Mitsui Aika’s photobook cover released

The cover for Mitsui Aika’s first photobook, simply titled Aika, has been released. And I gotta say I am pretty happy about how the cover looks. Of course like most photobooks do, it features Aika in a bikini. And I really love the bikini they picked. It’s pretty simple and Aika still looks alluring without showing too much skin or being over exposed. And believe me with her boobs she could. XD

I also hadn’t noticed but it seems like Mittsi also lightened her hair to an auburn shade and has added bangs. (Well she’s had bangs for a while now, but they were more side swept and these are straight.) Which really suits her, she looks incredible. And the bangs give a nice overall balance to the shape of her face.

Aika was also in UTB magazine, and those pictures are most likely previewing her photobook. But since I’m not 100% about that I’m not going to post them here.

After School does Morning Musume

Korean girl group After School covers Morning Musume’s Love Machine, to be the theme song for the Mnet and Hello!Project’s joint audition show Great Tokyo Girls. The song will also be After School’s new digital single. And instead of being called Love Machine its title is Dream Girl.
It was said After School was picked to do the song because many girls preformed After School’s songs for the audition. And also because they modeled their graduating and adding new members after Momusu’s original concept.

I find the reasons for them being chosen a little weird. Watching the audition commercials I mostly saw girls singing SNSD’s Gee rather than anything by After School. And After School was modeled after The Pussycat Dolls rather than Morning Musume. Aside from adding new member Uee to the group recently, they don’t really share any characteristics of Morning Musume.
After School is supposed to have a sexy and sultry theme to them, rather than H!P’s cute and happy theme. If they were going to choose any Korean girl group shouldn’t it have been SNSD? They are the closest thing Korea has to Morning Musume. Both song wise and large member wise.

With all the aside, I actually really love the song. The music has been updating a lot and has a nice techno vibe to it. And even though the lyrics have nothing to do with the original, I think it’s a pretty good cover. All the girls sound really great singing it. I even think After School’s signature rap in this sound sounds pretty cool.

So here’s your video. Decide for yourself if they did Momusu justice.

C-ute covers Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu

C-ute will be releasing a new single in June. It will be a cover of the 70’s pop song Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu.

It seems like H!P is releasing a lot of cover songs lately. Pepper Keibu, Dschinghis Khan, and the entire Cover You album. And I’m a little curious to see what C-ute’s cover of the song sounds like. I’m not really a big fan of the original Candies version of the song, it’s just a bit too old fashion sounding. but I really did love SweetS version of the song. If C-ute makes their cover a little faster and happier I think the single could turn out to be really great.
Now the really exciting part of C-ute’s new single is that is being released in June. Which is the month that Kanna is supposed to return to her C-ute and H!P activities. And I am beyond excited for Kanna to come back. It really seems like H!P’s goal to have Kanna participate in C-ute’s next single. I really missed 7 nin C-ute. I can’t wait to see her back in fighting form.

There’s no actual preview of the song, but here’s SweetS’s cover so you can get an overall feel of the song.