Arashi become Lotus-Eaters

The PV for Arashi’s upcoming new single, Lotus, has just been released. In it what seems like a millennia to wait. Johnny’s loves to cut it close and make fans wait an unnecessarily long amount of time for the release of their PVs. Well it’s actually not that close to the release date. Since a lot of JE PVs are released with like 3 weeks until the release date. But when you take into consideration the first time you heard this song through a PV preview was over a month ago. That’s way too long to wait.

I didn’t really plan on reviewing this PV, because I don’t really have anything exciting or interesting to say about it. But I just realized, despite Arashi releasing 6 singles in 2010 I’ve only done like 2 Arashi reviews. 2/7 isn’t really a good statistic in my book. And not even that I’m thinking of doing a review of every idol PV that comes out from now on. Because if I’m not impressed with the song and/or PV I usually don’t review it, and that gives me a huge gap in between PV reviews. A couple of years back when this was just an H!P blog I used to review every single PV that came out whether I liked it or not, because I knew people would be interested in that. Lately I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to blogging. I haven’t been posting CMs, live performances, and still haven’t fixed up the appearance of my blog yet. Well, this has gone way off track. But I just wanted to let readers know what I intend to do from now on, now that I’m on the subject. XD

But anyway, back to the topic at hand: Arashi. The PV is nearly identical to the PV preview we saw nearly a month ago. Just like I feared would happened this PV has become nothing more than a giant dance shot. But Arashi only really has interesting PVs every once in a blue moon. That’s why I called them Lotus-eaters. Because apparently if you eat from the Lotus tree it causes drowsiness. And since they are drowsy, their PV sucks. Get it? Whatever, I just didn’t want my joke to be wasted because it’s a pretty obscure reference. XD
There are a couple of scenes that drift away from the dance scenes. Which makes it only 80% dance shot. But they aren’t really doing anything interesting in those scenes either. It’s just basically them standing in front of, what I’m going to assume is a lotus tree, and just standing in front of a wall. And despite this pretty average PV this single will probably sell a million copies. But the song is good, so I don’t mind too much.

If this was practically the only scene in the PV anyone was going to see, I don’t think I’d make the backdrop a giant half made wooden eagle. XD

Take a good look because this is basically the whole PV. Nice to see Aiba in the center of the dance though. But by the next single he’ll be on the side.

Oh my god, the whole PV is a dance shot and the dance isn’t even very good. O_O

Zombie move! But I’m sure the dance will eventually get better.

Or not. Lol.

I might be used to MatsuJun’s hair, but I still don’t like it.

For some reason I really like this random box dance move.

I literally cracked up during Nino’s ah~ line. It just sounded so girly and unexpected. How did I miss that during the radio rip?

Nino’s overall adorableness makes this PV a lot more watchable.

Arashi keeps doing all these overly girly female idol dance moves.

Nino is love.

Aiba looks less ugly in this PV for some reason.

Is this a lotus tree? They don’t look like the lotus flowers I’m familiar with.

Having a double of yourself in a PV, where have I seen this before?

Maybe it was a NEWS PV.

Or it could have been a Berryz Koubou PV.

Nino’s intense face is pretty hot.

See, Aiba almost looks attractive.

Obvious Nino bias is obvious.

Lol antler dance move.

I suggest you watch the PV before it gets taken down. :/

Arashi-Lotus radio preview

With less than a month until the release date, we finally have a full radio rip of Arashi’s new single Lotus. Well, actually the full radio rip came out a few days ago but this is my first time hearing it.

Hearing the whole songs just makes me think this song sounds like Truth and Monster even more. The music has this almost eerie tone to it that is extremely reminiscent of Monster. And the lyrics remind me a lot of Truth. After listening to it all the way through a few times I’m am really starting to like this song. But it doesn’t really move beyond ok or good for me. It doesn’t have that instant like ability that songs like Troublemaker, Beautiful Days and Kitto Daijoubu had.
And for a song being used as a theme to his drama you’d think you’d hear Aiba more. He only has one solo line and it’s just a tiny bit longer than Nino’s and Ohno’s solos. But at the very end of the song it does sound like Aiba has another solo line, but the annoying announcer is talking over that part. XD

If you do like what you hear, you can buy the single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Arashi – Lotus [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Arashi – Lotus [Regular Edition]

Arashi-Lotus PV preview

A PV preview of Arashi’s new single, Lotus, was just released. The single being released on February 23rd, is being used as the theme for Aiba Masaki’s new drama Bartender. I’m also pretty sure this is the first preview of the song as well because I can’t find a radio rip anywhere.

After releasing an insane amount of singles in 2010 Arashi jumps early on into the new year to release their first single of the year. It almost seems like they are going to keep up the same release pace as last year because this single is being released a month before their first single of 2010 was!

There isn’t really much going on in the PV. Pretty much all we see Arashi doing is dancing in white outfits. And MatsuJun still sporting the hair I used to despise, but is slowly growing on me. It kinda seems like this whole PV will be a giant dance shot. Which is absolutely boring. But Arashi has been releasing boring PVs lately, no doubt because they’ve been stretching their yearly budget thin with all these releases recently.

The absolutely beginning of the song reminds me of Truth mixed with Monster for some reason. Which doesn’t even make sense because both songs have extremely heavy music, and this song doesn’t really. XD The song is pretty much an Arashi standard. It’s extremely pleasant to listen too, but not overly amazing. The chorus does sound really great, but it’s the only part that really stand out. Kind of like how Hatenai Sora was. If though we only hear a tiny bit of the lyrics, I already think they are really awesome. And actually kinda have similar lyrics to Truth. Weird, huh?

NTV Best Artist 2010 performances!

NTV aired their Best Artist of 2010 special yesterday. The idol line up included: Arashi, AKB48, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Perfume, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Tackey and Tsubasa.

The lineup was pretty much expected. Lots of Johnny’s and AKB48. I really wish more female idols were the best artist’s of 2010. Don’t get me wrong, I love JE, but I’d love to see some variety in these shows.

Here are the clips of the performances from the show.

Hey! Say! JUMP + Tackey and Tsubasa:

Hey! Say! JUMP’s performance is supposed to be a medley but it’s not really. They sing Ultra Music Power and “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~. Tackey and Tsubasa sing Venus and Ai wa Takaramono. I was actually pretty excited they performed Venus, because I love that song.


This is their performance of Iiwake Maybe. I was pretty sure they did a medley, if they did I can’t find of video of it. Sorry. :/


Arashi performed 3 songs. Their 3 songs were Believe, Happiness and Monster. Monster is my personal favorite. But 3/5 of their pants were wayyy too tight. And MatsuJun has jacked up hair. XD The fangirl screams when they walked near them were pretty loud and intense.


NEWS performed Kibou ~Yell~ and Fighting Man.


KAT-TUN performing Real Face and Going. I don’t understand why they aren’t singing Change UR World.

Idols win on the Chart Awards for the Billboard Japan Music Awards

Billboard has just announced the winners of Chart Awards for the Billboard Japan Music Awards. The actual Artist Awards won’t be announced until the Billboard Japan Music Awards are held on February 6th. And since this is an idol blog, I will only be sharing the categories where idol groups have won an award.

Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2010:

1. Troublemaker – Arashi
2. Monster – Arashi
3. Heavy Rotation – AKB48
4. Love Rainbow – Arashi
5. Dear Snow – Arashi
6. Hatenai Sora – Arashi
8. This is love – SMAP
9. To be free – Arashi
10. Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance – Kuwata Keisuke

Billboard Japan Album of the Year 2010:

1. Ai Subeki Mirai e – EXILE
2. Boku no Miteiru Fukei – Arashi
3. to LOVE – Nishino Kana
4. Ikimonobakari~Members’ BEST Selection~ – Ikimonogakari
6. Hajimari no Uta – Ikimonogakari
7. PAST FUTURE – Amuro Namie
8. Imamade no A-men, B-men desuto!? – GReeeeN
9. 5years – Kimura Kaela
10. MAGIC – B’z

Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Singles Sales of the Year 2010:

1. Troublemaker – Arashi
2. Monster – Arashi
3. Love Rainbow – Arashi
4. Hatenai Sora – Arashi
5. Dear Snow – Arashi
6. To be free – Arashi
7. Heavy Rotation – AKB48
9. Love yourself~Kimiga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ – KAT-TUN
10. Beginner – AKB48

Arashi seems to dominate all the singles charts, as expected. Arashi is up there 13 times. Despite how well Begiiner, Heavy Rotation, and Ponytail to Shushu did AKB48 is only up there 3 times. Which honestly doesn’t make sense to me. AKB48’s Beginner outsold Troublemaker by almost 300k. I don’t understand what Billboard is basing the sales off of.
I also can’t believe Arashi didn’t get to number 1 on the album charts.

Limitless Arashi

With just for days until the release date of Arashi’s new single, Hatenai Sora, the PV is finally released. And honestly it’s about time. I think this is the longest we’ve had to wait for a Johnny’s PV. But don’t quote me on that, I don’t really keep a close track on when JE PVs come out.

I’ve already expressed in previous posts how much I absolutely love this song, and I do. I’m not so sure the same can be said about the PV. I mean I like it, it’s definitely better than Dear Snow. It’s a lot more dynamic and has a lot more different scenes. But there’s not really much going on in the PV. They are still just standing there and then just mixed with close ups. I mean where’s the amazing Arashi dance like in the Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ PV? Or the over the top crazyness and gay of the Kitto Daijoubu PV? I mean you don’t need an overly upbeat song, or even dnce, to have an interesting PV. Look at Troublemaker, One Love, Beautiful Days, Sakura Sake. Ok, Sakura Sake was upbeat but the PV was simple and still cool. Like I said before this basically just comes down to Arashi being spread too thin this year.
But I decided to review the PV because I haven’t done a review in ages. Because of that I’m thinking of going back and doing Berryz’s Shining Power PV and maybe even Lilpri’s.

Everyone look sad and longing at the camera now.

Aiba’s is the best.

Ohno’s is the worst. His face is unchanged.

For some reason the backdroop reminds me of

the Believe PV.

However, this scene reminds me of

the Tayiou no Namida PV

Oh look, it’s Dear Snow again!

MatsuJun does look pretty cute though.

I gotta admit, the transparent scenes are pretty cool.

I don’t get what the whole dramatic standing up from a chair bit is all about.

God, Nino is so adorable!

Umm WTF, are Aiba’s teeth capped? They are starting to look like John Cleese’s. XD

If Nino is the only one to get a solo in the entire song, why do they keep following Aiba around?

Hot! I’m such a creep. XD

His face is too intense for such a slow song. I could see if he was holding a note or something, but he’s not.

Of course the backdrop opens to reveal a blue sky, that’s such an Arashi thing to do. XD

I love how he’s singing with a half smirk.

I love how Nino is the only one actually trying to dance here. Everyone else is just moving their arms because there’s no actual steps. 

Be sure to watch this PV before Johnny’s takes it down.

Arashi-Hatenai Sora preview

Arashi is releasing yet another new single entitled Hatenai Sora on November 10th. So with less than a month to the release we finally have a song preview. And it’s pretty safe to say this will finally be Arashi’s last single for the year. And I bet 2011 will have maybe 2 Arashi singles.

Can I just say I am instantly in love! As soon as it picked up and the chorus kicked in I was sold. See this is the kind of relatively simple Arashi songs that I like. Where it’s sung slowly, but it picks up, and the music is still upbeat. And it’s kind of weird that the only person to get a solo line is Nino, and he only has one. But I’m not complaining being a Nino fan. It just adds to the fact that this single reminds me a lot of Beautiful Days. Since the music, the way it’s sung, the lyrics, and even that the only solo line goes to Nino.
And because Arashi fans are super dedicated there’s already translated lyrics for the song. And I gotta say the song is just super positive and uplifting. I really like the whole message of the song. It’s really similar to Beautiful Days, which is one of my favorite Arashi singles. To be honest this song seems like Beautiful Days part 2.

Arashi’s Dear Snooze

I’ve been debating over wether or not to make a post about the Dear Snow PV since it was first releases. I usually only make posts about PVs that are either so incredible I can’t contain myself from witting about the, PVs that are so disappointing I feel the need to rant about them. Which is why I don’t make posts about every single PV that comes out. And more recently why I didn’t make reviews of SCANDAL’S SCANDL Nanka Buttobase or Momoiro Clover’s Pinky Jones PVs. (I’m actually really waiting for the awesomeness that will be the Koko Natsu PV. It’s a lot better then MomoClo running around in random Native American outfits. XD) And actually that’s where most PVs sit, smack dab in the middle.

But Dear Snow is far beyond even average, or disappointing, it’s just plain boring. There is absolutely nothing to comment about. Not bad costumes, a bad set, or anything because nothing happens.

All you basically have to do is look at this picture, and it feels like you’ve watched the entire PV.

Oh wait, you might want to see it from a different angle. There, now you’ve seen the entire PV.

Because that’s all their is to it. This takes PV simplicity to a whole new level. The entire PV consists of them just standing there and close ups of them singing. And that’s it. H!P fans, myself included, cry when the PV is dance and close up. Yet I bet the legions of Japanese and international Arashi fans don’t even care, because the video is simple and elegant. The song is so beautiful that the PV doesn’t need to be flashy. And to that I completely disagree. I’m all for simplicity and elegance, when necessary, but I know the difference between simple and boring. But again that’s just my personal opinion. Honestly it feels like a waste, because the song is actually really pretty.

I guess I’m mostly so unimpressed by this PV because it’s the 3rd Arashi PV that’s done nothing for me. Don’t get me wrong I think Love Rainbow and To Be Free were great songs, but they were boring uninspiring PVs. But that’s what happens when you release 5 singles in one year, with 6 on the way. Arashi has been completely stretched too thin this year. They comes out with 2 of the best songs and PVs Arashi has released in a long time, Troublemaker and Monster. Then the next singles quality suffers greatly because of it. There’s no doubt JE didn’t expect to release all these singles, because if he did he would have spread the budget a little more. And by the way Troublemaker looked like it was pretty cheap to make, and look how it turned out.

Arashi-Dear Snow PV preview

A commercial and minute length PV preview for Arashi’s newest single Dear Snow, has been released recently. And talk about news that creeps up on you. These have been out for over a week, but I just completely missed them until now. Mostly due to the fact that this whole single completely slipped my mind. After Arashi announced that they would be releasing yet another single, Hatenai Sora, it completely slipped my mind that the PV for Dear Snow hadn’t even been released yet. XD

Since the song it’s pretty slow paced the PV of course is extremely simple. With hardly anything really going on. But that’s to be expected from Arashi. A majority of their PVs are super simple. And I was kind of expecting the PV to be winter themed since it’s called Dear Snow. But I guess that would seem out of place since Fall just started.

The only thing to really report about this PV so far is that MatsuJun and Nino are looking really good in it. Especially Nino, he looks super adorable.

Here’s the minute preview:

Here’s the CM:

Arashi also performed this song on Music Station. I thought the performance was really great. Even though most likely everything was lip synched except for solo lines. It was a great performance nonetheless. As always, you should watch the video quickly before Japan’s youtube czars deletes the video. XD

Arashi Dear Snow preview

A preview for Arashi’s 33rd single, Dear Snow, has been released. The song is being used as the theme for the film Ooku staring Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari.

I’ve said in this blog several times before that I don’t really like ballads too much. So I was a little bit sad that this single is so slow paced. Since Troublemaker, Monster, To Be Free, and Love Rainbow were amazing I was hoping for another instantly catchy song. But after the third listen, I’m actually starting to like it. Despite the lack of singing ability in some Arashi members, Arashi does haramonize beautifully. So the chorus is definitely my favorite part of the song. It’s a pretty present song to listen to. And much like most of Arashi’s songs it has sickingly sweet lyrics you can’t help but not like.

Dear Snow will be released on October 6th. Here’s the preview.

MatsuJun’s gonna run this town tonight

Arashi’s Monster PV has been out for a couple weeks now, and it was my intention to make a PV review of it. The problem is it wasn’t boring enough or loltastic enough to make a review from it. Basically I’ve got nothing witty to say about it. Damn you mediocrity! However, there was on aspect of the PV I felt the need to point out. And that’s MatsuJun’s shirt.

So what’s wrong with MatsuJun’s marching band styled shirt? Nothing looks wise I actually like it. But that’s only because I liked it the first time I saw it, when Rihanna was wearing it in the Run this Town video.

Rihanna wearing it.

MatsuJun wearing it.

I can’t be the only one out there that immediately saw it was the same shirt. Jun’s is a tiny bit different though. For one he has sleeves and Rihanna’s doesn’t, and he has random tassels on the back. But it’s essentially the same. It was either made by the same person, or custom made to intentionally look the same.
Either way he’s wearing a woman’s shirt. And I find it hilarious every time I can point that out. So far it’s been MatsJun’s Rihanna shirt, Tegoshi’s I heart Tom shirt, and Ueda’s womanly jacket.

Anyway, while I’m on the subject of Jun, I gotta say he looks great in this PV. Jun has that look where he either looks extremely hot or extremely gay. And a great majority of the time he looks gay/hideous. There are very few PVs were he actually looks good. And Monster is one of them. Though he probably looks the best in Love So Sweet.

And if you care here’s the Monster PV. But the quality is terrible. JE seems to be having all their videos taken off of youtube. I tried to find HSJ’S Ultra Music Power PV yesterday but it’s gone. If I have to find a whole new streaming site just for JE videos I’ll be really angry. XD

I’m officially in love with Arashi

Now I’ve know about Arashi for years, even before I knew what Johnny’s was. For basically as long as I’ve been listening to Japanese music. (Which is almost six years) While looking up Japanese music I would stumble upon people talking about Arashi all the time. So that peeked my interest and I decided to do an image search of Arashi. I remember looking at the pictures of Arashi and laughing a lot, and thinking I would never listen to music where the guys looked so gay. Which is kind of ironic because I was listening to mostly visual kei at the time which isn’t exactly manly either. But that was it. I completely judged Arashi by the way they looked, and never really bothered to listen to their music.

Flash forward to present day and nothing had really changed. Until recently. I’ve been listening to Johnny’s for almost 2 years now, and I’ve still been avoiding Arashi like the plague. I guess even now I couldn’t really get past the ultra flamboyance of Arashi. But I was never completely cut off from them. I liked about 3 songs, give or take, by them. But that was it. It wasn’t until recently that I was in the mood to hear Love So Sweet that I heard their other songs. I’d been meaning to watch the A.RA.SHI. PV since I heard the song for the first time at the Johnny’s countdown. So on a whim I decided to look it up, and I became immediately addicted to the song. Then I decided to listen to the rest of their songs. Basically long story short I’m now pretty much addicted to half of Arashi’s singles. (There a few I wasn’t initially in love with.) I’ve been especially addicted to their new song, Troublemaker. I’ve probably listened to it like 50 times in the past 3 days. Which is really unexpected. I never would have guessed in a hundred years that I’d be in love with Arashi. It’s really weird. I think my former self would slap me in the face for this. Well actually back in the day it was never my intension to move away from Jrock at all. But look how things have turned out.

On the surface the Arashi fandom seems like a lot of fun. But much like every JE fandom they probably take themselves way too seriously. But that doesn’t really bother me much. The main thing that’s in the way is Arashi themselves. As shallow as it seems I only aggressively follow idols/bands that I find visually appealing, which Arashi isn’t. I mean MatsuJun and Nino, the best looking Arashi members, are 5’s on a good day. Perhaps eventually I get over that. But it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

Idols win big at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

The 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards were held in Japan on the 24th. And a good chunk of the awards were given to idols.

KAT-TUN’s Rescue single won for the totally Johnny’s dominated category of 5 Best Singles. Even though this was KAT-TUN’s only win for the night, it’s still pretty exciting. I love Rescue but I had no idea it was popular enough to win for best single. Shows what I know.

AKB48 also won a special award. I’m not exactly sure what the special award pertains to, or even if AKB48 deserved it. But they won it regardless.

And the most undeserving award goes to Mano Erina. She won for 5 best new artists at this years award. This is exciting news for ManoEri to be really popular and being recognized in Japan. But I gotta say I don’t think she deserves this at all. Some of her songs are catchy and are growing on me, so I get the hype. But Erina isn’t exactly the best singer in the world. In fact she can barely sing at all. It’s cool that an H!P artist is getting this award, but it would be cooler if it was an H!P artist who deserved it. I know this awards are based on sales and she only won because she sells well. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

But the overall winners of these awards was Arashi. The won an astonishing 10 awards! Best new artist, Album of the year: All the best! 1999-2009, Single of the year: Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei, 5 Best Albums : All the Best! 1999-2009, 5 Best Singles: Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~, 5 Best Singles: Everything, 5 Best Singles: Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei, 5 Best Singles: My Girl, Best DVD: Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo, Best DVD: 5×10 All the Best! CLlips 1999-2009.
It is absolutely incredible that Arashi won 4/5 of the years best singles. Japan’s love for Arashi never ceases to amaze me. Believe and Crazy Moon were really great songs, totally deserving of being part of the best singles.

Arashi – Crazy Moon preview

Arashi’s new single, Crazy Moon, will be released on May 27th. So with over a month until the release the preview has already come out. Now I’m not really an Arashi fan at all, but I thought I should post Arashi news anyway. Especially since I completely forgot to write about Believe.

From what I hear of the single, I’m not really impressed. It’s sounds a lot like Arashi’s previous singles. And the music is really bland and boring. Believe was much better than this song. At least Believe was a little faster paced and had better music. I just find this song really boring. I listened to it 3 times I can’t even really remember more than the chorus and overall beat.