One Room Disco PV preview

Perfume released a short preview for their new song One Room Disco. The preview is roughly only 40 seconds. But you can still get a feel for the PV. I really like how they keep changing rooms. And they seem to be wearing the same outfits from the CD covers. Which I’m not too happy about. I would have love to have seen different outfits, because they ones they’re wearing are gross.

Perfume- One Room Disco preview

Perfume’s new single, One Room Disco, was previewed on their radio show Perfume Locks. This song will be released on March 25th and is perfume’s first single of 2009.

I like the overall music for the song and I think the song is really cute. And everyone one looks super pretty in the cover pics. But I think I will definitely enjoy this song more when the PV comes out. Because for now it sounds like every other Perfume Synthpop song.