Kinyoubi is just Super Cargo 2.0

The cover for Kago Ai’s new photobook, Kinyoubi, is out and I gotta say I’m a little disappointed
The first photobook I could forgive and overlook, because it seemed like this was something Aibon needed to do for herself. To show everyone she was growing up and was no longer H!P’s puppet. But this photobook I can’t even explain. Kinyoubi looks exactly like Super Cargo. The cover is bad taste and is cheap looking. Kago is better than that, or at least she used to be.

After reading the translation to Kago’s last photobook, I felt a bit of Aibon closure. We got to hear her side of the story. She sounded very mature, like she was ready to move on with her life and career. And yet she made the same stupid mistakes when she was an unhappy teenager. She was in another scandal with an older man, and she releases this new photobook. It doesn’t seem like Kago has grown up or changed at all.

I understand that Kago is finally making discussions for herself, but that’s not really an excuse for her making bad ones. On one hand Kago seems to be leading the career she wants. She wrote and sang her own music with No Hesitation. The song and PV were a bit average, but that seemed to fit the new lifestyle she was leading.

But on the other hand she releases another almost gravure photobook. Her music and photobooks are drastically different. And I can’t help but wonder if this is something Kago wants, or something she feels she has to do. She lost a lot of fans because of scandals, maybe she feels this is the only way to get new ones. But even Leah Dizon stopped being a gravure model when her singing career came along.

I’m a little sad by this photobook, I was just expecting more. Especially since the photobook is called Friday. But would a photobook of her without slutty pictures really sell that bad?
I’m just ranting now, I’ll have to wait for more scans to from my definite opinion.

Kago Ai to release debut single

Former Hello!Project member Kago Ai is getting back into the singing business once again. She’s releasing her debut single, No Hesitation, on June 24th. This will be her first music release in over 2 years.

Some one please tell my I’m not dreaming. That this is really happening. Aibon is really making music again. I know she’s been mentioning singing and making music on her blog for a while now. But for some reason I didn’t really expect it to be happening. But it’s really happening and I’m freaking out. This is like the best news ever! Kago is finally singing again. It’s been years since she’s released any music. The lyrics were also written by Aibon herself, which is really impressive. The song itself seems a little bland but Kago’s singing makes over that 4 times over. I’m really excited to her the rest of the song in high quality and maybe even a PV. I’m just super happy to see her singing again.

Here’s a short sample of her song, since there’s no official preview out.

Ai Kago FRIDAY’d again

Once again Kago-chan is hit with another scandal. This time it’s an alleged affair with Hidejiro Mizumoto. Mizumoto had recently gotten a divorce from his wife Asato. But Asato is claming the reason for the divorce is her husband having an affair with Ai Kago. She is also seeking a large ammonu of money from both Mizumoto and Kago, 50 million yen from Mizumoto and 10 million yen from Kago. She is also asking for child support, which is standard for divorces. Asato also seems to have proof of the infidelity. She claims to have pictures Kago’s underwear, clothes, cosmetics, and other items at the apartment and also love letters on Mizumoto’s movie scrips. Tokyograph posted the news a couple days ago. You can read the full article there.

Kago, Kago, Kago. It really seems that she’s learned nothing. She’s finally getting her life back and is in the spotlight again. And yet she risks to lose it all again, for essentially the same reasons. I really thought she was past all of this and finally moving on. But this really makes it seems like she doesn’t care. And is again acting like a selfish teenager who never thinks of the repercussions of her actions. This really is disappointing. I was finally getting used to the new Ai and then she does something like this. I mean she’s probably allowed to date now. Can’t she find anyone single?

Another thing that catches me off guard, is the fact that Asato is asking for 10 million yen form Kago. Does Kago even have that kind of money anymore? She spent her H!P money when she was under house arrest. She even stated in her photobook, she had to take an office job with H!P because she didn’t have any money. I wonder how she’ll get that kind of money.

It also seems that Kago-chan isn’t over the older men yet. Mizumoto is 13 years her senior. And above all that, he’s not even good looking. Kago could do way better! Even the last scandal she was caught in, the guy was hideous. I don’t really understand. If you’re going to risk your career for a guy at least make sure he’s attractive.