A wild Aim appears


So, did you miss me? Actually, don’t answer that. I’ve thought a lot about it, a lot more than anyone has probably realized, and I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t care if anyone missed me. Of course I did spend a lot of days crying on the inside and yelling why, while dramatically throwing my hands into the air. But I am past that now. I’ve decided that it’s enough that I’ve missed me. I’m a smart independent blogger that don’t need no validation. At least, not anymore.

Also, I figured, hey, if someone random chick I’ve never heard of from NMB48 can graduate from the group and then return like nothing happened, why can’t I? Let’s just say this is my Jay-Z coming out of retirement post. Let’s not call it a comeback I’ve been here for years. Ok, I’ll stop now. Come on, have you at least missed my terrible humor that only I find funny?

Though I can’t take all the credit for this sudden epiphany, or any of it really. I got a sweet message from one of my lovely followers on tumblr. And all they did was ask a simple question, something along the lines of, “Am I ever going to blog again?” They also said, “It’s ok if I’m not.” Now, that alone is an innocent enough question, but such a simple question crashed against me like a wave. Suddenly I was flooded with emotions about blogging and I felt a twinge of pain.

My blog, is pretty much my baby. And it’s been with me through everything good and bad in the idol world. I’ve had times where it was an absolute blast writing and times where I felt less inspired. It became a place where I could vent all of my emotions and opinions. I could write that I cried over an idol and people would understand the sentiment instead of thinking it was weird. Granted I probably did get a lot of eye rolls for crying over NEWS. But at the same time I got a lot of praise for crying over Mitsui Aika. Where’s the equality in that?

But my blog not only got my through the tough times idol wise it got me through the tough times real life wise. And you’ll get that from the posts I made about Hurricane Sandy and my mother’s stroke. My blog became this special beacon shining light onto myself. It was everything that made me, me personified.

But let’s get to the real nitty-gritty now and ask the questions everyone is wondering. Why did I stop blogging in the first place? And the truth is I never planned to or really wanted to at the time. You all know how I’m procrastinator. So, it just started with the normal me putting off writing blog posts. And after a while the feelings of not wanting to write anymore fermented in my heart and I started wondering if blogging was worth it anymore. I had a lot of feeling like: “No one pays attention to my blog anyway,” “No one even bothers commenting on my blog so what’s the point,” “No one even notices I haven’t been blogging.” Among other extremely emo thoughts. I swear if I drank that would have been the point where I sat with a bottle of whiskey and cried myself to sleep. Though give me credit, I’m a bit more level headed than that. And behind this overly sensitive bleeding heart beats one of a true cynic. So, I could easy shove those thoughts away with a wave of my hand. Though I won’t deny that these thoughts in the back of my head were the fueling force behind not continuing.

So, what have I been up to in the 6 and a half months I haven’t been blogging? Well, it’s simple really, absolutely nothing. Well, obviously not nothing nothing. Just nothing of substance. I’ve pretty much just been going on with my life without blogging. Like I used to do before blogging, and let me tell you those were grim days.  I became an H!P fan in 2007 and started my blog in 2008. So, nearly every moment of me being an idol fan has been documented in this blog. So, not blogging for even half a year seems pretty surreal and made me feel oddly empty inside. And in an even odder way, it doesn’t feel like I’m even an idol fan if I’m not blogging about it. I thought just being an idol fan and not feeling pressured by having to write about everything going on would be fun and make me feel at ease. But let me tell you, it is so ungodly boring! How do idol fans do it? How do people who don’t blog about it or get their opinion fully out about idol feel satisfied? Because let me tell you, I wasn’t even in the slightest.

I have to also say I am deeply, incredibly, horrendously, completely sad about all the BIG idol stuff that happened that I didn’t blog about. Such as Tsunku screwing us out of the 12th gen and my beloved Tanaka Koki getting the ax from KAT-TUN. (Oh yes, there were tears.) I also, regret not making my blog anniversary post. I actually planned on my anniversary post (which would have been in July in case you’re wondering) my official comeback. But that obviously didn’t happen. Since I’ve missed so much I’m been thinking about asking people if there’s any PV they want me to review that I’ve missed in my time away, or any big idol news they want me to comment on.

Guys, it’s getting close to my annual posts. You know I can’t pass up doing them. They are WAY too much fun. Yes, the best/worst song posts are a little time consuming, but at the same time are some of my favorite posts to write.

So, I leave you guys with nothing more than just my triumphant return. And this blog post that is kind of a giant pat on the back to myself and written mostly for myself. As all my blogging is and always has been. I just had a moment of weakness where I lost sight of that. But I promise that won’t happen again. Though if it does, don’t take it personally. After all, this blog is really for myself. And it other people are caught in the crosshairs and like it, that’s fantastic. And if they don’t, well I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Not anymore.

Have yourself a very belated idol Christmas

So I decided since I enjoyed doing last year’s idol Christmas spam, I’d do one this year too. The only problem is I had no internet since Verizon has been screwing me around. I had to wait for them to send me a new wifi box and then wait for someone to hook it up. I actually wasn’t supposed to have internet until January 3rd. But the guy could squeeze us in today, so here we are.

By now I realize it’s a few days after Christmas, but that honestly couldn’t be helped. I’ve been collecting Christmas themed idol pictures for a better part of a month, so there was no way I was just going to not make this post because it’s late.

So, instead dear readers I wish you a belated Merry Christmas, belated Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Kwanzaa, a belated Winter Solstice, and a belated absolutely anything in between. I hope your Holidays were great. I know that mine were. They were of course limited, but warm just the same.

And with that being said here’s my belated Holiday pic spam! 76 pictures await you! I also tried the read more code for the first time, tell me if you prefer it and I’ll add it to all my PV review posts.

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Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

Anyone that has been reading my blog for a while knows that I currently live in New Jersey, so naturally I was effected by Hurricane Sandy. And anyone that regularly reads my twitter knows just how bad I was effected. But my tweets are just bits and pieces of the story. Small fragments about what happened until I had the chance to write a proper blog post. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with this post here.
Despite being away from this blog for an uncharacteristically long amount of time, (This is actually the longest break I’ve had in 3 years) I actually really love blogging. I love absolutely everything about it, so of course I wanted to blog about the Hurricane. There was only one problem, I don’t have anywhere to publish this post except for this blog. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have a personal blog, but I haven’t posted there in years. I also have a livejournal, but I don’t really keep up with posting there. I mostly have an account so I can join Johnny’s fansubbing communities.

But besides from not having anywhere else to blog I also really wanted to blog about it here, where my lovely readers that care will be able to read about what has happened to me. Because honestly, if I blogged those other two places I doubt anyone would have read them. I don’t even think most of my readers know those other blogs even exist. I did consider not even making this post here. I’m super self self conscious and I feel like my readers are angry at me for not blogging in such a long time, and now don’t care about this post at all. I always think like that, even if I missed one day of blogging.
So, here goes nothing. This post will probably be lengthy and pic heavy. As always, you’ve been warned.

I guess the easiest place to start from is the beginning. When Hurricane Sandy was first announced my entire family, expect for my dad, pretty much laughed at the storm. Since Sandy had the same amount of power as Irene we counted on the damage to be the same, and in Irene’s case that was minimal flooding. However, with Sandy that couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

I live in an uneventful one square mile beach town that is almost directly on the coast, which turned out to be one of the hardest hit places in the entire state. Ironically, I’ve always tried to keep people online from knowing exactly where in New Jersey I live, and now whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve probably heard of my town at least once. Either on TV, in a magazine, or in a newspaper. If you live in the US that is.

At about 5:30 PM on October 29th the power was cut off. And shortly before that my family went downstairs and put all of the wires for our TV and computer up on the table. Because during Irene we got mild flooding in the living room we had to quickly unplug everything and stack in on the computer desk while the water was rushing in. So, we thought we’d be prepared this year. And a little bit after that my sister walked by one of the heating events and asked my dad about the weird gurgling noise.

Around 8 ‘oclock that night brought in not only the high tide, but also the surge. Around that time my dad busted in the room and told us how flooded it was and to get downstairs to save everything we could. What’s even more awful about my house is most of it is sunken. My house is set-up as follows: you walking in and it’s my dinning room and kitchen. You walk forward and there’s a small area to in front of the 2 sets of stairs. You turn right and immediately you walk up the stairs to go to the 2nd floor, but if you keep going straight you walk down two steps and enter my sunken living room. My sunken downstairs has 5 rooms. Living room, family room, bathroom, computer room, and a garageish storage room.

Since my downstairs is sunken the water obviously got there first. I had to immediately roll up my pant legs and get into the water. When I stepped into the water it was up to my knees and had to have been either freezing or very near freezing. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in freezing water, but I don’t recommend it. It is extremely painful. I stepped in the water and my legs were instantly numb. Since they were numb they didn’t want to move, and every time I walked it felt like tiny knives were stabbing my legs. But I soldiered on. Since I’m pretty weak it was my dad and sister carried the computer modem and TV. After that was done my dad gather up important papers and my sister moved on to frantically unplugging everything. It was then my job to carry everything out of the living room and stacking it onto the dinning room table. Which means I had to keep going back in forth, in and out of the water. We managed to save the TV, computer, printer, house deed, social security cards, and birth certificates, as well as the letter I got from the president after writing to him when I was nine.

By the time the living room was emptied the water was now 3/4 the way up my thigh. Not only that, but the water was starting to rush in through the front door and spilling over the living room stairs into the dinning room. At that moment my dad looked out the window and saw that his car had floated into the middle of the street. He then stupidly opened the front door to get a better look and a gush of water rushed in. Shortly after that we went upstairs, while my dad stayed for a while longer. And good thing to because my fridge started to literally float away. My dad opened the door and filled it with water so it would remain in its place. Then my dad finally came upstairs after that. After talking for a bit, and after the initial shell shock wore off, we went to bed. Probably at about 11 or 12. But we didn’t really sleep for long because my dad busted into our room at about 6 AM to let us know the water was gone. We rushed downstairs and sure enough it was gone. Completely gone. I understand that the low tide brought the water back in, but I didn’t expect every last drop to be gone.

The next few days felt like a haze. It was filled with only being able to clean and cook during the day. We literally ate dinner by 5 ‘o’clock because it got completely dark at 5:30. In our freezer we had pork chops, chicken, and a few boxes of porkroll that we lived on for 3 or 4 days. They were obviously able to keep because we only opened the freezer when necessary. The oven part of the oven is shot, however the stove top still works. Well, half works. It doesn’t light but gas comes through, so all you need is a match to start it up.

It was after that that places to help people started opening up. The first was town hall. I walked there with my sister as we obviously couldn’t, and still can’t drive, since the car is shot. It’s awful, but I don’t fee all that bad about it. It’s not like we’re the only ones, 8 out of 10 people on my block lost their cars. When we went there you had to show ID and your name was put onto a list. In the front room next to the line of people was someone from the Air Force. I’m not gonna lie that was pretty exciting because it was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone from the military before. Through this disaster I also saw people from the Army and the Marines. After our name was written down went to a room to get supplies. We got a disaster relief food box, health and beauty supplies, a bucket of cleaning products, a mop, a broom, pillows, 2 pairs of work gloves, face masks, water, and an army blanket. We didn’t really need pillows and blankets but they made you take them.

Either that day or the very next day my dad walked to a local church where the army was set up. That’s where we got a box full of MREs (meals ready to eat). Military food actually isn’t as bad as you expect. It tastes like most canned food. But there was one I got that was pretty much inedible.

Now while all of this was happening everyone on my block was cleaning their houses. But they weren’t cleaning their houses like my family was. No, instead they straight up gutted every single piece of anything that was in their downstairs, whether it needed to be thrown away or not. And they threw absolutely everything in giant disorganized piles on their front lawn because apparently Governor Christie said to.But my god, it was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s too bad that we needed all our batteries for flashlights and I couldn’t take a picture. Anyway, my family on the other hand was a little more smart about it. Since this house is full of everything my parents have accumulated their entire lives we saved as much as we possibly could. Dried out pictures, kept books that weren’t that wet, clothes, lamps, and more importantly at least tried to let our appliances dry out. Also, my sister and I made it our personal mission to save all our DVDs. We own about 300 or more DVDs, which would take lots of money to replace. So we layed them all out in the sun and dried them out. We lost all the cases. Things like series we had to rip apart the cardboard cases. (Much like my collector’s edition of the X-Files.) However, you wipe them off with a cloth and they 100% play. I bet everyone else on my block threw them all away.

Also, at this point my town was still in rubble on the other said. My sister tried to look at the disaster, but the army would not let anyone near it. The side of my town by the beach was hit extremely hard. 200 houses in my town are destroyed. Houses are sitting on top of each other, nothing but wood, half ripped apart, and knocked off their foundation. Since everyone by the beach lives in one story ranch houses, during the storm they had to sit on their roves like it was Katrina because the water engulfed their entire house.

About a week after the storm I walked to my local K-8 school to file for FEMA. Since we didn’t have a phone, my dad had to file there on the phone while I waited in line. The line was to check over your account on the computer. Everyone that stood in line had a gold piece of paper, but since we were on the phone they said we didn’t need one. I stood in line for FEMA for 3 hours in the freezing cold. I even ran back to my house to get a check since my dad needed the bank account number. It wasn’t all bad since people were coming around with coffee and food. But I don’t drink coffee so that did nothing for me. Once my dad my was finally done on the food he rejoined me in line, where we found out they were taking people in order of the numbers on the gold piece of paper the man in the beginning assured me we didn’t need. People behind us were now trying to go in front of us. So my dad and I were literally yelling at the people to back up it’s out turn. And since they thought we were cutting in line they were yelling back, and for a minute it looked like an angry mob was going to attack us. Obviously everything got settled and we went next. But as soon as we were done a cop came and basically sent us off.

Somewhere in the mist of all of this my sister and I also walked to the school to get clothes. Since everyone in my house was running out of warm clothes we had to picked up used donated clothes, because it’s not like we could just throw our dirty clothes in the washer. Since my mom is handicapped from her stroke we had to go and collect her clothes too. So once all the collecting of clothes was said and done we carried like 50 pounds of clothes. Ok, it probably wasn’t 50 pounds of clothes but it certainly felt like it. I don’t recommend carry that much things to any distance, it sucks. And I’m so weak, so it was even more awful for me.

It wasn’t until November 7th that we got our power back. Which made me really sad, because it was a day late to watch the election. Last election I made patriotic ice cream and blew into noisemakers outside when Obama won. Obviously, that didn’t happen this year. No, instead I found out the next day on the radio. Even with the power restored nothing changed for us. We were still living with basically nothing. We had to get rid of our couches. And we had 5 couches! We had to rip up the carpet. Our dining room table was now in the living room holding things we wanted to save. So we made a makeshift dining room table out of a small playing card table.

We were also told we have to rip off nearly all of our sheetrock from the downstairs. My has been trying to hold that off as long as possible because no heat + no sheetrock = a horrible situation. However, we’re going to do it this Saturday. Freezing or not, we can’t have mold grow in our house. If it does our house will surely be condemned.

We were still getting food from the town hall up until like a week ago. The store is a little farther away to walk to, so we only walk there when we feel like having meat. That’s how it is even now, since we don’t have a car. My sister and I usually go to the town hall everyday to pick up hot lunch for the family. We even did that on November 20th which was my mom’s 51st birthday. But for some miracle they had bakery cakes that day, so at least she got that. And I have to say that was the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had.

Now, onto the pictures.

A handout I got from town hall letting us know where to go. Obviously I blacked out the names and addresses.

People actually handed this out on my block.

The first box of food we got.

The MREs we lived on.

The box basically tells you to be a good solider. Lol. 

It’s supposed to be pulled buffalo chicken. It was disgusting. But every other meal I had was good.

The cheese and crackers was the best part. The crackers kinda tasted like matzo. I forgot to take a picture of the dessert. XD All the deserts were good. There was a granola bar, energy bar, and patriotic cookies as other desserts. The drink mixes weren’t good though. They tasted like watered down kool aid.

We also got some weird possibly military grade spam. It actually wasn’t bad.

The limited access sign for my house. At least it wasn’t condemned.

A donation sign for my local firehouse.

Red cross blanket.

My town featured in the Asbury Park Press.

The water line shown from the front of my house.

And from the back.

Trying to save things outside angle one.

Angle two.

Angle three.

And angle four.

Family room pre-clean up.

Downstairs bathroom.


Saved DVDs.

Saved things piled into my living room.

Arial shot of my town.

More of my town.

The best picture I could find online of my town hall.

My town once again.

And again.

A house from my town on the cover of Newsweek.

Now that I’ve said all, another reason I made this blog post is because I need help from my readers. In the form of small donations of money. I actually agonized over asking for help, because I know there must be people out there that probably can’t believe I have the nerve to ask. And since I haven’t been keeping up with blogging I don’t know if I do have a right to. But I wouldn’t be asking for help of my family wasn’t pretty much desperate. It goes like this: home owner’s insurance doesn’t pay for floods, you need flood insurance. Flood assurance only cover the 2nd floor. You then need FEMA, but FEMA denied us. Since we actually tried to save things and still had things in our house they said we weren’t hit hard. What they actually said was, “There was no visible damage.” We live in the middle of the block and flooded the most, but because we didn’t gut our entire house for no reason we apparently suffered no damage!

I’m not asking for much I really only need some people out there to just give me $50. $50 and that will pay for my mom’s pills. Because right now we can’t even afford that, and obviously if she doesn’t have her pills there’s an 80% chance she’ll have another stroke. I just need 5 people to donate $10, or 10 people to donate $5. Hey, even if 25 people donate $2 that would help. I know this probably sounds incredibly selfish to some people. But my family obviously has nowhere else to turn except for people on the internet.

To send money all you have to do is log into paypal.com and hit send money. You then enter the email address, amount of money you want to send, and click I’m sending to fmaily or friends. The email address you send it to is lilpixie61@aol.com That is my mom’s paypal account, mostly because I don’t actually have a bank account.
If I didn’t explain this clear enough at the bottom of Airiin Deshou’s donation project post, he explains donating to someone in much greater detail than I possibly could. Read the post by clicking here.

I really do wish someone out there can help me out. I know that now it sounds like I’m begging, but honestly I’m not to proud to beg. Especially if it’s for my family.

Small updates to JM

Wow, it’s been a while since I made a site updates post. The last site updates post I made was about Janakya Mottainai moving to this blog. So, I suppose this marks my first official site update on this blog. XD
I just wanted to let my readers know that I have added an upcoming releases section to my blog. I’ve been wanting to make an upcoming releases section since I was still on my blogspot blog. But you know how I love to put things off, so much that I am finally making this section about 6 months or more later. After I saw a few other blogs with an upcoming release section I thought it would be a nice touch to my blog. Giving readers easy access to track upcoming releases as well as purchase upcoming singles. We’ve got a lot of things releasing on the same day, so it’ll be exciting to see who reaches number 1. But sadly H!P doesn’t stand a chance. XD

Also, I have a legal section on my blog. Which is more for the goverment than the readers. I’m just super paranoid that SOPA, or some future SOPA incarnate, will pass putting my whole blog in jeopardy. Luckily I have never posted any links to download anything. So, I should be good with that. It’s just the thousands of copywritten images I have scattered all over my blog. But ever since I started JM I was always super paranoid that someday I would get in trouble for all my images, so I usually leave all the copyrights on the bottom of shop photos. I’m pretty sure they are only shop photos for Johnny’s. All other agencies just refer to them as photo sets. But whatever, shop photos sound better. And if SOPA does pass that means I would probably have to cut out all idol groups without official youtube channels. Since posting copywritten videos would probably cause the most issues. It would suck, but I’m fully prepared to stop blogging about Johnny’s. Pretty much every other idol group aside from Johnny’s have official youtube channels. And I’ve also been stockpiling IP addresses so I can still access all the blacklisted and blocked websites in case it does get passed. Hey, better safe than sorry. XD Things like the Fair Use Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act should be able to protect us from SOPA, however they probably aren’t strong enough.

JM is now a HelloStoreUSA affiliate!

I am happy to announce that Janakya Mottainai is now offically a HelloStoreUSA affiliate! I am sure that everyone who reads this blog is aware of what HelloStoreUSA is. If you’re not, it’s basically an online store that allows you to purchase Hello!Project merchandise directly from Japan that ships to USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central & South America, Asia, and Australia. And you can purchase products from HelloStoreUSA by clicking on the HelloStoreUSA banner on my side bar. (And also on the bottom of this post.)

This post is made basically to let anyone who reads my blog, and shops from HSUSA, to know that if you click on the banner from my site, and make a purchase, I get a commission in the form of a gift card to make purchases on HelloStoreUSA. I would greatly appreciate if any of my readers who happen to shop there do click on my banner and help me earn some H!P merch. Right now I am a fairly poor fan and the only H!P merch I own are gifts and things I have won online. So, I’d love to expand my collection.

So, yeah if anyone who feels like clicking on my banner can do so if they want. However, I don’t want any of my readers to feel like they have to make purchases through my blog. And I apologize if it seems like I am begging people to do so. m(__)m





As you can tell, Janakya Mottainai has a new home. So, welcome to my first post on my new blog!







After my whole bandwidth exceeded fiasco on my blog, International Wota offered to host me on their server (it’s server right? XD). And being as awful as I am at computers and HTML I turned them down at first. But the switch was actually a lot easier than I could have imagined or realized. And being hosted by IW ensures that I, or any of my readers, will never have to worry about my pictures being unavailable again. Which actually takes a lot of pressure and stress off of me. Before I switched to this blog I was painstakingly resaving and reuploading all of my pictures on imgur. Which was a daunting task, and I uploaded about 300 images, which is why some of my pictures still work. But since I was working backwards only my oldest post’s pictures show up.

Eventually all of my posts from my blogger blog will be imported into this new blog. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but the folks at IW ensure me it can be done. But I’m sure all you internet savvy people know how that works. So, you guys can look forward to that when it happens.

Right now my blog is pretty plain looking, but that’s only fleeting. Eventually I’m going to get the awesome people at IW to help me with the HTML to make my blog look pretty much like it did on blogger. So, look forward to that also. :]

Right now I am working on getting used to wordpress. WordPress is pretty similar to blogger, but I’m still working out the kinks and getting the feel for it. I added all my things on my side bar and navigation bar. It would be amazing if all my affiliates and people who have my blog on their blogroll updated their links with my new site.

There are still some things I’m unsure of how to do on wordpress. Like how to have people follow, or I guess subscribe, to my blog. And I don’t know how to follow, or subscribe, to other blogs so they show up on my front page like it did on blogger. Also, I’m a little unsure about the categories section. Like do they categories show up somehwere on your blog as you post in those categroies? Because that would be super convenient for people who only read certain sections of my blog, like posts about JE, H!P, or Passpo.

I also want to send a huge thank you to IW for hosting my blog. If it wasn’t for them I would still be uploading pictures to imgur. Back when I first starting blogging IW was something I aspired to. When I saw a blog that I loved reading, the now inactive Stardust, being hosted by IW it was always something I wanted to happen to my blog. As foolish as that sounds in retrospect. But I am actually pretty ecstatic that JM has reached that level.

My next few posts on this blog are going to be my catch up posts. There hasn’t been that much news to really post about for the last 2-3 days. Which is actually a relief. Usually when I go on hiatus the idol world seems to have a sudden boom. XD I’m also happy I’ll be blogging in time for August 24th. Which is the release date of both Flying Get and ViVi Natsu. Let’s see if Yukimi actually does go blad, even though I highly doubt it. XD

But you guys know how I love to procrastinate, so don’t expect those posts until tomorrow.

Blog hiatus

So, I woke up today and it said all of my bandwidth exceeded on photobucket. Now, I am completely horrible at computers, and had no idea what that even meant. And,  after some googling, apparently there is no way to change this or to fix this unless I upgrade my photobucket to pro. And since I don’t have a job, or even a bank account, I have absolutely no way to upgrade my account. So, that means I now have to resave and rehost ALL of my pictures on my blog to a site that has unlimited bandwidth. Which is approximately 3,020 images. 3,020! Obviously this is going to take me weeks, if not a month, to do. And I honestly am not looking forward to it at all.

I am so completely upset right. Like on the verge of tears upset. (Whatever, I cry at the drop of a hat) So, yeah don’t expect any kind of updates for a while.

Follow me on twitter!

I’ve finally given in. After years of saying how I would never get a twitter, I finally have. Mostly because all the cool kids are doing it. Except not really. XD I actually decided to get a twitter because after seeing some blogger’s twitters it actually looks like fun.

But you know, I was surprised by who’s on twitter. Twitter is supposed to be the coolest social network site for celebrities. But I looked up like 30 American celebrities that don’t have twitters. Makes me kinda angry actually. Now I have hardly anyone to follow.

I’ve officially joined the twitter revolution. You can following me by clicking here. Of course my twitter name is AimxAim. XD Eventually I’m going to add my twitter stream to my blog, but I’m too lazy to mess with coding now.
So, there you have it my twitter. Follow me, tweet me, tell me how much you hate my blog, or whatever. I’m going to use my twitter to post blog updates like posts. But since this is the only twitter I have, I’m also going to post random things as well.

Site updates

With the recent events unfolding in Japan I took some time off from blogging in respect for Japan. But in my blog’s down time I decided to do some behind the scenes work on my blog and give it a few updates.

The first update being the navigation menu. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but the old layout of my blog had links on the top of the blog to click to home, about, and contact. But after I switched to my new layout for some reason the code didn’t take with the new layout and automatically created a links section on my side bar. Since the links section worked just as well, I didn’t really feel like messing with it at the time. Instead I always kept in mind that I needed to fix it. Of course I always put it off because I am terrible at HTML, and I have to find a premade HTML code. But it’s extremely difficult to find I premade code that is actually nice looking, and that I can easily manipulate. But I finally found one that matched my layout and was fairly easy to adjust the colors. Also, for some reason my blog’s name is written across the nabigation menu, and I ave no idea how to fix that. If anyone knows a way to get rid of that, that would be a huge help.

And of course the second update I did was add more banners. I’m like addicted to making banners. Because they are cute and set my blog apart from other blogs. With the ones I just made it now brings me up to 35 banners. You think that a lot, but I’m not where near done. I still have to make a new Momusu one featuring the 9th gen, and after I know more about a few other idol groups I want make banners for them. And I eventually wanted to make Morning Musume generation banners as well as Team banners for the 48 groups. The banners I made now were subgroups, and groups I’ve been putting off making because I don’t follow them that closely.
So here are the new banners:

Watarirouka Hashiritai


Not Yet

Mano Erina





These aren’t even all the updated I have in mind. Eventually I’m also going to add twitter because a lot of other blogs have twitter. I actually already made an account but I haven’t done much else to it, so I’m not posting it yet. XD

And I also wanted to say that I have officially returned to blogging. Since a majority of bloggers have returned as well. And even Japan seems to be getting back to the swing of things with Music Station making its return. So, my next post will be my return post. 😀

Help me make JM better!

Since the new year has finally set in, I’ve been thinking about making some changes to Janakya Mottainai. Of course changes for the better. Since this July is Janakya Mottainai’s 3rd anniversary, (Can you believe it?) I really want to make this blog 100 times better for the people reading it.

So, right now I would just love to see what some of my reader’s think about this blog. Basically I want you to tell me what you would like me to write about, something you wish I would write about, or something I need to fix/change. And I don’t want anyone to hold back! Be brutally honest if you have to! If you think I’m too opinionated, tell me. If my overall writing sucks, let me know. If there’s some stories you’d wish I write about, don’t be bashful. Make the critique about absolutely anything at all! My blog’s too bland, I don’t post enough, you want more overanalyzed predictions, or whatever.
Writing this blog means absolutely nothing if the people reading it don’t enjoy it.

Here are some things I’m thinking about blogging about. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading posts about them.

-Commercials: I am writing about idols after all, and idols get lots of endorsements. But I have only ever made 2 or 3 posts about commercials in this blog. Commercials fall under a news category and I know people like to know the absolute latest news about their favorite idol/idol group. And since my blog focuses a lot on news, I think I should be posting about ALL the news.

-Release announcements: The absolute first time I mention a single is when a preview comes out. And I never even mention new albums! I have seen a lot of blogs making entire posts when new singles are announced. I feel like a lot of people reading this would want to know the second their idols are releasing something new.

-Live performances: I know I cannot wait until my favorite idols perform their songs on TV shows. But I only every post about live performances if it’s the first preview of a song, the performance is special (such as a medley or MM OGs), I’m extremely into the song, or my favorite idol looks hot in the performance. I know, completely shallow. :/ I think a lot of fans would want a link to watch the most recent performance of a song.

In the past I’ve felt that all of these are too trivial to mention or readers wouldn’t actually care about them. But the more I think about them, the more important they seem.

Also there is one thing I probably won’t be blogging about, and that’s album reviews. Not because I don’t want to or I’m too lazy. It’s mainly because I don’t speak Japanese. And to form a decent opinion on a song you need to know what is being said. I think the album review’s quality would suffer by just basing it on overall sound alone. Thank god people seem to translate singles really quickly, a lot of them are translated shortly after the previews come out. But it takes people a lot longer to translate albums. So if my readers didn’t mind waiting 6 months for album reviews, I’d love to do them. But I’m always worried people won’t be interested if the post isn’t made the second the album comes out.

As you can see my reader’s thoughts, comments, opinions, advice, and critique matter a lot to me. I write this blog a lot for myself, but I also write it for my readers. Or anyone else who checks out my blog randomly for a minute. I just want to make my posts the absolute best I am capable of making them.

I’m back!~

Everyone can finally get their confetti and applause ready because I am officially back to blogging. That’s right, you know I couldn’t stay away for that long. This is such an epic moment I feel like this event needs its own theme music. Yeah this will do.

I’m still not entirely sure if I can (or should) be committing 100% to my blog right now. But I am super addicted to blogging. And honestly right now I’d be happy about blogging 50%. It’ll give me something to do in my free time to keep me sane. Much like blogging has always done. Well mostly done. I blog mostly for the fun. And also the euphoric rush I get when someone reads/comments/likes my post. XD

You know I haven’t been away for that long yet, I have so much to blog about. The world of blogging kind of feels like it’s measured in dog years almost. But rather than each year, it feels like each week is seven years. There’s a lot of idol news that happens so under the radar, you blink and you miss it. So naturally I have a list of things to blog about. I won’t say how many thing exactly, in case I get too lazy and don’t do them all. It’s not that I won’t do them it’s just that some of them are opinion pieces, and aren’t something I have to rush to blog about. I can honestly blog about them anytime. It’s the news and PVs that are a main priority.

So yeah most likely a bit of a post spam, just to play catch up with all the PVs, and news I’ve missed. Though I might end up doing the PVs over an extended period of time, since they take a while to do. Believe it or not PV reviews usually take me 1-1 1/2 hours to do. But usually a majority of the time is screen capping pictures and uploading them to photobucket and then my blog. The review itself usually takes about 10-15 minutes. XD

Blog Hiatus

I just wanted to take this time to announce to everyone that I will be taking a hiatus from blogging for an undisclosed amount of time. I say undisclosed because it could be a couple of weeks or it could be a couple of months, I don’t know right now.
The reason for my hiatus is because my mother has suffered a mild stroke on Monday. And while she is fine I still have no idea when she is getting out of the hospital. First it was just until Wednesday, then it was Thursday, and now she might have to stay for rehabilitation for 3 weeks. And when she does get out of the hospital she will need help with everything. Cooking, cleaning, and even help walking. This is just a completely stressful time for me right now. I am completely not mentally prepared for something like this. I’ve been so anxious the past few days, I’ve barely eaten or drank anything.

And one of the things that has helped me be sane this few days, believe it or not, is Morning Musume. You can say that Momusu is just an idol group for 40 year wota, and that they don’t make legit music. But when I was waiting for the phone call to see if she was ok or not, I kept repeating Furusato over and over again. Even though it’s about moving to Tokyo it’s got a few lines that really resonant with me. Like, “scold me like you used to my Mother.” And “I’m sorry I’m such a selfish daughter.”

Even though I won’t be blogging for a while, I will still try to return all of my comments. And when I start blogging again I’m going to have to play catch up to everything I missed. I hope you guys don’t mind. Even now there’s like 3 blog posts I planned on making that have to be put on hold. So, yeah. I hope you guys will wait for my blog to be back, and won’t worry to much about me.

Even more banners!

I swear I’m like super addicted to making banners for this blog. So of course I made to make even more banners. Bringing me up to 27 banners for this blog. I think I need a better hobby. XD Anyway here are the new banners I made. Please don’t laugh at my noobshopping lack of photoshop skills.

First the official group ones.
Momoiro Clover:

And I made some more wota friendly ones. 😀

Nishikido Ryo:
I had to do Ryo’s Boao shoot. It’s so hot! XD

Kusumi Koharu:
Koharu’s actually came out the best. Mostly because I found a great picture that had room for me to blend 3 other pictures on the left.

Konno Asami:
I had to make one for my beloved KonKon! Though this one came out the worst. Since I used different pictures, I had no idea what to do for a background. So I just made it her group color. XD
Of course I had to make a Yamapi one.
Suzuki Airi:
This picture didn’t even need blending effects.


I found this picture randomly one day when I was looking up AKB48 pictures, so I had to make a banner out of it. XD
Akanishi Jin:
I made this Jin banner long before it was ever announced he would be leaving KAT-TUN. I wonder if he still counts now? XD

So yeah 27 banners, you’d think that would be enough. But I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I want to eventually have. I still have to make one for Canary Club, Kanjani8, Idoling!!!, YuiKaori, and solo ones for each of my favorite idols. Which is a lot. XD

I take blogging far too seriously

Please be warned the following post is somewhat long and somewhat emo. Though I felt I had to make this post to clear up some things about my blog. And I also needed to vent some of my feelings, which is what a blog is for anyway. A specifically themed blog or not.

Just sitting here on a raining day reading conspiracy sites and Jpop blogs has made me think of a few things I’ve been meaning to get off my chest.
As the effect of trying to please everyone who happens across my blog too much, the quality of my blog has suffered greatly. In the 6 months of 2008 that I blogged I had 56 posts, and in 2009 I had 141 posts. That’s roughly 197 posts about H!P. In October 2009 I announced some changes to my blog, that I would officially be covering all idol groups not just H!P and occasional posts about JE. After the announcment you’d think I’d have about 5 times as much posts as I usually do, but the fact is I have even less then usual. Right now I have about 64 posts for 2010. Which is pitiful compared to what I should have. And what’s the reason behind that? I don’t want to be too biased toward one group. Back in 2008 and 2009 when I was blogging about H!P solely, I made posts about everything going on in H!P. I mean everything! Photobooks, CM, previews, sometimes even comments about pictures. But since I expanded beyond that I stopped reporting every single piece of news. Because if I focused too much on H!P it wouldn’t be fair to JE or other idol groups, my idol blog would be too one sided.

So that leaves me where I am now. Not wanting to post too much news or too much info about each agency. So I end up only posting half of what I’d like to. And since I focus too much about what I shouldn’t be posting, I completely forget about all the other idol groups. Not only that I think to blog about any other idol group/agency I have to be a 100% complete super fan that knows every small detail about the music, members, history, and background before I can even post about the artist at all. There’s been a few things about AKB48 that I’ve physically stopped myself from posting because I don’t know AKB48 by the back of my hand yet. So then I also worry that I’m not catering to AKB48 fans enough. And I become momentarily defeated.

But actually when I first started posting in 2008 I knew very little about C-ute and Berryz Koubou. I had literally just started listening to them a few months prior to creating my blog, because when I first got into H!P for the first 2 years I only listened to Morning Musume. When I first started blogging I didn’t even know each member of Berryz Koubou and C-ute’s names. That’s a fact. Yet I blogged about them anyway. Since I’ve gotten more comfortable with blogging I feel I absolutely have to know everything about each group to make a half way decent post. Which in turns puts an insane amount of unnecessary pressure on me. Turning something I do in my free time as a hobby, into something more serious than it is. And at the same time makes my blog suffer.

I also get extremely discouraged that my blog gets pretty much zero recognition. Of course back in 2008, when I was a silly 16 year old with no grasp on making a well thought out post, it didn’t bother me much. But from time to time it does take a big toll on me. Even though I make this blog 100% for myself alone not to be the biggest blog in the world, it still hurts when my well thought out posts get basically ignored. Or I see a post getting featured on a blog that is less then deserving. Especially when I have similar posts. And being completely modest and not arrogant, my posts are sometimes a lot better written. I’ve also considered to stop witting all together from time to time. Since my blog isn’t really all that popular anyway. And practically the only way to make it popular is to have my blog featured on other blogs. But after asking to be featured about 6 times, and not being featured for no reason at all. I stopped trying and chalked it up as not being important or worth my time to try anymore.
But to quit blogging for such a selfish reason would make me an immature child that can’t deal with inadequacy. But since I’m still a human I can’t help but have those feelings from time to time.

I guess I’m just in a very sombre, apathetic, almost self loathing mood. Or maybe I just take things way more seriously then I should. Or perhaps I give meaning to things I shouldn’t. Or I just make things a bigger part of my life then they should be. But as I move closer and closer to have been blogging for 2 years, if feels like I didn’t accomplish anything. And blogs that are 2 years old or younger seem to have way more views and exposure than my own.

I should just end this post here. Anymore and I sound like a crybaby. Or someone who is looking for people to feel sorry for her. But I assure you neither was my intention. I was merely getting things off my chest. And basically giving an explanation for blog posts about AKB48, Idoling!!!, and etc in the near future. Even though I’m not a super intense fan of them. I honestly don’t care about that anymore. Beside there are popular blogs out there that make posts saying such and such PV is out, post the video, and end their post. And still get featured on blogs. So what difference would it make if I’m not a mega fan, or might have limited or noobish knowledge of them?

More headers

I got bored so I decided to make a couple new banners for this blog. It’s basically started out that I just wanted to make a couple for the groups I hadn’t got around to making yet. But of course I ended up making 4 different Hey! Say! JUMP ones. XD

Here are the banners if you don’t feel like having to keep refreshing the page.


Hey! Say! 7:

Hey! Say! BEST:

Hey! Say! 7:

Hey! Say! BEST:

I planned on making HS7 and HSB banners because my HSJ banner is an extremley old picture. And getting rid of the picture would ruin my entire code. So I just made some BEST and 7 banners instead.
Morning Musume:

I really considered not making this banner since Koharu isn’t a member anymore. But I love this shoot so much I had to anyway. :]

While I’m talking about site updates, feel free to ask me questions via my formspring on my side box. I only recivied one question. Which makes me uber sad. :/
Also, I eventually plan to make headers featuring SKE48 and AKB48 subgroups. But I’m gonna wait until I know more about AKB48 to do that. XD

Questions anyone?

I’ve been thinking about getting a chat box on my blog for while, but I’ve always been on the fence about them. Since they honestly seem a little unnecessary to me. So instead I decided to get a formspring. Which is the snazzy new question box on the sidebar of my blog. So feel free to ask me any burning question you’ve been dying to know about me. (Assuming you have any XD)

I don’t really have that many followers/daily views on my blog to have something like this. But it seemed fun so I decided to put it up anyway. Though I might take it down at a later time if it turns out to be a bust. So feel free to ask away. :]

Merry Christmas!

Even though Christmas was yesterday, I just want to wish everyone a belated Christmas. :] I hope everyone managed to pig out on as much fatty foods as I did.

If anyone cares about how I spent my Christmas you can read about it on my personal blog here. Or you can look at my pictures I uploaded to facebook here.

Happy belated Holidays everyone! I’ll see you in 2010 when I start blogging again.

I’m not dead

I haven’t posted in JM in over a month. Which is pretty much an eternity in blog years. And shockingly I am in fact still alive.
In all honestly I just haven’t felt like blogging lately. Not because I’m getting tired of idol music or my fandoms. Just mostly because I’ve been too lazy to write everything down lately. I know that’s a pretty lame reason. XD
So much has happened since I last blogged I’m not going to even try to back track and blog about all the news that has gone on, which I’ve done a few times before. But when I did that a maximum of 2 weeks had passed, having it been over a month makes all my opinions redundant and tired. However, I do intend to go back and review all the PVs that have been released because I love doing PV reviews. I’ll most likely start with the NEWS Winter Live DVD PVs. I know they seem pretty irrelevant now.

So I intend to come back in 2010 and ideally blog everyday like I usually do. I say 2010 for two reasons. 1.) Christmas Eve is 2 days from now. So I have the whole holiday things to do with my family. 2.) My headphones have officially died. Which means I have zero sound currently. And since I don’t have any money I have to wait until my mom decides to buy a new pair sometime after Christmas. So it kind of ruins any plans to blog now. Do you know how much it sucks to not be able to watch the new C-ute PV? Or hear Hey! Say! JUMP’S newest song Romeo and Juliet or the theme for Ryosuke’s drama, Hitomi no Screen? It sucks a lot! :/

So yeah this was pretty much just a random update for anyone out there in blog land that by chance missed my blog. I’ll have to do my 2009 countdown after the new year, when I wanted it done already.

Changes to Janakya Mottainai

As you can clearly see changes have been made to this blog. I got a snazzy new layout. Which isn’t exactly new, I use the same exact layout for my Jrock blog. I just tweaked the colors a little bit. Mostly because I wanted my blog to look simple, and this is the simplest pre made layout I could find.
Not only have I changed the overall appearance of my blog, I changed what I’m going to be blogging about. For the past Janakya Mottainai has solely been a H!P blog. And even though I still love H!P, I’m been getting into more and more other idol music. I mean, when I started this blog I didn’t really know what Johnny’s or AKB4B were. And since most of my posts were H!P related I felt restricted to only post H!P news. And once in a blue moon I’d make random posts about NEWS, but that was it.
So now I’d like to make this blog not just about H!P, but a 100% Japanese idol blog. Since I was making a fairly big chance to my blog, I considered changing the name too. But I don’t really see the point in that, since it will always be JanakyaMottainai.blogspot anyway. XD

In honor of me covering more idol music I made new banners. The new banners rotate, which took my days to find a code that actually worked. So I hope people like them.
Each of the banners I made are for the artists I’ll now be covering. I made 10 in total and you can see them below.

Morning Musume:

Berryz Koubou:
Hey Say Jump:



My Johnny’s ones suck, because it was hard to find a big enough picture for all of them. And this is apparently not all the groups I’ll be blogging about, it’s just the ones I like. I eventually make C-ute and Arashi ones. Possibly. XD

I still haven’t completely finished this blog yet. I’ll probably make new banners, and I still have to work on getting a new contact section. But for now you can contact me by going to the links section. Also, this layout makes commenting really weird. So if you want to comment on this post, or any other one, you have to go to the top of the post and hit 0 comments. :]