AKB48 according to me

I’m a horrible liar. I mentioned a few posts back how I was enthusiastic about getting into the AKB48. But I haven’t searched anything AKB48 related since then. Mostly because I’ve been to lazy to. I’ve been spending most of my time watching Alex Jones’s movies and various other conspiracy theory movies. XD But at least that gives me time to makes this post, AKB48 according to me.

And what does that mean exactly? It’s simple. Whenever I get into a new fandom and can’t remember or can’t be bothered to learn their names I come up with my own names for them, so I can remember who is who. I usually do this with Kpop since I can’t pronounce Korean at all. This is the first time I’ve ever had to do it with a Japanese group. Stupid AKB48 with their unnecessarily large amount of girls. These are the nicknames I have for some of the girls so far. Keep in mind these aren’t exactly the nicest names to remember them by. But this is how I see the girls as of yet.

Watanabe Mayu becomes

the adorable one

Maeda Atsuko becomes

the chick that’s always up front

Takahashi Minami becomes

deep voice

Kojima Haruna becomes

weird ears

Minegishi Minami becomes

pumpkin face

Matsui Jurina becomes

the one the always looks sad and/or confused in PVs

Shinoda Mariko becomes

the girl that always looks stuck up

Ono Erena becomes

the one who looks like she’s 8

Oshima Yuko becomes

the one who looks like she’s 30

Akimoto Sayaka becomes

the one that looks like a man

Sato Amina becomes

the one that looks like a Chihuahua

By the way it took me like 45 minutes to find out all these girls names. ._.

I’m officially in love with Arashi

Now I’ve know about Arashi for years, even before I knew what Johnny’s was. For basically as long as I’ve been listening to Japanese music. (Which is almost six years) While looking up Japanese music I would stumble upon people talking about Arashi all the time. So that peeked my interest and I decided to do an image search of Arashi. I remember looking at the pictures of Arashi and laughing a lot, and thinking I would never listen to music where the guys looked so gay. Which is kind of ironic because I was listening to mostly visual kei at the time which isn’t exactly manly either. But that was it. I completely judged Arashi by the way they looked, and never really bothered to listen to their music.

Flash forward to present day and nothing had really changed. Until recently. I’ve been listening to Johnny’s for almost 2 years now, and I’ve still been avoiding Arashi like the plague. I guess even now I couldn’t really get past the ultra flamboyance of Arashi. But I was never completely cut off from them. I liked about 3 songs, give or take, by them. But that was it. It wasn’t until recently that I was in the mood to hear Love So Sweet that I heard their other songs. I’d been meaning to watch the A.RA.SHI. PV since I heard the song for the first time at the Johnny’s countdown. So on a whim I decided to look it up, and I became immediately addicted to the song. Then I decided to listen to the rest of their songs. Basically long story short I’m now pretty much addicted to half of Arashi’s singles. (There a few I wasn’t initially in love with.) I’ve been especially addicted to their new song, Troublemaker. I’ve probably listened to it like 50 times in the past 3 days. Which is really unexpected. I never would have guessed in a hundred years that I’d be in love with Arashi. It’s really weird. I think my former self would slap me in the face for this. Well actually back in the day it was never my intension to move away from Jrock at all. But look how things have turned out.

On the surface the Arashi fandom seems like a lot of fun. But much like every JE fandom they probably take themselves way too seriously. But that doesn’t really bother me much. The main thing that’s in the way is Arashi themselves. As shallow as it seems I only aggressively follow idols/bands that I find visually appealing, which Arashi isn’t. I mean MatsuJun and Nino, the best looking Arashi members, are 5’s on a good day. Perhaps eventually I get over that. But it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl

Even though I have said a couple of times before in previous posts on my blog that AKB48 fails to compare to Hello!Project, I finally give up. I have finally succumbed to the awesomeness that is AKB48. And I gotta say, I’m actually kind of excited. I’m filled with all these fresh in the fandom feelings. Where everything is shiny and new. Though it’s not all 100% new to me. As a H!P fan intrigued by AKB48 I dabbled in them a little. I know a few odd girl’s names and I’ve heard most of the singles. But that’s really about it.

Since I am relatively new to everything AKB48 related, I wonder which is the best way to go about learning about AKB48. When I first started to listen to Morning Musume I learned all their names first and then worried about the music after that. But when I first started listening to NEWS I made music my first priority. And shockingly I didn’t know all the NEWS members names until 3 or 4 months after discovering them. So I’m pretty torn. AKB48’s sheer size alone will make getting into the fandom a challenge. I’m going to have a super hard time remembering group line ups and names. Morning Musume generation 1-8 have only had 24 members. And in the beginning I thought I’d never remember them all. Let alone tell them apart. The only plus is AKB48 is fairly new, so learning all the songs will be easy.

I’m sure I’m unaware of a lot of things that seem to be common knowledge to most AKB48 fans. Like what’s the difference between AKB48 and SKE48? What is the format for AKBINGO? What does Team A 1st Stage even mean? I’m sure there are a lot more question that I just can’t think of now.

I’m most likely going to make this a series on my blog. To show how my AKB48 fandom is going. And so I can look back and remember all my AKB48 noobness on a later day. Just like how it was when I first listened to H!P and JE, there were a lot of things I was way off about. And even stupier things I used to actually believe. Such as Aibon and Nono were twins. Not to mention it took like a year before I knew why Uchi and Kusano left NEWS.
So everyone in blog land wish me luck. I won’t be satsified until I know as much about ABK48 that I do about H!P. This could take a while. XD

I only like Tegoshi for his bad English

Tegoshi Yuya is going to be in a movie called Dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita and for some reason I’m compelled to see it. And what is the reason I can’t wait until this move is released? An amazing story line? My love for Tegoshi? None of the above. I’m afraid my reason isn’t as legit as that. I’m not even a fan of “I’m too pretty to really be a man” Teogshi. The whole reason I want to see it is because Tegoshi speaks English in it. I guess I’m just a sucker for Japanese accents. Especially Tegoshi’s. There’s just something so enduringly cute about it.
The movie doesn’t look completely horrible. It just looks pretty girly and therefore will probably end up being stupid. But I’m obviously going to watch it anyway. I just wish all 3 of her boyfriends weren’t hideous. I’ve never been a fan of Charlie Bartlett or Kenichi Matsuyama, but Kenichi does look better in this movie then when he played L. He was probably only chosen for this movie because he can speak English. I’ve always liked Horikita Maki since Kurosagi though. She’ll probably make the movie bearable if it ends up sucking.
The trailer has been floating on the internet since December and because I could care less about Tegoshi I only saw it recently. So this whole post seems a little late because I fail at life. And a little pointless if I do say so myself.

New blog!

I haven’t been making updates on this blog the last few days, because I’ve been busy working on my new blog, Tokyo Shinjuu.

So, I just wanted to announce that it launches today. You can click on the link in this post or on my blog roll to check it out.

Tokyo Shinjuu will be exclusively a Jrock blog. So if you like Jrock or just want to see my opinions on Jrock, you should read it. :] I’ve wanted to write about Jrock for a while, so this is pretty exciting to me.

As of right not the blog is pretty empty. I still have a few more codes I want to put in, make a few more headers, and write an actual post. Watch out for that stuff on my new blog. I also want to do the same thing for this blog to, so look forward to that too. :]

Happy Birthday Yuto~!

It’s August 10th, so that means it’s Hey! Say! JUMP member Nakajima Yuto’s birthday! He turns 16 years old today, which makes me feel less creepy for thinking he’s hot. I’m only 17, and yet when he was 15 I felt weird. ._.

Any way Yuto is the hottest my favorite JUMP member. So that calls for major Yuto spamage. I hardly ever cover JE stuff, mostly because I don’t think people who read my blog for H!P will care. But Yuto spam anyway.

And Yuto video spam!

Yuto eating lemons on Showa Heisei. His reaction is adorable. But Ryosuke’s is still better. XD

Yuto dancing to Meccha Holiday with an Aya Matsuura impersonator. It’s amazing how they sound exactly like Aya.

Yuto confessing his love to Leah Dizon.

And an awesome Yuto performance.

Happy Birthday Janakya Mottainai!!~

That’s right Janakya Mottainai turns one years old today. Well today’s not the exact date I created my blog, it’s just the anniversary of the first actual blogging post I made. My first post was an introduction post, and I didn’t make a second post until about 2 months later. ._.

My blog has changed a lot in the year I’ve been doing it, as I mentioned in my 5,000 views post. So, let’s look at all the snazzy things that have happened to my blog over the past year.

Jelly_Man @ H!P related JM’s blog was the first person to put my blog link on their blog.

I was actually really excited about that. My first reaction was, “OMG, someone out there likes my blog enough to link it on their page!” Yeah it doesn’t really take that much to make me happy. XD
Since then a lot of other awesome blogs have linked me. Most of which you can find on my blog roll.

My blog was also featured on International Wota.

This was the first and only time my blog was featured on International Wota, but I’m still pretty ecstatic to have been featured at all. When I first made my blog it was my goal to be featured on that site. Though I kind of wish I was featured for something other than Yamapi, since I don’t cover JE news often.

I also have my first affiliate Jiriri Kiteru.

Which is pretty awesome! I never really planned on having affiliates, but when her site was asking for them I decided to be one. I didn’t even have an affiliate graphic, so I had to make one. Which took a grand total of 2 minutes. ;]

Since most people haven’t seen my affiliate picture here it is.

Simple graphics are pretty much all I can do. :/ And of course it had to feature Koha. I also wanted to change this up and put Janakya Mottainai in Japanese.

My blog also has over 11,000 views, and it averages about 100 views a day. That’s not really that many views compared to a lot of other H!P/Jmusic blogs out there. But I think pretty much amazing. Especially since the quality of my posts are sometimes iffy.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads my blog. If I didn’t have people reading or supporting my blog, I probably would have stopped a long time ago.
And comments are of course welcomed and loved. I respond to just about every comment I get. I’ve actually been getting a lot more comments lately, which I’m pretty happy about. But I can’t really tell if it’s because they want to or because in every random blog post I mention wanting feedback from people. Either way I appreciate it. ^^

One more piece of random blog news. If anyone out there in blog land wants to affiliate with my blog, just ask me. I guess you can comment about it on this post, since I don’t have any other formal way of going about it. Eventually I might make a contact section on my blog, but as of right now I have no idea how to do that. XD

Oh and just because. ;]


My blog now has over 5,000 views. And I really can’t believe it! I remember when I though 100 views was a big deal.
When I first made my blog I didn’t think anyone would actually take the time to read it. But I guess I’m doing something right. ;]

I’ve been blogging on here for a little less than a year, and it was more of casual blogging at first. I’d write a few posts each month or whenever I though something was snazzy enough to blog about. But it the past few months, I guess I’ve been blogging a little more seriously. Posting about news and more reviews, and whatnot. And for that reason more people have been reading by blog, which is awesome.
In the beginning I was kind of all over the place, I even mixed in a few Jrock posts. And I can honestly say my earlier posts were pretty much terrible. But I like to think they’ve gotten a lot better since then.
I’ve also somehow managed to get 5 followers. Which isn’t really that big of a number, but I think it’s amazing I have that. Comments are still a rare occurrence on my blog, but I still freak out about every comment I get one.

This post turned out to almost be a praise post. But it’s really more of a thank you post to anyone who reads my blog. You guys are awesome! You should continue to support my blog, and send lot of comments. ;]