Mitsui Aika’s photobook cover released

The cover for Mitsui Aika’s first photobook, simply titled Aika, has been released. And I gotta say I am pretty happy about how the cover looks. Of course like most photobooks do, it features Aika in a bikini. And I really love the bikini they picked. It’s pretty simple and Aika still looks alluring without showing too much skin or being over exposed. And believe me with her boobs she could. XD

I also hadn’t noticed but it seems like Mittsi also lightened her hair to an auburn shade and has added bangs. (Well she’s had bangs for a while now, but they were more side swept and these are straight.) Which really suits her, she looks incredible. And the bangs give a nice overall balance to the shape of her face.

Aika was also in UTB magazine, and those pictures are most likely previewing her photobook. But since I’m not 100% about that I’m not going to post them here.

Mistui Aika to release first photobook!

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Better yet, somebody pinch me! The most exciting news to come out of H!P nearly all year has been announced. Better than S/mileage’s major debut, better than Arihara Kanna’s first photobook(I don’t care if she’s not H!P anymore.), better than the 9th generation Morning Musume auditions. 8th generation Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika is getting her first photobook. It is simply entitled Aika and will be released on January 26. And I honestly can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year.

I cannot believe that my favorite Morning Musume and Hello!Project member Mittsi is finally getting a photobook. She has only said about 800 times how much she’s wanted one.

I actually think she’s been saying she’s wanted once since 2008. Well, as they say good things come to those that wait.

I am completely freaking out. I actually kinda lost all hope of her ever getting one. But obviously she would eventually get one, one day. Especially since every other member without a photobook either has released or is releasing one. And I honestly couldn’t be happier about the whole situation. And Aika is releasing this photobook at the perfect time.

Because Aika has been looking so fresh and mature lately. And of course she always looks lovely and adorable.

Also Mitsui Aika in a bikini?

Yes please!

Up Front’s official youtube channel has uploaded a short behind the scenes clip/making of the DVD that she is also releasing. And so far it’s looking pretty cute. But did anyone else notice she’s wearing the exact same yellow bikini that Koharu has worn before?

Kanna photobook cover preview

I’m sure everyone is aware that one of my favorite ex-Hello!Project members, Arihara Kanna, announced on her blog several months ago about her first photobook and image DVD. But since it was pushed back devoted KanKan fans like myself had to wait a little bit longer. With only 10 days until the release of Kanna’s first photobook, Kanna, the wait is almost over.

And because it’s so close to the release date we finally have a preview of the cover.

 I probably should have waited until a bigger picture was available, but I was too excited to wait.
Even though I am extremely for the photobook itself, I am disappointed by the cover. The picture is very unfaltering. In the picture Kanna looks tired and washed out. But the plus side is, that after seeing I realized this is the first time we’re seeing Kanna in a bikini. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t think of another occasion she’s worn one. Which in itself, is pretty exciting.

Kanna was also featured in a magazine recently that previewed a few pictures from her photobook.

Now these pictures I both love and hate. Let’s start with the hate. I don’t really like the main picture of this shoot, the white bikini ones. It looks like she’s trying to look innocent, seductive, and beckoning at the same time. But Kanna must have been so uncomfortable to act that way, that the pictures come off as frightened. She really looks like a deer in headlights.
But on the other hand, I absolutely love the other bikini pictures. Because she’s not trying to be sexy in them, she comes off more natural and playful. Not to mention absolutely adorable. I’d actually prefer the whole photobook like that, rather then her wannabe sexy shots.

Kan Kan to release first photobook and image DVD

Everyone’s favorite, well maybe not everyone’s but certainty my favorite, ex-Hello!Project member Arihara Kanna announced recently that she will be coming out with a photobook and image DVD in November. You can read the post yourself here.

I gotta say this completely took me off guard, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Of course I knew Kan Kan was back in the entertainment business when she made her blog. But a photobook and image DVD, is the complete opposite of what I thought she was up too. Kanna made a few blog posts that she was filming something, and had to keep hush hush about it for the time being. But I just assumed she was filming a scene for a drama or commercial. I was convinced that she was becoming an actress. But apparently I was wrong, you know what they say about assuming. On the front page there’s a link for contact at bluserosemodel. So apparently she’s just going to be a model. Which makes me a little bit sad. I really want her to sing again! But she’s still young so there’s still hope for that.

But all of that aside, I am completely thrilled about her first photobook. Because let’s me honest she probably never would have released one if she stayed in C-ute. So in a way leaving C-ute was the best thing Kanna ever did. She can completely live her life the way she wants to and have a better career than before. In a sense that all of the focus will finally be with her. I don’t know, I’m starting to like her not being in C-ute more and more.

Kinyoubi is just Super Cargo 2.0

The cover for Kago Ai’s new photobook, Kinyoubi, is out and I gotta say I’m a little disappointed
The first photobook I could forgive and overlook, because it seemed like this was something Aibon needed to do for herself. To show everyone she was growing up and was no longer H!P’s puppet. But this photobook I can’t even explain. Kinyoubi looks exactly like Super Cargo. The cover is bad taste and is cheap looking. Kago is better than that, or at least she used to be.

After reading the translation to Kago’s last photobook, I felt a bit of Aibon closure. We got to hear her side of the story. She sounded very mature, like she was ready to move on with her life and career. And yet she made the same stupid mistakes when she was an unhappy teenager. She was in another scandal with an older man, and she releases this new photobook. It doesn’t seem like Kago has grown up or changed at all.

I understand that Kago is finally making discussions for herself, but that’s not really an excuse for her making bad ones. On one hand Kago seems to be leading the career she wants. She wrote and sang her own music with No Hesitation. The song and PV were a bit average, but that seemed to fit the new lifestyle she was leading.

But on the other hand she releases another almost gravure photobook. Her music and photobooks are drastically different. And I can’t help but wonder if this is something Kago wants, or something she feels she has to do. She lost a lot of fans because of scandals, maybe she feels this is the only way to get new ones. But even Leah Dizon stopped being a gravure model when her singing career came along.

I’m a little sad by this photobook, I was just expecting more. Especially since the photobook is called Friday. But would a photobook of her without slutty pictures really sell that bad?
I’m just ranting now, I’ll have to wait for more scans to from my definite opinion.

Maasa PB preview

Maasa’s first photobook is being released on March 11th, so we have a nice preview of the cover.

The cover is pretty standard as photobooks go. But I think the cover is really cute. Maasa’s looks really happy and cute on the cover. And it’s nice the see that she’s slimmed down a little. Since we’re used to seeing Maasa with a little more meat on her bones. I also think her bikini is absolutely adorable. And it looks really great on her.

Aside from the cover, there’s also a video of Maasa’s photobook into. Where she quickly flips through the photobook. The video also shows Momoko and Chinami looking through it with her. Though I can’t understand what’s being said, I think Maasa looks great. Her shirt is really cute. And I love her curly ponytail.

There’s also another video of Massa, that’s is a portion of her making her photobook. Which is from her photobook DVD. It shows Maasa picking fruit and several other scenes from her photobook.