Johnny’s Countdown 2012-2013

Well, I want to start off by saying Happy New Year my dear readers! And nothing brings in the New Year quite like the Johnny’s Countdown. As I’ve said before the Johnny’s Countdown is one of, if not the, most exciting part of being a Johnny’s fan. It’s seriously a highlight of my year. Most idol agencies usually have their idols come together frequently. They have jointed concerts, have TV shows together, or at least perform together on TV. But Johnny’s only ever comes together once a year. (Obviously excluding charity events.) And the Countdown holds a special place because if it wasn’t for the Countdown I’d probably still only be a NEWS fan right now.

I actually always wanted to makes these overview posts of the Countdown to be a yearly tradition on my blog, but last year I was unable to find a decent quality of the concert. I had some trouble this year as well. I almost had to 86 this entire post. But I luckily I found one, and here we are.

It seems like KinKi Kids are hosting again. Which doesn’t really bother me. I just wish Arashi wasn’t stretched too thin with Kohaku and could host it again.

I should really go back and listen to some of Matchy’s songs. He has a really good voice.

It’s weird to see Tackey & Tsubasa together. How come Tackey isn’t in the theater again this year?

Adorable Koki.

I hate that Hey! Say! JUMP are wearing their Boku wa Vampire outfits. I’ve never really care for them.

Why are they having Uchi stand next to Yamapi as if he’s a soloist too? I only point this out because, remember how everyone knew that Kis-My-Ft2 was going tomake their major debut because of how much they were being treated like a legit group instead of just Juniors? I wonder if this means a solo debut is in the cards? He has been doing his thing with Question for a while. And said he would love to debut again with them.

It just wouldn’t feel like a Johnny’s if the outfits weren’t so hideous so, over designed, and so brimming with blinding sequins that you wanted to punch the costume designer on the face.

I’m happy. Venus is probably my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa single.

That awkward moment when Tackey & Tusbasa are making your song more entertaining just by dancing then by you singing. Sorry Yamapi.

Can this even count as a debut? Since A.B.C-Z released this and nothing else since.


It’s cool that they had JUMP Band, but because of that you literally didn’t see any of the band members besides Keito.

Sexy Zone’s performance was hilarious. It was like, “Enjoy Sexy Zone, but please overlook the fact that only 1/5 of them is old enough to actually perform tonight.”

I really like KAT-TUN’s jackets. They have the least embarrassing outfits in the entire concert.

Wow, Taguchi looks really good here.

Happy New Year!

Keito looking good.

I love how they brought out all the rappers for this song. But Koki easily blows them away. I always thought Hikaru and Taisuke were kinda bad at rapping.

I haven’t seen Yuto tap in a while.

People said Arashi’s segment is prerecorded this year. Doesn’t really bother me. On a side not, I’m officially used to Nino’s hair.

Lolz at Nino’s face.

Yabu is such a cutie.

Really wish I could see the Juniors better. I can clearly see that Kochi Yugo, Sanada Yuma, and Yasui Kentaro are there but that’s it. I just want to know if my beloved Taiga is there.

Wow, this is really awesome.

Fumikyun managing to stand out.

Wow, I have no idea who any of the Kansai Juniors are.

Yes! They’re performing Aoppana. I was actually upset they didn’t perform it at Kohaku.

I’m so Ryo-chan deprived lately. I really need to get into Kanjani8 more.

Ryo literally almost fell here.

Rysouke looking as gorgeous as ever.

Tegoshi looks girly enough already, does he really need to keep doing his hair this way?

I’ve never heard V6’s Rock Your Soul before, but it’s seriously a great song.

Here’s the first part of the concert. This person does have the entire concert. But I didn’t want to put 10 videos on the bottom of this post. I suggest you watch it quickly before it gets take down.

SUPER GiRLS-EveryBody JUMP PV preview

Recently avex’s official youtube channel posted a short version for SUPER GiRLS new PV for EveryBody JUMP from their 2nd album, EveryBody JUMP.

I’ve been really neglecting SUPER GiRLS on this blog, and I do apologize about that. I honestly meant to make posts about their second album and the first PV preview for EveryBody JUMP, but it honestly slipped my mind.

I do absolutely love everything about SUPER GiRLS they are shaping up to be one of my favorite idol groups. And I know I say that a lot, but that’s because I mean it everytime I say it. Groups like SUPER GiRLS ans Passpo are surpassing some of my old favorites. I should eventually make a post about my favorite idol groups in order, but that’s another topic all together.
The reason I adore SUPER GiRLS so much is because all of their music is so upbeat and full force. So ar they’ve onlt released 4 slow paced songs. And EverBody JUMP is the exact same way. This song is incredibly happy and upbeat, it’s incredible.
The PV is also really adorable. It’s an idol PV down to the last T. It’s incredibly well made and looks pretty expensive. Or just a cheaply made PV done perfectly. It shows the girls wearing their group colors on their outfits yet again ala Passpo. And wearning an outfit that looks incredibly similar to an outfit thay S/mileage wore before. SUPER GiRLS don’t even try to be unique. I love that about them. There’s no shame in taking the best idol elements and making an amazing idol group.
There are just so many great scenes in this PV so far. Adorable jumping, super cute close-up shots, a dance that is really great, playing basketball, mid-air high fives, and balloons. You laugh at the balloons but don’t pretend that they add an nice addition to the PV. And did I mention that my girl Ami looks absolutely flawless?

S/mileage loses another original member

It was just announced the S/mileage member Maeda Yuuka will be graduating fro S/mileage and Hello!Project on December 31st. Making Please Miniskirt Postwoman the last release to feature Yuukarin. Yuuka stated the reason for her departure is to focus on university entrance exams, and her studies in general.

I am in utter shock right now. I did not see this coming at all. After Saki left and the sub-member became official members, I thought S/mileage was in a good place now. That the line up would be stable for a while, and we could bask in the awesomeness that is the new S/mileage. Instead we are faced with heartbreak, and having to wait until 2012 for S/mileage’s next chapter to begin. Anyone who thinks the auditions was a one time thing, I think graduating the most popular member pretty much confirms that we’ll eventually see a 3rd gen for S/mileage.
I this is just completely sad news. I’ve liked Yuuka ever since I laid eyes on her in the Cinderella Complex PV. And since then I’ve always rooted for her success. And I do really like Yuuka as an idol. Even if her jokes to fall flat at times, and she’s hardly the reigning queen of puns. I just find Yuuka to be incredibly charming. She is also one of the most adorable idols I have ever seen. And beyond that she’s has my favorite voice in S/mileage, and one of my favorites in all of H!P. It’s adorable and powerful at the same time, it’s just perfect.
This graduation makes me worried for S/mileage as a whole now. Yuukarin was the most popular and pushed member. Who’s going to be the face now? Kanon? Meimi? This also makes me worried that any day now my beloved Kanyon will graduate. Even if Ayaka graduated soon, I’m not sure how I’d feel about a group of nothing but new members.

But regardless of anything Yuuka will be sorely missed, and I do wish her the best of luck on her entrance exams.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 3

Wow, I never thought I’d be keeping up with this daily. I suppose that’s mostly because idol news has been pretty slow these last few days. Well, slow about the type of things I blog about anyway.

But more importantly, on to today’s question. Which is: “Which idol would be your girlfriend?”

This question was a little bit difficult for me. Since I’m not into girls, it’s hard to imagine what type of girls I’d be into if I was. So, I just picked an idol I’d enjoy being around the most.

Tokunaga Chinami:

When it comes to an idol I’d enjoy being around no one fits as perfectly as Chinami. She’s the type of person I’d have a blast with everyday no matter what we were doing. Chinami just has the super positive and energetic personality that is extremely infectious. She reminds me a bit of myself, which is why I think we’d really hit it off. Like Chinami, I am always really upbeat and constantly making jokes. I am also hardly ever sad. So, the few times that either one of us was sad I think we’d be able to feed off of each other’s positive personalities. It just seems like there would never be a dull moment with Chinami. She also seems incredibly laid back and down to Earth. There are other idols who seem like it would be a chore to be with them. But with Chinami it would just feel very light, fun, and natural.

Hiya blog, did ya miss me?

So I haven’t updated my blog in like a week, which isn’t really that long. But it feels longer than it has been. I guess I’ve become semi-addicted to blogging.

Anyway, the main reason I’m making this pointless post is pretty much to say that my next posts are going to be post spams. Which is obviously me making a lot of posts in either one day or a short ammount to time. I’ve realized there are things I either forgot to post or need to post. I have like 5 things I want to post but I’ll save the other two for tomorrow. But like I said in another post, I sometimes get too lazy to post news as soon as I find out about it. Which doesn’t really make me a good news blog. Which is ok, since by blog is leaning more towards a review blog anyway.

In exciting news about my blog I have 135 views! Which is amazing, because I didn’t think anyone was going to read my blog, or actually come back to it! So thanks to everyone who reads or has read my blog. Also don’t forget to comment my entries since I currenly have zero on any of my actual posts. I’m kinda sad about that. Haha.


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