are no English translations of the song. So honestly a song called cat soul could be about anything. XD

8. Okii Hitomi – Morning Musume

When I first heard this song I immediately hated it just because Sayumi was in it. I mean come on, her voice is so bad that ALL of her lines are auto tuned. But after I watched the powerful performance of this song at Morning Musume’s spring concert, I feel in love with it. And ironically, Sayumi’s lines are my favorite. I think they are really perfect for the song and add a nice touch. I absolutely love the heavy dance background music. And I absolutely love the flawless way the 6th gens voices blend together. I love that the whole song is about innocently falling in love for the first time. I mean staring with big eyes means that you’re innocent and are unsure what to do.

7. Faraway – KAT-TUN

Usually I really dislike songs that are this slow. But after reading the translation I couldn’t help but love it. The songs are so beautiful and touching I could cry. I literally almost cried reading the lyrics. They still choke me up now! It’s all about lost love. Regretting letting someone go, then realizing you can’t undo what’s been done, and having to live with the pain and holding onto the sweet memories. The song is really incredible. And from just listening to it, you’d never be able to tell the lyrics are so sad and touching. The song is also sung so light and beautiful.

6. Kataomoi – Buono

Because my love life is always bittersweet I always love a good song about unrequited love, one sided love, or love from a far. Songs about that are usually my favorite idol songs. Maybe I should like more varieties? XD So of course I love Buono’s song about unrequited love. This song is also really sad. But I can’t help loving it because I relate to it. The lyrics are also about loving someone but not telling your friends about it. Which I’ve done when I liked my friend’s boyfriend. XD But the lyrics aside, I love this song because it is so catchy. The upbeat chorus gets stuck in my head for days.

5. Shinku – Hey! Say! JUMP

This has been my favorite JUMP No. 1 song for months now. I first fell in love with this song because the music is incredibly amazing. It’s strong and danceable, and insanely catchy. I also love the chorus. It’s hands down the absolute best part of the song. Of course I love the lyrics too. It’s another song about love slipping away. Except this song is about love so strong that even though you’re gone I can still feel you and your warmth. Which as I girl I think is incredibly sweet and appealing.

4. Everything – Arashi

Arashi makes some of the catchiest music ever! I mean, try listening to the chorus and not instantly loving it! The song itself is incredibly amazing to listen to. You have Arashi’s voices that blend insanely well, and you have upbeat piano infused music. The only real fault about this song is MatsuJun’s semi long solo with his terrible voice. XD The lyrics are pretty much on par with everything Arashi releases. It’s pretty much about missing someone and being alone, but trying to live on strongly.

3. Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi – Berryz Koubou

I was completely not expecting to like this song when I first heard it. Since I like cutesy idol voices, and this song is sung by the 2 deepest voices in Berryz. But I absolutely love this song! I love the almost anime sounding music. And I love the how Yurina’s and Maasa’s harmony lines sound. That’s easily the best part of the whole song. Especially Yurina’s she sounds so adorable. And of course I love the lyrics because they are all about longing for someone. And I think it’s cute because it’s also about not wanting your crush to stand out so the only one who notices them is you.

2. Futari/130000000 no Kiseki – NEWS

This is another one of those songs that I love because it’s so touching. I guess I’m a sap when it comes to music. Or maybe it’s just that I like the idea of pretty boys singing about heartbreak, while being all sad and sensitive. The lyrics are so sweet because they are about losing someone you love but not being able to get over it. And now all your left with is sadness and the feeling of I still want you. And wondering what went wrong. You have to be made out of stone for this song not to touch your heart.

1. Namidacchi – Morning Musume

Of course the best album song of 2010 had to go to Morning Musume. It’s really sad that all of their best songs are wasted on album tracks. I mean, this album is so good I wanted to put 4 tracks in the top ten! What’s so great about this song is it’s the best of both worlds. It’s starts out really pretty and slow, and then picks up to be insanely upbeat and happy. It even has an incredible rap part. This song has everything. But what makes this song number 1 for me are the lyrics. The song is so inspiring that it’s beautiful. That no matter how strong you act it’s ok to cry, in sad or happy times. You should always give yourself over to your emotions.

Honorable mentions:

1. Aa Koi – C-ute
2. Wonderland – NEWS
3. Summer Splash – Arashi
4. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ – Morning Musume
5. Yakimochi wo Kudasai! – Berryz Koubou
6. Ai Scream – Hey! Say! JUMP
8. Right Now – KAT-TUN
9. Kossetsu Romance – Watarirouka Hashiritai
10. Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni – Buono

Best Singles of 2010

It’s getting to be that time of year again where we bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new one. And honestly, a year really does pass too quickly. I could have sworn it was just yesterday I was getting excited over turning 18 soon.

Since a lot of great idol things have happened in the past year, it’s time to rank the best and worst of 2010. So, I bring you part 1 of my 2010 ranking extravaganza. In this post I’ll be ranking my personal favorite 10 singles of 2010.

I decided to make this series in my blog because I haven’t done anything special about the new year in this blog since I first started it. So look forward to my next posts: best album songs and top ten worst singles of 2010. If I get extremely bored or extremely inspired, I may also do the worst album songs, best B-sides, and the best and worst of subgroups.

Here are my top ten singles of 2010! Keep in mind it was extremely difficult to make a top ten. I had to bump A LOT of songs I love. :/

10. Our Steady Boy – YuiKaori

YuiKaori have only released 3 singles in total, so it might be too soon for some to regard any of their singles as the best of the year. However, I don’t really care too much about what anyone else might think, but I am in love with YuiKaori. Better yet, I am in love with this song. There is just so much I love about this song. Since it’s used as the theme for an anime is has the heavy overly cutesy music, mixed with the adorable voices and overall infectiousness of YuiKaori themselves. But what puts this song in the top ten for me is the lyrics. Since I’ve been in more one-sided love then I can count, I can completely relate to the lyrics of a girl not being noticed by the guy she likes. Yeah that might be lame, but relating to all the girlish feelings of love in the lyrics is half the reason I listen to idol music. And I have actually be in the exact same situation as these lyrics with one of my friends. Our exact agreement was not to fight over him and to be perfectly ok/accept whichever one of us ended up with him. Needless to say, neither of us had him. Well, not relationship wise anyway. I don’t think anyone cared about that part. XD

9. Yumemiru 15sai – S/mileage

When this song first came out I actually didn’t like it all that much. I was turned off by the fact that it sounded so much different then what they were releasing up until this point. It actually took me a couple months to like this song, but once I did I was listening to it nonstop. Ironically, the overall techno type music is a main factor of why I like it. But I really love this song because of the varied ways it’s sung. The way the verse is sung, the fast backup singing of the bridge, the chorus, and, my absolute favorite, the high notes. Which are mostly sung by my beloved Kanon. The lyrics are also really adorable, even if it’s about a 15 year olds love.

8. Gyu! – Wattarirouka Hashiritai

I absolutely had to have a Wattarirouka Hashiritai song on my list. Practically every single one of their singles are amazing, and this song isn’t the exception. This song is hands down the cutest song of 2010. Mostly because of Wattarirouka Hashiritai’s cute gyus in the background. However, this is my only basis for liking the song. I still have yet to go come across an English translation of the song.

7. Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo – Momoiro Clover

Momoiro Clover is an idol group I actually did not think I was going to like. But after listening to Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo I was completely impressed. This song is just absolutely incredible. There are so many things going on in it, it’s hard not to like the song. From the Momoclo raps through out the song, the mesmerizing speed most of the song is song with, and Akari’s sexy speaking part and solo parts in the chorus. I even love the echo during the chorus. Not to mention Kanako’s strong and adorable solo towards the end of the song. Oh and practically dying at Ayaka’s aha~n. XD The lyrics themselves are a little random to say the least. I think they’re supposed to mean that they are some great thieves because they will steal your heart. But regardless of the overall meaning, the song is insanely catchy.

6. SHOCK! – C-ute

There has been a lot of hate out there for this song because it’s Airi central. But ever since my first listen I was absolutely blown away by it. It was a breath of fresh air after all the mediocre songs they were releasing. I am absolutely in love with the music. It’s like half circus, half James Bond. It’s just amazing. The lyrics are also pretty meaningful too. I love that it’s the initial shock of finding out that you’re being cheated on, but then refusing to be tricked again. It’s pretty much a classic.

5. Change UR World – KAT-TUN

This is the newest song on my 2010 list, because it usually takes me a few months before I really realize just how epic a song is. But this song I ended up liking right off the bat. Mostly because this is, in my opinion, the best KAT-TUN song released in quite some time. It’s got the heavy guitar, and rock sound that their earlier songs used to have. And of course I love that since Jin left, the lines have been distributed more evenly. I mean Koki and Maru completely killed in this song. And also Kame’s incredible high notes at the end. I also greatly appreciate how long Koki’s rap is. As I’ve said before Koki’s raps are my favorite parts of KAT-TUN songs. I also love the sexy grunt he does during his solo line. I think the lyrics are cute too. They’re basically about chasing your dreams, or making your dreams happen. So the song can be taken as inspirational.

4. Love Wars – Queen & Elizabeth

When I first heard this song I initially didn’t like it because the chanting in the beginning made it sound immature. But after a few listens I was in love. I like the fact that it sounds very youthful like everything was written by a high school girl. Which means the lyrics aren’t the absolute best but they are cuter this way. And since I am still a teenage girl, I love the song for just that fact. That and the song is so catchy, it gets stuck in your head for days.

3. Beginner – AKB48

Beginner is yet another one of those songs I didn’t like on the first listen. I didn’t like it because it was completely different than AKB48’s previous singles. Except River, which I still don’t really like. About a month later I read the English translation of Beginner and thought the lyrics were great. So then of course I love the song now. I think the lyrics are pretty meaningful. Unchain yourself from what you’ve always been told to thought and know. And everyone should be a Beginner because we don’t really know what we’re doing in this life. At least that’s what I get from it. The lyrics are actually kind of confusing. There’s a lot of lines that are like Mad Hatter questions. And are like in the suicide club the famous question: are you connected to yourself? You’re not really sure how to answer it. Throughout the song it makes a lot of remarks like that. But I like the meaning I got from the song.

2. Maji Bomber – Berryz Koubou

I love love love this song. I literally can’t go a day without listening to it. And yet I don’t think anyone else loves it as much as I do. The song only sold like 15k. But the song is so catchy and addictive. But I don’t even know why I like it so much. The lyrics don’t even make sense and are completely meaningless. I’m not even sure what being a serious bomber is supposed to mean .But there’s just something about this song that I can’t stop listening to it.

1. Monster – Arashi

Arashi makes absolutely incredible music. When their song is good, it isn’t just good it’s incredible. So naturally an Arashi song just had to take the top spot. It was extremely hard picking between Troublemaker or Monster, but somehow I did. There’s just something so infectious and so addictive about Monster. I just love that the music is dark and mysterious, and yet at the same time somehow still upbeat. The overall sound is really amazing, Arashi always blends together beautifully. And of course I love the lyrics. Leave it to Arashi to have a song about being a Monster but still have it being about love.

Honorable mentions: (just because I had wayyyy more favorites than 10, these are in no particular order)

1. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game – Morning Musume
2. Kimi Shika – No Sleeves
3. Genkimono de Ikou! – Mano Erina
4. Otakebi Boy WAO – Berryz Koubou
5. Fighting Man – NEWS
6. Dream After Dream ~Yume Kara Sameta Yume~ – AAA
7. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game -Morning Musume
8. Hitomi no Screen – Hey! Say! JUMP
10. Gomen ne Summer – SKE48
11. Troublemaker – Arashi

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl part 3: Myuujikku Staato

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this series in my blog. I really wanted to update it sooner, but I relapsed with knowing the girl’s names in AKB48 so I had to relearn them. But I think I’ve finally got it. XD

And doing so allowed me to put full focus on learning about the AKB48 beyond the girls’ names. This time I decided to listen to the music. I listened to the performances that were subtitled on youtube to start out. (it will take a lot longer to listen to their full disography.)

I also watched most of the new AKB team stages, just so I can get a feel for what each members voices sound like now. And the girls have way better voices then I expected them to have. There’s hardly any girl’s voice I didn’t like or any girl that can’t sing. So far these are my favorite AKB48 voices: Maeda Atsuko, Nonaka Misato, Katayama Haruka, Nakaya Sayaka, Akimoto Sayaka, Minegishi Minami, Oshima Yuko, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Oku Manami, Sato Natsuki,Kashiwagi Yuki, Sato Amina, and Kitahara Rie.

But my god Akimoto Sayaka is beyond incredible! Her voice is 5 times more powerful then Takahashi Ai’s. I don’t even know anything bout Sayaka and want to be a Sayaka fangirl because of her voice alone. I just hope her personality isn’t as flat as Ai-chans, for her yo end up with the ranks of Ai-chan. An amazing singer who has a boring personality. But I guess you can’t really compare the 2 voices because Ai’s is more powerful and elegant. Where Sayaka’s is more powerful and fierce.

There are A LOT of songs that I absolutely love. But here are the ones that stuck out the most to me: Kokoro no hashi no Sofa , Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to, Akogare no Pop Star, Ashita no tame ni Kiss wo, Nounai Paradise, 16 Nin Shimai No Uta , Junjou Shugi, and Seifuku Resistance. But my absolute favorite songs are Heart Gata Virus and Gyakuten oujisama because I can relate to them the most.

It kinda seems like I’m going to be a Team K fan, huh?

Johnny wants to know your favorite artist

I opened my email today and got my December newsletter from Johnny’s International. If there are fans out there that still don’t know what that is, it’s a Johnny’s newsletter written in English. Basically it tells you who’s the guest on Tackey CHANnel, who’s having a concert, general JE updates, and they are starting out their international ticket sales. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

Anyway, I got my email today and the second piece of news said to tell us your favorite Johnny’s artist. They asked to cancel my email delivery and re-register with my favorite artist or group.

Here’s what I submitted.

When they asked for favorite artist I was 100% going to put my favorite Johnny’s artist, Nishikido Ryo. But then I started to think why JE asked my favorite artist in the first place. And honestly it could pretty much only be for 2 reasons.

The first reason being, Johnny wants to know which artist is most popular with foreign fans, or perhaps which JE artist is popular in a specific country. Maybe for possible overseas concerts or maybe even debut. Hey after all, Jin is debuting in the US, Tegomass debuted in Sweden and Arashi was just featured on Peruvian TV recently. Stranger things have happened. It can’t just be to count how many foreign fans they have because that’s what the email service is probably mostly for in the first place. Come on Johnny open up a Hawaiian fanclub and tour, it works for H!P. Then we can get Alo-Hello JE. Sporadic AnAn shoots and Hey! Say! JUMP’s recent magazine shoot in Hawaii aren’t really enough shameless Johnny’s shirtless photos.

The second reason is more mundane, and most likely the reason they asked, they want to personalize your newsletter. This way they’ll be able to keep you updated on your favorite group’s or artist’s every move, to shell out the maximum money. And to tell you when international tickets are available for your favorite artist. I mean if you selected Yamada Ryosuke, you’ll get updates about him, Hey! Say! JUMP, and NYC. Which is why I selected NEWS instead of Ryo-chan. I love Ryo-chan and I love NEWS, but Kanjani8 not so much. And I don’t want constant updates about Kanjani8. I also really wanted to put Hey! Say! JUMP, because my love for JUMP and NEWS is almost even. But NEWS has been and always will be my favorite JE group. if they’re one of the least popular groups or not.

The newsletter also says you don’t have to change, which means you’ll probably get the same general newsletter as before. And if neither or these things don’t happen, what was the point of this? If they aren’t using this information for something, why ask? I doubt at the top of the newsletter it will now say your favorite artist is Arashi, or Tanaka Koki, or NYC, or Tadayoshi Ohkura. I mean, I think you know your own favorite artist. But there has to be some sort of reason Johnny wants to know.

Kpop in a world of Jpop

I’m sure a lot of people reading this blog don’t know this about me, because there’s never really a time to mention it, but I am a Kpop fan. Now, I’m not a huge, OMG Kpop is the best ever, kind of Kpop fan. But I do enjoy a decent amount of Kpop. The only reason I don’t listen to Kpop more is because I can’t pronounce Korean. And believe it or not, not being able to sing along to a song or pronounce a singer’s name does hinder my love for it a lot. But maybe that’s just me. (Also, please don’t say, “Just learn to pronounce Korean, seriously it’s no big deal,” because I have been trying to and it is extremely difficult. I long for the days when I was learning to pronounce Japanese because it’s a cake walk in comparison.)

The reason I’m brining this subject up at all, is because, as many of you know, this last year we have an influx of Kpop idols debuting in Japan. Big Bang, CN BLUE, FT Island, KARA, 4MINUTE, T-ara, Supernova, and SNSD. And I actually might be missing some. Now since they’re idols in Japan now, and this is an idol blog, I was thinking of maybe covering the Kpop groups’ activities in Japan. But I’ve been stopping myself. And do you want to know the reason for this? It’s simple really.

The reason is, the fans themselves. I’m sure most of the Jpop and Kpop fans reading this will instantly know what I’m talking about. And to those that don’t might find my reasoning silly. But for some reason there’s this tremendous fan war going on between Kpop and Jpop fans. And honestly, I’ve seen most of the hate on the Kpop side. When I’m bored I like to go on youtube to watch Kpop vs Jpop videos. And 8/10 times the videos are extremely biased for the Kpop side. In one video the actual vs was Morning Musume’s Love Machine vs some Kpop girl group’s song from 2010. But the worst part of these videos are reading the fan comments.

Over the months of reading fan comments the general consensus among Kpop fans is: that Kpop is superior in every way because they are sexier, not cutesy or cookie cutter like Jpop, can actually sing, are better dancers, and the overall music is better. I even read someone say that Jpop idol groups are for pedophiles who do nothing but watch anime.
And the general consensus among Jpop fan is: Kpop is unoriginal, at least Jpop has it’s own style, Jpop lyrics have more meaning, and Kpop copies from America too much.

I think the funniest part to all of this is the so called negatives for each side is why I like Kpop and Jpop. I love Kpop because it’s so similar to the kind of American music that I like. And it stands to reason that if I like it sung in English, I’m gonna like it sung in Korean. And I love Jpop because it is a nice escape from the overly sexiness of American music. It’s just cute, innocent, and upbeat.

Another thing that I dislike about Korean fans is just how biased they are. Anytime a Korean artist debuts in Japan Korean fans/blogs basically say how this will be the greatest thing to happen to Japanese music ever. Of course this group will totally dominate Japan, obviously because they are Korean. It won’t be long before they are beating established artists. Korean fans also basically cried that they are absent from this year’s Kohaku. They really think that they should get everything handed to them because of what they did already in Korea. Some artists have only been in Japan for 1 year-a couple months. This is AAA’s first time in Kohaku. It took them 5 years to get there. And honestly if Big Bang was there instead of AAA, I would be beyond angry.

In a way, it’s outrageous fans like this that make me want to support Jpop more. And sometimes I even hope Kpop artists fail. Which is pretty insane. I’m basically being dragged into a feud that’s so shallow and opinionated, that it shouldn’t even exist. And since I doubt Kpop fans are going to chill anytime soon, I most likely won’t be covering Kpop acts. No matter how much I do like CN BLUE, FT Island, SNSD, and 4MINUTE.

Here’s Kpop Vs Jpop female idol version

Here’s Kpop Vs Jpop male idol version

I don’t get the appeal

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a few months now, but obviously personal things have come up and this was pushed to the back burner. But since I’ve come across their newest single, I’ve decided to make the post now.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. A couple months ago I was reading a blog and I came across a picture of the idol group Fudanjuku. Having never heard of them, and not knowing even the basics about them I said to myself, “Hmm none of these guys are good looking. But since I don’t listen to that much male idol music, I’ll give them a try.”

Well, you could imagine my surprise when I looked them up. Apparently Fudanjuku aren’t men at all. They are the male alter ego of the female idol group Nakano Fujoshi Sisters. Now, after being thrown off guard like that, I was then wondering who is actually a fan of this group?

First off, I want to point out I have absolutely nothing against the gay, lesbian, or transgender community. But I just don’t understand the appeal of this group. I was immediately turned off when I found out they were only dressing as guys. Which means gay idol fans and fangirls would prefer Johnny’s. And I’m pretty sure lesbian fans and wota would prefer them as Nakano Fujoshi Sisters.

So who is actually their fanbase? Because they are the more popular group of the 2. They released 5 singles and an album, Nakano Fujoshi Sisters has only released one single. Which I think is actually a pretty good song. And the fanservice outfits would make them a hit with fans.

What I’m probably the most upset about is, that I am pretty much a fujoshi. So where’s my otaku group? If Fudanjuku were actual men they would probably be incredible. Because their PV for Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Waka Monotachi would be pretty hot if they weren’t chicks underneath. I mean school uniforms and being dirty/scruffed up is always hot.

I guess this group has got to be catering to the girls that go to the B:Lily-Rose cafe. But I don’t get the appeal of that either. It just feels like I’m missing something. I doubt I’ll ever really get the appeal of this.

Here’s Fudanjuku’s Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Waka Monotachi PV:

Embeding is disabled so click here to watch.

And just because here’s Nakano Fujoshi Sisters’s Honey Bee PV.

Just debut already!

It seems like nearly every one in the Johnny’s fandom wants one thing, and that’s the debut of Kis-My-Ft2. Ok, maybe not all Johnny’s fans but I’ve heard quite a few that want this. I’m not even a fan of them and I’m starting to get frustrated about the whole situation.

(By the way, I am not an expert on this, so don’t treat me as one. I don’t even pay attention to Johnny’s Juniors at all. But JE fans don’t get too offended by that. I don’t follow Hello!Project Eggs or AKB48 Research Students either. I never have, and I never will.)

It seems every time Kis-My-Ft2 do anything, 4,000 fans are getting excited. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say, “any day now they are going to announce their debut.” And with good reason really. Kisumai has held their own solo concerts, they were in their own stage play, starred in their own CM a few months back, and it was just announced 2 Kisumai members, Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu , will be in the drama Misaki No. 1.
Kis-My-Ft2 is completely following the footsteps of KAT-TUN. KAT-TUN held tons of concerts and stage plays before their official debut. KAT-TUN was formed in 2001 but didn’t officially debut until 2006, that’s 5 years. Kis-My-Ft2 was formed 5 years ago in 2005, it kinda seems like it’s time for them to debut. And I honestly don’t see what Johnny is waiting for. It really seems like he’s tiptoeing around the whole situation. Obviously they had enough of a following to hold solo concerts, they have enough of a following to debut.
I really want JE to have any kind of debut, because this will be my first debut as a fan. I became a fan a year after Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut. And Nayama Yuma w/ BI SHADOW and NYC don’t really count. Well actually NYC is pretty much a legit group now, but whatever it’s not the same.
I don’t really follow Kisumai but maybe they do/will have some good songs. I just wish Johnny would anounce something already. Either that or break them up, because honestly they are being wasted. He already wasted Yamashita Shoon. It would be sad to do it again.

Has Momoiro Clover gone too far?

It seems controversy has struck the girls of Momoiro Clover. Since the release of the PV for their C-side Kimi to Sekai off their new single Pinky Jones, a lot of fans wonder if the PV itself is too sexy.

Let’s start off by showing the root of the controversy, the PV.

The PV shows the girls wearing sexy, skin tight biker outfits sitting on top of motorcycles.

However, one of the main problems most of the fans and non fans seem to have is with how heavy their makeup is.

Saying the girls are too young to wear such thick makeup. Personally to me the makeup seems to fulfill some wota’s Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby fantasy.

And of course the absolute main problem people have with the PV is the ice cream.

Of course people are outraged because the girl’s are too young and the PV consists of them doing nothing but eating ice cream.

That and the ridiculous amount of sexual innuendos.

It obviously means she’s just a messy eater.

Clearly this is only to show she’s eating a drumstick.

So the obvious question is then: has Momoiro Clover done something wrong, and have they gone too far? And my answer to that is absloutely not. Now I know what you’re all thinking. And I’m sure many people reading this are scratching their heads and have come to screeching halt. But hear me out.
Do I think this PV is too sexual? Yes, for my taste of course. Should they set this PV on fire and never dare to do this kind of thing again? No, no, and a hundred times no.
Whenever I see contoversy among fans like this, it feels like I’m the only person who knows they are watching a female idol group and not a Church choir.

But I should probably start from the very begining. I first started to listen to Momoiro Clover because a big fuss was being made about them. But after listening I fell in love with them. They were sugary sweet and had a unique kimono theme going on. Since fans have gotten so used to that from MomoClo of course it’s quite a shock when you’re thrown a curve ball like the Kimi to Sekai PV. But like all the contoversy about sexy idol PVs the people who seem to have the problem are the foreign fans. I have yet to hear Japanese fans, once complain that a PV is too sexy or has too much fan service. And you know what? They never will! Heck, AKB48 had more of a contoversy with the Beginner PV because it had too much gore. Yet, absolutely nothing was said about the Heavy Rotation PV. Only the foreign fans complained. I guess most of it stems from some foreign fans not fully understanding that’s what female, and sometimes male, idols do. And probably always will do. And stuff like this is what wota expect. They would probably get bored of a group if they weren’t thrown some sort of fanservice every now and then.

As always the main factor is age. Momoiro Clovers’ age range is from 14-17. However, in idol years that’s pretty much the age to do these kinds of things. Not to mention a lot of idols were doing fanservice when they were younger then MomoClo are.

Here are some examples:

Let’s look at Massara Blue Jeans famous Love me Love me Love me dance parts.

When this single was released C-ute was 10-15. Don’t you think 10 year old Mai Mai was a little young to do such a suggestive dance move?

What about AKB48’s Baby! Baby! Baby! PV?

When this single was released AKB48 was 14-21. Don’t you think Mayuyu at 14 was too young to be running around in a bikini?

What about Sugaya Risako’s 1st photobook Risako?

Sugaya Risako released her first photobook at just 12 years old. Isn’t it a little too sexy for a 12 year old?

The list could go on and on with photobooks alone. Fans need to take all of this into consideration, and remember that this is what female idols do. Do I condone all of it, not always no. As a straight girl I hardly let fanservice phase me. And everyone out there needs to realize if they have a problem with fanservice it’s probably because it’s not meant for them. Yes, I know actual fans, or even wota, may complain about fanservice. I heard one AKB48 fan complain that Heavy Rotation was too much fanservice at once. Which is hilarious, because on the other side I’m sure fans complain when there isn’t enough.
I guess my main point in all of this is that people shouldn’t be so outraged over fanservice. It’s basically like going wine tasting and then flipping out that they are serving cheese with it. It goes hand and hand, and to complain about it is ridiculous. As for them being too young, you should realize that Japanese men are obssesed with youth. Hence why idols start out so young and stop when they are “too old” at about 24. It’s why lolita fashion exists. And why older Japanese women try to act as cute and youthful as possible. So, if you have a problem with it go to Japan and change the society there. Or until then I suggest you get some other interests, maybe you should try male idols. Their fanservice is less frequent and less intense. (Which is ridiculous if you ask me. I’d chop my own leg off to see Yamapi and Ryo-chan kiss. ;]) Fanservice will exist for as long as their are wota willing to pay for it.

Also, until female idols fanservice gets anywhere near Jrock’s you can’t really complain.

And finally here’s the PV for Kimi to Sekai in case you want to watch it.

Daigo: Maeda Atsuko’s biggest fanboy

I remember back in the day Daigo Stardust used to just be that one lucky guy that Miyavi kissed. Since then he’s changed to be Daigo the super sexy lead singer of BREAKERZ. And also an AKB48 fanboy. Here’s a clip of him singing Aitakatta by AKB48.

It seems Daigo has outdone himself this time. During their performance at the Halloween Party 2010 Daigo and his BREAKERZ band mates dressed up as AKB48.
But according to them they were BRZ48. Which I think is incredibly hilarious and awesome. Ever since I saw that clip of him singing Aitakatta I always wondered who his favorite member was.

By the looks of his costume, I’m guessing he’s a huge Maeda Atsuko fan.

Which is lame, there are tons of way prettier AKB48 members, Mayu for instance.

Illusive no more!

I was just sitting here at my computer being extremely bored. So I thought “Hey, I have nothing better to do I might as well search for that illusive Junior again.” Now to anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, I made a post a couple months back about a random Junior I saw every time I watched the School Kakumei live stage. I asked if anyone knew who he was because I thought he was hot and looked like some hot guy I know in real life. And of course no one commented and told me. If you really care you can read the post here.

Well apparently I finally found out who he is. And I honestly wish I didn’t. It turns out that this Junior is Casey Anderson.

I was beyond excited when I finally found out who he was. That is until I looked at his age. The Junior I’ve been obsessing over for months. (Well obsessing to find out his name. XD) And probably the only Junior I actually think is hot, is only 15. Fifteen years old! That makes me fell a little bit like a pedophile. I know I’m only 18 and probably shouldn’t feel like that, but I do. I mean, I feel weird for thinking Yuto and Ryosuke are hot. And they’re only a year younger than me. I never even look at Morimoto Ryutaro cause he’s only 15. Well actually Ryutaro is pretty ugly anyway, but still.

I think the absolute funniest part of this whole thing is in a comment to my illusive Junior post I said the Junior could be Casey Anderson since he’s the only foreign Junior I know of. I actually looked up Casey Anderson.

But I could only find this picture. And my exact reaction was that it could never be Casey that kid looks like he’s about 12. How ironic, right? I guess I’ll have to wait a few years to really fangirl over him. I’ll feel less creepy when he’s at least 17.