Yamapi-Hadakanbo preview

NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa will be releasing his 4th solo single, Hadakanbo, on January 19th.  It kinda seems like Yamapi is going to be like Tegomass where they release a single or two a year, and an album every so often. Which I’m completely ok with. There’s nothing wrong with getting more bang for your buck JE.

The song is a complete 360 from anything Yamapi has released and is used to making. The music itself is a mix between disco, soul, and jazz. The music sounds like if you took NEWS’s Koi no ABO, Kanjnai8’s It’s My Soul, and Tackey & Tsubasa’s Ai wa Takaramono and mixed them together you might get this song.
The song is so random and old fashion sounding that I absolutely love it! Every single part is amazing. And the way Yamapi sings it is so beautiful. From the vocalizing before verses, the perfect sounding high notes, the heart melting way he says Hadakanbo towards the end, and the overall smoothness in which it’s sung. This is literally Yamapi’s best solo single since Daite Senorita.

NTV Best Artist 2010 performances!

NTV aired their Best Artist of 2010 special yesterday. The idol line up included: Arashi, AKB48, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Perfume, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Tackey and Tsubasa.

The lineup was pretty much expected. Lots of Johnny’s and AKB48. I really wish more female idols were the best artist’s of 2010. Don’t get me wrong, I love JE, but I’d love to see some variety in these shows.

Here are the clips of the performances from the show.

Hey! Say! JUMP + Tackey and Tsubasa:

Hey! Say! JUMP’s performance is supposed to be a medley but it’s not really. They sing Ultra Music Power and “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~. Tackey and Tsubasa sing Venus and Ai wa Takaramono. I was actually pretty excited they performed Venus, because I love that song.


This is their performance of Iiwake Maybe. I was pretty sure they did a medley, if they did I can’t find of video of it. Sorry. :/


Arashi performed 3 songs. Their 3 songs were Believe, Happiness and Monster. Monster is my personal favorite. But 3/5 of their pants were wayyy too tight. And MatsuJun has jacked up hair. XD The fangirl screams when they walked near them were pretty loud and intense.


NEWS performed Kibou ~Yell~ and Fighting Man.


KAT-TUN performing Real Face and Going. I don’t understand why they aren’t singing Change UR World.

Johnny wants to know your favorite artist

I opened my email today and got my December newsletter from Johnny’s International. If there are fans out there that still don’t know what that is, it’s a Johnny’s newsletter written in English. Basically it tells you who’s the guest on Tackey CHANnel, who’s having a concert, general JE updates, and they are starting out their international ticket sales. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

Anyway, I got my email today and the second piece of news said to tell us your favorite Johnny’s artist. They asked to cancel my email delivery and re-register with my favorite artist or group.

Here’s what I submitted.

When they asked for favorite artist I was 100% going to put my favorite Johnny’s artist, Nishikido Ryo. But then I started to think why JE asked my favorite artist in the first place. And honestly it could pretty much only be for 2 reasons.

The first reason being, Johnny wants to know which artist is most popular with foreign fans, or perhaps which JE artist is popular in a specific country. Maybe for possible overseas concerts or maybe even debut. Hey after all, Jin is debuting in the US, Tegomass debuted in Sweden and Arashi was just featured on Peruvian TV recently. Stranger things have happened. It can’t just be to count how many foreign fans they have because that’s what the email service is probably mostly for in the first place. Come on Johnny open up a Hawaiian fanclub and tour, it works for H!P. Then we can get Alo-Hello JE. Sporadic AnAn shoots and Hey! Say! JUMP’s recent magazine shoot in Hawaii aren’t really enough shameless Johnny’s shirtless photos.

The second reason is more mundane, and most likely the reason they asked, they want to personalize your newsletter. This way they’ll be able to keep you updated on your favorite group’s or artist’s every move, to shell out the maximum money. And to tell you when international tickets are available for your favorite artist. I mean if you selected Yamada Ryosuke, you’ll get updates about him, Hey! Say! JUMP, and NYC. Which is why I selected NEWS instead of Ryo-chan. I love Ryo-chan and I love NEWS, but Kanjani8 not so much. And I don’t want constant updates about Kanjani8. I also really wanted to put Hey! Say! JUMP, because my love for JUMP and NEWS is almost even. But NEWS has been and always will be my favorite JE group. if they’re one of the least popular groups or not.

The newsletter also says you don’t have to change, which means you’ll probably get the same general newsletter as before. And if neither or these things don’t happen, what was the point of this? If they aren’t using this information for something, why ask? I doubt at the top of the newsletter it will now say your favorite artist is Arashi, or Tanaka Koki, or NYC, or Tadayoshi Ohkura. I mean, I think you know your own favorite artist. But there has to be some sort of reason Johnny wants to know.

NEWS are Fighting Men

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for NEWS’s new PV to be released. And now that it has I feel like I can die happy. Mostly because the PV is amazing. I saw the first 10 seconds and I was in love already. Yeah that might have been a little premature, but after watching the whole PV the early reaction was justified. Just like I said a few days ago, this looks like NEWS’s most expensive PV ever. There is just so much going on in the PV. Two different group dances sequences, each members solo dance, their story line, their singing close ups, the walking part in the beginning. I mean this video is just far from boring. And it’s probably hands down my favorite, and the best, NEWS PV pretty much ever. I can’t even express into words how much I love this PV. It’s just fantastic. It’s PVs like this that makes fangirling NEWS easier.
By the way, I am a RABID NEWS fan so be prepeared for an overdose of screencaps. 😀

I hate the blur scenes. They’re such a tease.

Intense! No, seriously. After this flew by I was ready to kick things into high gear. Maybe I’m just a little too excited. XD

This PV has just gotten significantly sexier.

Sometimes Kei-chan is super adorable.

Is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot? Let me rephrase that, is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot when his hair isn’t ugly? XD

Shige always has to thrown in some weirdness.

My god Ryo looks bangin’.

Scenes like this will never not C-ute’s Forever Love PV. I know this has been done a million times before Forever Love and will be done a million times after it. But it will just always remind me of Forever Love.

Yamapi looks hot and slightly girly at the same time. Nice all seeing eye logo on the flyers  in the background. XD

Woah unflattering extreme close up.

Wow, is every member really going to watch themselves on some sort of device?

No, seriously every member. Here’s the Yamapi cap I didn’t bother taking before.

Come on this makes 4!

Stupid dance move is stupid.

Lolz they’re all singing along to themselves dancing. Of course I had to use Ryo for the cap. At least that’s a completely unique way to do the close up singing parts.

For some reason Massu actually looks hot in this PV. O_O

Massu kinda looks like Naruto when he does that. But look at Shige next to him all sexy. XD

Awesome! I totally wasn’t expecting the megaphone. And Shige looks way too happy to be using it. His eyes are like bulging  out.

I guess I should have at least one picture of Tegoshi.

I hate how cute this was.

Rip off! He has the same phone as Massu.

Or maybe he doesn’t. XD


I love how Ryo has to be the last one to leave.

How cute.

NEWS-Fighting Man PV preview

With less than 2 weeks until NEWS’s new single,Fighting Man, is released we finally have a preview for the PV. Since this preview was on some morning news shows its a very decent 1:30 preview.

I am absolutely impressed with how the PV looks. I mean this looks like it was the most expensive NEWS PV ever filmed. From some reason NEWS always gets extremely cheap PVs. And the best always go to KAT-TUN and some times Arashi. Actually everything from Weeeek on isn’t really cheap looking. But it’s not expensive looking either. This PV isn’t expensive looking but it does seem like it cost more to make.

Even though a majority of the PV is just dancing I still think it’s pretty awesome looking. The dance scenes look really energetic and fun to watch. The dance in the PV looks like it uses more punch moves than in the Music Station performance, which is weird. But whatever. It’s also really awesome that every NEWS member gets 3 different outfit. And then each member has their little close up/story like they did in Sakura Girl.
And of course Ryo looks the best in the PV.

NEWS’s Fighting Man on Music Station

NEWS preformed their news single, Fighting Man, on today’s episode of Music Station. Since I am beyond in love with the song I had to make a post about their appearance. It honestly feels like an utter tease to watch them perform it live and not have a PV yet. But I’ll live, since it will probably only be another week or two before the PV comes out.

Well I can honestly say I had absolutely no idea this song had English in it. Obviously Fighting Man was in English, but I mean beyond that. And it’s funny because my favorite chorus parts are the English lines. Even though they aren’t pronouncing the words 100% correct, collectively it actually sounds really good. And after watching the live it seems the megaphone line really was Shige after all. I have no idea why I thought it was Tegoshi. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment Shige will ever get on his singing. XD

Now on to the best parts of the performance.

Ryo looks pretty fine. I love how his hair is. I was afraid because in recent magazine scans Ryo had some pretty ugly hair. XD


Lolz random poses in the background.
And Ryo has the best oufit.

I’m not feeling Yamapi’s hair. It’s the same style that Kame had. I cannot remember when he had it though!

WTF is up with Tegoshi’s hair? He looks even more womanly than usual. Unless he’s going to go jam with Montley Crue later. XD

I’m sure this line just means don’t be a wet blanket. o_o

I’m sorry but the slow motion punch move is lame.

Massu looks so bad.




Adorable. And Ryo’s shocked do no want face is priceless.

As always, if you want to watch this performance you’d better do so fast. You know before Johnny’s streaming nazis have it taken down.

NEWS-Fighting Man radio rip

With a little over a month until the release of NEWS’s new single, Fighting Man, we finally have a radio rip of the song. Which is of course a HUGE step up from the concert rip that sounded like it was recorded in a wind tunnel. And after listening to the preview, it obviously sounds nothing like Reggae. XD

The whole overall feel I get from this song is breezy. Just breezy. I know that sounds like a completely random word to describe it, and it is. The song just sounds light and airy. The sort of carefree vibe that a majority of NEWS songs have. The song sounds like it could be used for a CM or be the a song filler in a drama. I’m sure a lot of Non-NEWS would pass this song by because it’s pretty simple. But the simplicity is what I like about the song. I like that with just the first listen I can automatically tell it’s a NEWS song.

I absolutely love how the chorus is sung. It just gives the song a very fun feel. I also love the group parts where they sing fast. I also absolutely love how much you can hear Massu’s voice throughout the song. I’m obviously a Ryo fan, but Massu’s voice just fit so well with this song. So I love how you could hear his vocals the most during the chorus. Much like in the song Weeeek you mainly hear Ryo’s voice in the chorus. I also love Tegoshi’s (it also oddly sounds like it could be Shige o_O) solo line where it sounds like he was singing through a megaphone. I love that effect. It automatically reminded me of Otsuka Ai’s Happy Days.

I really love everything about this single. I like the song 100% more than Sakura Girl. Sakura Girls is probably my least favorite NEWS A-side. So I’m glad NEWS released another overly upbeat single, instead of another more serious one.

NEWS new single Fighting Man + Concert preview

In NEWS’s forth album, Live, they included a piece of paper that said “coming soon a new single.” I don’t think fans anticipated a new single announcement this quickly! During their Tokyo Dome concert NEWS announced they will be releasing a new single on November 3rd entitled Fighting Man. Which just happens to be Nishikido Ryo’s birthday. I demand a special Ryo edition for such occasion! 😀

Now I never make entire posts about the announcement of new singles, since I find it completely pointless. I usually wait until radio rips to come out before I even mention a new single on my blog. But since NEWS announced it at a concert, they also performed it. So we have a extremely LQ concert rip. But hey at least it’s a preview!

I am extremely excited to see NEWS releasing more then one single again. Since last year they only released Koi no ABO and concert DVD. I became a NEWS fan in 2008, and I honestly think that was the best year for NEWS. They released 3 singles, an album, and a concert DVD. There was also the Kurosagi movie. I wish NEWS would have another year like that. Since NEWS is one of the least popular and underrated JE acts, and I honestly can’t figure out why.

But anyway more about Fighting Man, and less about pointless NEWS comments. The rip physically hurts my ears. So please do not ask me for any sort of actually opinion on the song itself. All I can actually hear is everyone got solos and the song sounds like it has a reggae. Though don’t quote me on the reggae because some parts sounds heavy rock, and others sound futuristic. XD I wish NEWS had wotas. Because Hello!Project concert rips are always close to perfect quality. This kinda sounds like someone recorded it in a tunnel. But I shouldn’t really complain, because whoever recorded this didn’t have to record it at all.
So here’s the rip. Don’t kill the messenger on this one.


For the promotion of their 4th album live NEWS made 3 different commercials. Well, they’re not so much different as just being different versions of the same commercial. But different nonetheless. The three versions are dubbed the Yamapi version, the Massu version, and the Kei-chan version. Which is a kind of unfair to the other members if you ask me. But i guess it’s fair when you take into account that Tegoshi and Ryo have recently starred in their own solo commercials. As for Shige, I don’t know. I guess everyone just hates him. XD

Since I only know minimal Japanese let’s focus on what’s really important during these commercials, their overall looks.
Yamapi: I am completely ecstatic that his “what was he thinking” perm is all but a distant ugly memory. And he’s back to having sex hot hair. It’s pretty similar to my favorite Yamapi hairstyle, his Kurosagi hair, yet it’s a little different. I guess it’s a little more mature.
Massu: I don’t find Massu to be all that attractive to begin with but he’s even more so with blonde hair. I don’t understand why he went back to his Tanabata Matsuri hair as if that was a good look for him.
Tegoshi: Pretty much the same as usual.
Shige: Shige’s hair is an abomination! It looks like his Sakura Girl hair but worse. He looks completely hideous, which makes me uber sad.
Ryo: Looking the same but still adorable.
Kei: Kei looks incredible. His short cut and dark hair is probably my favorite Kei hairstyle. Whenever he has his hair like this he look incredible. I absolutely hate his constant blonde hair. With his dark brown hair he moves for a pitiful 3/10 to a solid 7/10.

Overall I think the CMs are pretty much standard new album CMs. Nothing extremely amazing going on. Except for Ryo of course. Maybe it’s because of my obvious Ryo bias but I was paying the most attention to Ryo throughout the commercials.

From when he’s the only one slyly smiling in Yamapi’s CM.

To when he’s the only one not laughing in Massu’s.

Or when he’s the first one to laugh at Kei. I’m always drawn to Ryo.

Anyway, here’s a mash up of all 3 commercials.

NEWS Live album preview

My favorite JE group ever NEWS is releasing their 4th album on September 15th. Which is 2 days from now! You might remember I made about a month ago about my dilemma about deciding between NEWS’s and Miyavi’s CDs. Well, in the end I ultimately chose NEWS. However, because of my mom’s stroke I was unable to have her buy it for me. Which I’m pretty sad over. But my mom assured me that I will get it when she is gets a little better and we actually have the money for it. XD

Details about this album have been coming out periodically over the last couple weeks. But due to my infection I couldn’t blog about it. And I am extremely upset over that. I missed the whole moment of glee when the tracklist was released, and gushing over the covers. I feel like I missed out on a lot. I mean the song previews are even out! And have been for over a week! But whatever, I’m a HUGE NEWS fangirl and I intend to blog about their album to it’s full extent. Starting with the tracklist. The track list to Live is as follows:

1: Koi no ABO0
3: Umare shi kimi e
4: Supernatural
5: Aki no Sora
6: 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki
7: Dancin’in the Secret
8: Wonderland
9: Sakura Girl
11: D.T.F
12: Naiyou no nai Tegami
13: Endless Summer
14: Share
15: Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

And here’s the preview for each song.

The first songs that sticks out to me are Share and Forever. Obviously because they were both sang at NEWS’s Winter Diamond Party concerts. But they stick out for different reasons. Share sticks out to me because Share should not even be on the album. Share was released as a b-side track on their Koi no ABO single. Yes I do like the song Share. And yes I wanted a live version of it as soon as I heard it. But releasing it on the album seems lazy to me. Like they needed one more song on the album and just threw it in there.
And Forever sticks out because as soon as I heard it on the Live Diamond DVD I wanted it to be released on an album. It was like Snow Express all over again.
Overall I am completely in love with what I hear. They’re the standard happy sort of good feeling songs like I love about NEWS so much. And of course I love NEWS’s super upbeat songs over their softer ones. So 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki, Wonderland, Dancin in the Secret, and Be Funky being my immediate favorites. And Aki no Sora, D.T.F, and Live becoming my secondary favorites. As always NEWS delivers more than I expect. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever my favorite artists announces a new album at first I am extremely happy, but after that I’m in a state of utter panic. I am always worried what if the album turns out to be utter garbage. And I do that will all my music. From Idol music to Jrock to American music. I hope I’m not alone in that. XD

I also have a random thought about the album. Is it supposed to be live, as in to live, or live, as in they’re performing live. I have no idea what I’m supposed to even call the album! XD

Ryo shows off his air guitar skills in new CM

Nishikido Ryo is staring in a new solo CM for 7-up Clear Dry. Which was just released a few hours ago.

First off, I am 100% sure that they don’t make this product here in the US. And if they do I have never seen it or heard about it. The bottle even has the label used for 7-up products sold outside the US. But I don’t see why they don’t make it here. According to the bottle it’s a zero calorie 7-up. Coke zero is really popular here, you’d think we’d have 70up Clear Dry too. But now I’m just rambling. XD

About the commercial itself, I like it. It’s really adorable. I always love when Ryo shows his dorky side. And Ryo rocking on air guitar is pretty dorky. And apparently he was really shy while he was filming the commercial. Which just adds to the cute factor of it. And I must say I completely approve of a Ryo solo commercial. Yamapi is usually the one getting all the CMs. It’s about time my beloved Ryo got another one.

NEWS to release 4th album, Live

Johnny’s Entertainment groups NEWS is going to release their 4th studio album entitled Live. And that is literally all I can say about this. I can not find any information about this anywhere! All I am sure of so far is that a release date hasn’t be announced yet.

Even though the facts surrounding this piece of news are sketchy, to say the least, it doesn’t make me less excited for this. As some of you may know NEWS is my favorite JE group and I’ve been feeling NEWS deprived lately. A new CD is just the kind of thing that makes me happy. And breath a sigh of relief at my paranoid they’re breaking up thoughts.

Even though I am overjoyed at the thought of a new NEWS CD, I really doubt I’ll be able to buy it. Miyavi’s first CD in a year and half is being released in October. And there’s no way I’ll be able to buy both. I’m going to have to think long and hard about which CD I decide to get. I hate decisions like this, I’ll be disappointed either way. :/

Oh and also, please have NEWS pull a No More Pain. Give them a PV from th new album! I’m dying for a new PV!

NEWS’s love flutters away in Sakura Girl

NEWS’s Sakura Girl PV was released a few days ago. (See I knew not to make a post about the PV preview. I could just tell that the PV was gonna be released shortly after. Which is weird because it took KAT-TUN’s and HSJ’s PVs a week to come out after the PV previews.) Anyway, after the initially fangirl glee of finally having another NEWS PV, I sat down and watched it.

The video is pretty much 95% what I was expecting it to be. Only 95% because I would have died if wanted the PV to have a school setting. But of course it wasn’t, which made me a little sad. Ok I guess NEWS members are a little too old to be dressing up in school uniforms. But if they’re too old they shouldn’t have mentioned being in a classroom in the lyrics. Yeah, besides that it’s pretty much exactly as I imagined. The song is soft so the video is on the boring side with virtually nothing interesting going on. Some sad and kind of angsty walking scenes. And since it’s called Sakura Girl a few cherry blossom shots here and there. But I do like all the NEWS members break up scenes. Mostly because that’s the only thing actually happening in the video.

And I gotta say I absolutely hate how the majority of the PV looks. I’m not into the faded and blurry look it has. I keep waiting for someone to rip of the blurriness and tell me to get Claritin clear. I guess it’s supposed to symbolize that after you break up with someone you’re so dazed it’s like you’re in a fog and nothing makes sense. I’m not even sure it’s that’s the reason behind it, that’s just my best guess to explain the awkward fog.

Tegoshi breaks up through a letter. Which is a little old fashion if you ask me.

A letter I can’t even read is useless to me.

But I’m pretty sure this is what it says ;]

At least his tear is believable.

Not like Yamapi’s “I’m not even trying” tear.

Unavoidable cherry blossom scene no one cares about.

Tough break on the over the phone break up. I guess he was dating Joe Jonas.

That’s it Yamapi look as expressionless as possible. I almost saw some emotion there.

Apparently only Massu got the memo that, this is a break up song and you should look sad.

Everyone else just looks blank

Can someone tell me why Tegoshi is wearing a rosary necklace? He’s filming a PV not meeting the pope.

Leave it to Ryo to smile at something sad.

Keii’s recycled breakup. Though technically it’s a note not a letter. Bah!

But he has the most normal reaction.

Ryo being slapped is hilarious.

Mostly because of this.

Massu gets the most pathetic breakup, a text. You can text message breakup, after 2 years.

Massu’s catatonic/shocked face makes me laugh though.

Shige’s breakup is a little boring.

But apparently they were getting married. XD

Now that I’ve done my overall reaction to the PV, it’s shallow reaction time! ;]

By the way I HATE Ryo’s hair. It’s a mix of his sexy Cherish hair and his ugly Happy Birthday hair. And the end result is hideous!

Yamapi’s hair is ugly. It’s too flat and boring. It almost makes me miss his wet dog hair. Almost.

Excuse me while I die of laughter.

Oh WTF? I just recently started to dig Shige’s Shalala Tambourine hair. :/

NEWS should really learn by Massu’s example. He finds a style that looks good on him and he sticks with it. Since he’s been with NEWS he changed his hair twice. And once was for a drama.

NEWS- Sakura Girl preview

The preview for NEWS’ new single, Sakura Girl, is finally out. Which I’m super excited about!

I am pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. As I said before, I was expecting this song to sound like Taiyou no Namida. The song is a little slower than their last single, but I really love the song so far. It’s got a really soft and pretty beat to accompany the sweet lyrics. And just like I expected the lyrics have a some what nostalgic feel to them. They also have a sad tone to them since they’re about unrequited love. Which is something different for news. They very rarely have soft and meaningful songs. Ai Nante and Dreams is the closest they got. But Sakura Girl is a little more upbeat then them. So in a sense it’s closer to Love Story.
The line distribution is pretty much how it always is. In this preview only Yamapi, Tegoshi, Ryo, and Massu got solo lines. But most likely in the second half Shige and Koyama will get their solos. It would be surprising if they didn’t, since the line distribution has been the same since they became a 6 member group.
The signing itself wasn’t really anything too special. Which is expected. Since it’s a soft song there’s not really room to hit high notes.

I’m really excited for the PV now. A school setting would be amazing. But if it was a school setting it would most likely follow 2 high schoolers. Which would be a nice change. NEWS doesn’t really have any PVs that follow a story.

New NEWS single, Sakura Girl

Johnny must be listening to my prayers, because NEWS is finally releasing a new single. It will be release March 24th, and will be entitled Sakura Girl.
March 24th makes it just 1 month and 5 shy of NEWS not releasing a single in an entire year. Which is a little bit ridiculous if you ask me. My two favorite Johnny’s groups have the longest wait in between releases. Hey! Say! JUMP’s release drought is a mystery to me, but NEWS’s can be blamed on Yamapi. If Yamapi didn’t release a solo single and have solo concerts we would have had a new NEWS single a lot sooner. The Diamond Live DVD could also be a reason, but that was more of a release to hold fans over. Though even that was a year late.
I guess all JE single releases have long waiting periods in between. KAT-TUN almost had a year in between releases too. I guess I’m just used to H!P’s new single every 4 months release schedule.

The title itself makes me think it has to do with graduation or will have some sort of nostalgic feel. And will most likely have more of a Taiyou Namida feel. Which would make me pretty sad. I prefer NEWS’s happy and cute songs, rather than slow and meaningful. But it’s not like they have that many slow and meaningful songs anyway. Though I can’t judge a song based on the title alone, that’s just silly. I’ll just have to remain optimistic until the preview comes out.

Where’s my samurai, Ryo-Chan?

NEWS member Nishikido Ryo will star in a movie called Chonmage Purin, being released this summer. The movie is about a samurai from the olden age, time slipping to the present and working as a pâtissier.

Being the huge Ryo fan that I am, I’m pretty excited for Ryo getting his first leading role in a movie. However, I’m not looking forward to him having chonmage hair. But he is time slipping into the future so he probably won’t have that hair for long, assuming he has it at all. I am excited to see him be a pastry chef though. Ryo in a chef outfit would be beyond adorable. I’d also love if for some reason he’d cry again. Just because his crying scene in Last Friends just about killed me.
Besides Ryo being in it, it seems a little lame. He’ll probably act like Inuyasha essentially like a caveman at first. They’ll probably also be some attempt a humor that just isn’t funny. Since I don’t find Japanese humor funny at all. And if I know anything about movie cliches, he’ll fall in love with some random girl and leave everything behind for her.
I’m not too happy that this movie is way too similar to Miyavi’s movie Oresama. I know Oresama wasn’t the first movie to travel through time but still. Ryo’s traveling to the future, Miyavi traveled to the past. Ryo’s gonna be a pastry chef, Miyavi started a band. Perhaps Ryo’s character will take up soccer while he’s at it.
I expect a Ryo solo theme for this movie! Jin got one. And Yamapi gets them for drams. It’s only fair. I also demand Edo no Temari Uta II be played in the movie! It probably won’t though. But it seems pretty perfect. How many songs out there are really about the Edo period? I don’t listen to enka so they’re could be dozens.

Yamapi is Loveless in New York

I really love Yamapi. He easily has one of the best voices in NEWS. But does that mean he should get a solo single and concert instead of NEWS? Not so much. However, that doesn’t stop me from loving his song Loveless. Now for the most part I’m not really into ballad type songs. But all of Yamapi’s solo songs seem to have the same format. Sad lyrics and soft music mixed with just enough upbeat music that it’s not completely boring. Well Gomen ne Juliet was like that anyway.
The overall way he is singing is great. It’s soft, sweet, and fits it perfectly. But as great as it sounds, I really wish there was at least one high note thrown in there. Heck Tegoshi’s Ai Nante is full of them. And we all know Yamapi can hit them. I don’t know without it, it seems like it’s missing something. The lyrics are pretty good. Johnny’s always does have great heartbreaking lyrics. The lyrics are also a lot better and more mature then any song he’d sing within NEWS. But since I’m paranoid, this makes me think Yamapi is getting ready to leave NEWS. I mean whenever Yamapi releasing a single outside of NEWS it’s for a drama. But he doesn’t have a drama to plug.

The PV is ok. It’s not bad, but not great. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a song entitled Loveless. Lots of sulking and feeling heartbroken. He always flashes a Crybaby single tear in the begining. And despite his hideous hair he does manage to look cute at times. Just not the scenes were he’s wearing a beanie hat. He just looks ridiculously ugly. Designer or not it’s ugly. I really hate that this PV was filmed in NYC. I was so close to Yamapi and didn’t even know.

At least his tear looks real.

Nice outfit, too bad your hair ruins it.

You can barely even notice it here.

This hat makes him look like a tool. :/


Nothing is hotter than you’re hair looking like a wet dog.

Wota Wonderings 4- Just how shallow are you?

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The topic this time around is:

Hoping we’re not all shallow wotas, imagine your favourite idol (or musical personality) switched bodies with someone you don’t find “visually pleasing”, would it affect your love for that idol in any way/shape/form?

So this question is a little hard to answer, mostly because I don’t want to come off as being shallow. When in real life looks don’t matter to me at all. But, I’m not going to lie to seem like a better person. The honest truth is looks matter, and probably a lot. I guess because that kind of thinking is so common among lots of wotas out there, I don’t really feel that bad for thinking that way. In the world of idols you learn that looks and personality trump vocal ability. When I first got into idols, there was a time when I wouldn’t bother learning an idol’s name if they weren’t pretty or hot enough. But since than I realized that’s really stupid.

Kusumi Koharu:

I think Koharu is the only idol out there I legitimately like for personality and vocals. Most people say she can’t sing, but I really love her voice. I really love Koha’s energetic and over the top personality. It’s what drew me to her in the first place. And the fact that she’s too cute for words is just a bonus.


NEWS has been my favorite JE group, since I got into JE almost a year ago. They became my favorite mostly because of their cute and catchy Jpop songs. But they remained my favorite and closest followed JE group because I find all 6 of the members attractive on some level. I can honestly say I do know a lot about NEWS. But I also probably wouldn’t know as much as I do if they were ugly. Sorry, it’s the truth.

Nishikido Ryo:

But my favorite NEWS member and favorite JE member is Ryo-chan. I first started to like Ryo because he looked really hot in a suit in the Weeeek PV. I mostly like Ryo because he’s hot. Hot face and hot body. His face might wrinkle and look ugly when he smiles but that’s ok. Even though Ryo has a husky and unique voice I still think he is #5 vocally within NEWS. He’s not that bad of a singer, it’s just that the rest of NEWS outshines him. Except Shige. XD But I do really like Ryo’s sinister, I’m better than everyone else personality. Cause it’s hot. X_X


I first heard about AK48 a few years back. I was really interested in hearing their songs because they were similar to H!P’s songs. Before I actually listened to their songs I decided to see what they looked like first. After I saw a picture of them I remember thinking that they were really ugly. So instead of listening to them anyway, I decided not to based on their looks. But recently I started to listen to a few of their songs and realized they’re actually not that bad. I’m still not a full blown AKB48 fan though, because honestly I’d rather listen to the prettier girls of H!P. I would.

Hey! Say! JUMP:

HSJ is a pretty decent idol group. They have a few good songs like Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, Brave Story, etc. And yet as much as I want to become a HSJ fan, something is always stopping me. Even though I hate to admit it’s looks that are stopping me. Hey! Say! JUMP is currently the largest JE group out there, with 10 members. And yet out of the 10 I only think Yuto, Yamada, and Yabu are attractive. Inoo is mediocre looking. And Chinen might be hot in like 2 or 3 years. ._.

So yeah I guess looks are really important to me. And I guess that makes me shallow. I don’t really know what else to say. I guess with celebrities I feel I can judge them all I want. That’s essentially what everyone does anyway. When they say this singer is hotter than that singer.

Happy Birthday Yamapi

It’s April 9th, so you know what that means? It’s Yamapi’s birthday! Well it’s not April 9th in Japan anymore, but it is here in the US.

Today the leader of NEWS is celebrating his 24th birthday. This will be Yamapi’s first birthday while I’m a NEWS fan. I fail I haven’t even been listening to them for a year yet.

But anyway, Happy Birthday Yamapi. Enjoy the pic spam.

NEWS catches disco fever

NEWS’s 11th single, Koi no ABO, on April 29th. And the PV has been released already. It hasn’t even been a week since the PV preview.

I don’t think words can describe how happy I am about NEWS’s new song. I already said how much I love this song, but hearing it in high quality makes me love it even more. I think it’s really cute how they describe all the personality traits of each blood type. Which makes me really sad that I don’t know what my blood type is. I think this is one of the few NEWS songs were Shige’s voice actually sounds good. He’s not pushing his voice like he usually does. And I still have to say Keii-chan sounds the best.

When I fist saw the PV preview I thought they were in a host club, but they’re not. If you look closely you can see guys in the club, so it’s just a regular night club. Just a regular night club with the ratio of girls to guys being 3 to 1. So there’s a lot of scenes where the members are awkwardly dancing by a group of girls, hitting on girls, or just surrounded by girls in general. But besides all the girl scenes the video is supposed to funny and cute, which it is. But Shige goes way over the top with all his weird faces. Which there’s really no excuse for. Everyone one was shooting the same video and yet only Shige made really stupid faces. Everyone else managed to still look cute or sexy.
I think the best part of the video is at the end when everyone joins in the dance. And out of nowhere there’s a guy dancing in a leopard print suit. Which is almost as funny as Yamapi’s wannabe afro.
The worst part of the video is the morphing scenes. They give you a mini headache. But if you’re like me and watch the video like 5 or 6 times in a row they give you a migraine.


Keii looks awesome in sunglasses

Weird face #1. And it’s still early in the PV

Ryo overdoes it a little

WTF? Do I need to start a Ryo weird face counter?

Awesome Keii-chan

Weird face #2. Shige will eat you

Tegoshi looks extra womanly

Yamapi + bubble=hot

That’s so cute

Two girls wasn’t enough for Shige

Weird face #3. Can you guess what blood type he was
singing about?

Ryo looks gorgeous in this video

Tegoshi checking himself out

And very hot

Yamapi’s hip slap makes me laugh

Massu is dancing way too close

Weird face #4. WTF?

NEWS is staying alive

Have they been getting dance lessons from C-ute?

Clap and to the left. It’s electric

A pelvic thrust won’t help this dance. Ok maybe it will

God I hate Yamapi’s hair

Weird face #5. LOLZ

I have to admit Massu looks hot. Even without his long

Ryo looking great

Keii checking out random orange dress girl

The sunglasses kind of block his ugly hair

Weird face #6. The fish that got away was huge

For some reason this is hot

Oh come on Ryo. What’s with the face?


Tegoshi looks cute

Recive your random gift and looked shocked

Lolz at leopard suit guy

Nice sunglasses Keii

Weird face #7. You knew he had one more in him

Those glasses are creepy

The only time Tegoshi looks hot

OMG! The cups are back!

Ok, I got a little carried away with the pics this time. But hey I’m a NEWS fangirl, what did you expect? And you know you loved it.

NEWS Koi no ABO previews

NEWS’s new song Koi no ABO is being released within the month, so of course we have the full song preview.

I am really surprised by how much I love the song. When I first heard it in the RUSS-K commercial it didn’t really blow me away. I was also a little turned off by the dramatic change from their previous singles. But after hearing the full song I’m blown away! The music is just so danceable and catchy. I think it’s a pretty funny coincidence that JE is having a dance type song right after H!P just had Bye Bye Bye and Dakishimete Dakishimete.
I think the Koi no ABO chant in the beginning and end of the song is really out of place. But that’s the only complaint I have about the song. I think Keii completely rocked this song! He just fit so perfectly with this song. I mean he sounds better than Yamapi in it! And that’s a hard thing to accomplish. This song has such heavy background music that you really need a deeper voice to make it sound really great. Also Tegoshi sounds incredible. He took his high vocal range to his full advantage in this song. And his voice also sounds absolutely sweet. Maybe even heart melting. This song is just so catchy it was definitely worth the 6 month wait.

In even more exciting NEWS news. Not only do we have the song preview we also have the PV preview.

The first thing I notice about the PV is the unfortunate dance moves. It’s like disco moves mixed with terrible dancing. I understand that’s what they were going for but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea. Another thing I notice is most members are sporting different hair. Some good and some hideous. Yamapi, seriously what’s up with his hair? It looks exactly like his Happy Birthday hair! He should have changed it by now. Shige, I see he’s back to his black hair again. Which is how it should be, his blonde hair was ugly and did nothing for him. Tegoshi, I love how his hair is flipped like that. Sadly it makes him look very pretty and extra womanly. Ryo, finally his hair is back to normal! I couldn’t stand that weird flip from the Happy Birthday PV. Even in Musekinin Hero his hair didn’t look 100% great, but now it does. Massu, is hair is slowly but surely growing back. And Keii, there’s nothing really different about his. I’m really excited that in this video they are dancing in suits because nothing looks hotter on a guy than a suit. This makes me automatically think of the Weeeek PV. But this time they are all wearing matching suits. Another thing about this PV that jumps out to me is Shige, and not in a good way. He keeps making weird faces through out the whole preview. What’s up with that?

NEWS’s new single Koi no ABO

NEWS’s new single will be released towards the end of April. It will be their 11th single to date and will be entitled Koi no ABO. This song will also be featured in the Spring and Summer ads for the RUSS-K clothing line.

This is amazing news. I’m super excited for a new NEWS single. It’s really about time too. Their last single was in October. And it seemed every other Johnny’s group was releasing new singles. Not much is known about the new single as of now. But we do have a 15 second preview of it in the new RUSS-K ad. And the song sounds amazing! It’s completely different than Happy Birthday. I can’t wait for a full preview of this.

Kusano returning to NEWS in April?

All I can say about this is where have I been? I seriously just found out about this yesterday. But this info has been all over the web for almost a year! I really need to start following JE more. Currently all my time is spent religiously following H!P. But anyway, since it’s getting extremely close to the rumored date this deserves to be posted.

Ex-NEWS member Hironori Kusano left for New York City last year around April 18th. He was said to have departed to study both dance and English in NYC. And it seems the extra nudge to leave was Kusano’s lonely feelings he had when Jin spoke in English. There was also apparently a farewell party held for him. Which Jin attended and probably Yamapi.

I found this picture shocking at first look because I automatically recognized the girl in the picture. It’s none other than Chelsea aka AmerikaJinMusume. I’m sure most of you will remember her, from either her youtube dance videos or her appearance on Haromoni@. She also has her own blog, if you want to check that out. She’s also a little to chummy with them if you ask me. She also refers to Kusano has Hiro. But anyway, this is pretty much the most recent picture of Notti on the web. It also wasn’t easy to find. It seems that Kusano has changed much, which is good. I wonder if he also kept his hair the same? Hard to tell when his hair is under that hat.

I really hope this isn’t a rumor because this is seriously the best news I’ve gotten all week. And all it makes sense now, why only Uchi was getting attention. It’s kind of hard to have a solo concert if you’re not in the right country. I think my previous posts make it pretty obvious that I’m a bigger Kusano fan than Uchi fan. He’s supposed to be coming back in April, so I’ll really be looking forward to seeing if anything actually happens. I’ve really missed Kusano’s unique vocals, awesome dance skills, and his overall sexyness.

But I doubt Kusano will be placed back into NEWS just like that. They will probably do the same thing as Uchi and have solo concerts first. But it’s pretty interesting that the Kusano comeback rumor overlaps with the Johnny’s Entertainment shuffle groups rumor. So maybe we’ll see the return of Kusano in a dream unit first. Who knows? As of today neither of these things have been confirmed by JE yet. It would really suck if both of these were really nothing more than rumors.