Teogmass leaves their love on a Blue Bench

The PV for Tegomass’s upcoming new single, Aoi Bench, was just released. Now the PV says short version but it’s only about 30 less length than the original song. So I’m going to do the preview of the short version. I’m going to guess that the long version is either being released on the DVD or if an official long version is released a few days later it will most likely just be an extension of the story line. And I most likely won’t do a separate review of that. Mostly because there might be dialogue and I can’t speak Japanese. But if something super incredible happens I might add to my review in another post.

Now I was very impressed with this song, even though it’s a cover song. I think the song is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. I just love bitter sweet songs about lost love. Now I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from the PV because the original was so simple. But I figured since this was JE we’d be getting something a little more impressive. It is too an extent, but it’s still pretty simple. The PV is basically Tegoshi and Massu walking around taking pictures of their hometown and old high school. Which works for the simplicity of the song, but does help make the PV memorable. The PV is a little too boring for me to usually make a PV about. But I love the song so much, I had too.
 A sad and somber view of a city. If this is how the whole PV is, I’ll probably get teary. Also I’m not sure where this is filmed because it doesn’t look like Tokyo to me.
Ok, this is already too bright and happy for a sad song.
 I don’t get the reason they keep taking pictures. I guess to have memories of their hometown? Still, I got a wicked flashback of Mirai from Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita. Lol.
 If only Massu did anything for me. I could make a thousand caps of how sexy or cute he looks.
 Wow, for once Tegoshi actually looks manly in a Tegomass PV or pretty much in general. But I have to admit, I do have soft spot for Tegoshi with dark hair.
 See with dark hair Tegoshi manages to look adorable without looking so girly.
 Wow, these are some cutting edge close ups. :/
 I wish I could read what this says. But I think it’s pretty universal. It probably says some random girl’s name or like Tegoshi and Mariko forever. It might even say his name. XD
 He looks so adorable because he looks sad.
 This is way too hot an outfit for Tegoshi to wear. I’d rather see it on Ryo-chan or Yuto.
 So they’re making a hometown collage or something? It makes me imediately think of Berryz Koubou’s picture that sends friends at the end of their Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda PV.
 I’m not feeling Tegoshi’s yellow pants or Massu’s American flag shirt. XD
 This picture is supposed to make it obvious what they are doing on the wall. But I’m still not getting it.
 Oh man it’s the Aoi Bench!
 If waving goodbye on the blue bench was so painful, why is he smiling at a picture of it? It makes no sense!
 So, it’s a mosaic of the park and the bench. But that just personifies that this bench was a happy place or memory! Which it wasn’t! XD

Tegomass-Aoi Bench preview

The radio rip for Tegomass’s 5th single, Aoi Bench, has just been released. Apparently the song is a cover a song by Sasuke. But I have never heard of the song until now. This song immediately remind me of Puffy AmiYumi’s song Red Swing. Red Swing, Blue Bench, you can see why it reminded me. XD

I am completely disappointed by the fact that the song sounds exactly the same. Why make a cover if you’re going to make it sound exactly like the original? I dread hearing Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new cover single now. :/
The original song was really bluesy and country sounding and so is Tegomass’s. It seems like they’ve been doing a lot of slow paced songs lately. This song literally sounds musically like Tanabata Matsuri but sung like Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara. But looking back all of their singles were slow paced, ballad type songs but I just never noticed. The song sounds good but after listening to the original their voices don’t really fit it too well. They are just too cute sounding.
But besides that I absolutely love the song. The lyrics are so beautiful and heartbreaking. They completely pull on the heart strings. The same sappy love songs Tegomass always releases.

Here’s the radio rip:

But here’s the original with subs, just because the song is great:

Moshimo, kono sekai kara Tegomass ga nakunattara

Tegomass had a new single and PV out called, Moshimo, kono sekai kara OO ga nakunattara. And if you’re a hardcore Tegomass/JE fan you already knew that. But if you read my blog regularly you know I’m far to lazy to make PV reviews the second the PV comes out. And honestly I didn’t know the PV came out until 2 days ago. If I wasn’t looking a NEWS news I would have been none the wiser. And most likely about a month from now would say “What ever happened to that Tegomass song?” Exactly like I did with Perfume, but I am eventually going to do a PV review of Natural ni Koishite .

Anyway, I’m getting way off track here. So, I’m going to talk about the song for a little. Since I hardly ever remember to post song previews. This song just isn’t one of my favorites. I mean the lyrics are cute, but it just lacks the immediate catchyness and upbeat music of their past singles. It’s on the bottom with Tanabata Matsuri, but it’s still above Tanabata Matsuri. Mostly because I don’t like country sounding music in the US, why would I possibly like it in Japan? I think most of you know by now I don’t really like slow sounding songs or ballads. People can argue that I have no musical taste, and that most ballads have great lyrics. And point taken, but I just really dislike them. I must have a slow attention span or something.

Now on to my PV review, because I usually take any chance I can poke fun at Tegoshi. He’s easily the best singer in NEWS, and one of the best in JE. But I just don’t really like him that much. XD

Again with the phone? Isn’t it a little too early to suffer from another breakup?

It really makes me sad that all I can read is no and ka. One of these days I’m going to actually learn Japanese. Though it probably only says hello, I miss you. Or something very similar.

Massu Downer brooding in the back of the bus alone. He must still be hung up over Sakura Girl.


Apathetic businessman doesn’t care about your feelings. I love the face he makes though. Like “I don’t care, I don’t even know what JE is.” lolz.

Eh, I’d probably do the same thing.

Looming waitress, who looks like she could play a ghost in the Grudge, also doesn’t care about your feelings.

But Teogshi matches things up with way too strong of a reaction. A normal reactions would be, “WTH? I’m not paying for this now.”

And magically it’s in color now. For no apparent reason other than it’s the start of the chorus. And WTF? Tegoshi is wearing rosary beads again! I’m beginning to think he thinks they’re just another random necklace/accessory.

And he’s still got that hair that I hate. By the way, nice face. XD

Let’s creepily watch everyone who is happier than I am.

How come Massu always has scenes featuring kids? In PVs and concerts he’s always awkwardly touching the extras or Juniors. It’s really weird.

Why doesn’t anyone love me?

Oh everything is emo again. Must be another verse.

Even Massu Downer doesn’t get what’s going on.

Tegoshi sits from his table and watches you with longing eyes. How is that not creepy?

Yeah having the whole world disappear will have that confused effect on you.

Massu Downer managed to clear out an entire bus.

Let’s take a second to laugh at Tegoshi’s shirt. It either says he loves Tom, or he loves his time of the month. Either way, that’s a woman’s shirt. Which is extremely hilarious.

That’s the gayest face ever. ._.

Hmmm. No, Massu’s face still wins.

So let me get this straight, if you’re not with the person you love every second of the day the world might as well not exist? Codependencye FTW!

And of course Tegoshi and Massu are the people they can’t live without. I’m sure that wasn’t intentional fanservice on JE’s part.

This is why Tegoshi should never smile.

And this is why either of them should never smile. Even little girl in the background notices.